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As Abel was riding on his horse, the vacant horse that was carrying the high-quality horse stock was by his side. Both horses were extremely agile. Instead of admiring the scenery along the journey, Abel carefully observed if there were movements around him. He constantly took a map out from his chest pocket and cautiously compared it to the terrain.

When looking at the maps of this world, the first thing you would notice was not the details. Yes, because there weren’t many details. Instead, there was a general line that was drawn which highlighted the nearby geographical features of the area.

The map Abel had on his hand was already a special map made only for nobles. It was already considered the best map available in this world. There was a list of symbols and their explanations at the bottom of the map, which corresponded with symbols that were placed all over on the map.

This river that Abel had just crossed was marked on the map with a symbol that read, “Be careful of the deepwater when passing through.”

When Abel looked back at the river in front of him, it was more like a stream than a river. As he was constantly groaning about the map, he thought to himself that maybe the symbol on the map should change to “beware of getting your shoes wet” instead.

He then looked at the map again, this time, the map marked there was a small hill ahead. As Abel looked up, he saw a small hill. Luckily it hasn’t disappeared yet. The map was finally accurate this time around.

This was the first time Abel had traveled this far alone. So he carefully examined the surrounding environments since he didn’t want to lose his life through a trivial accident.

Suddenly, there was a stirring sound coming from the air. Abel immediately looked up into the sky to see what was going on. To his surprise, a gigantic bird was crashing down towards the small hill ahead.

Abel’s curiosity was quickly aroused. The bird was bigger than anything he could have ever imagined. He had never seen such a gigantic bird in this life or even in his past life. It was almost as big as a passenger plane.

The Knight of Saroyan set off towards the direction of that small hill. Meanwhile, about 10 minutes later, Abel had gone down to the foot of the mountain and left the two horses there. He then took out his Harry’s bow, placed the magic ice sword on his back and went back up to the mountain.

Unlike ordinary horses, these warhorses did not need to be tied up in the wide. They were trained to not leave the location where their owners had left them.

Furthermore, these carnivorous warhorses could also drive out any potential threats which made it much safer when traveling with them.

It took a lot of effort and time for Abel to walk from the foot of the mountain towards the top. Although this small hill didn’t look big from afar, it was only until now Abel had realized the definition of a dead horse running up the mountain.

Then suddenly, Abel heard the sound of “…,” as well as people talking in beast language. Abel’s heart dropped. He was not expecting the orcs to be nearby at all.

As Abel carefully lurked around his surroundings, he remembered that he was caught by the wolfrider last time due to his scent. But this time he gained experience. He found a leeward region that should keep his scent from reaching the orcs.

“How long do I have to wait before it can fly again?,” Cried a voice in the orc language.

“It may take up to two days, my Lord,” Said a humble voice.

“twp days? Are you serious thatI have to stay in this human world for 2 more days? I will feel sick even if I have to stay another day. You better hurry it up and cure the thing.” As a voice lashed out from somewhere.

“Yes, my Lord.”

Abel carefully stuck his head out to peek at the current situation. Even though he was in a leeward region, he also held his breath for extra precautions. Who knew if the orcs could hear better than normal humans?

The first thing that Abel saw was the gigantic bird, the bird had a huge wound on the side of its’ body. If the wound was measured to normal human sizes, it would account for the length of two people! However, a wound for these gigantic birds was considered only a small wound. As Abel continued looking, there was a worgen wearing leather clothing, who was carefully putting medicines onto the continuously bleeding wound of the bird.

On the edge was a wargon that caught Abel’s interest immediately. It was not an ordinary wolfrider. This was the first time that Abel had seen an orc wearing armor. The fact that it was wearing a black armor was all the more peculiar. It didn’t have a shiny smooth surface, which meant it was no ordinary steel. Since only unpainted material would have a texture like this. This material was black in default. Abel had never seen such unique material in his life.

This special worgen seemed to be extremely irritated, as he constantly urged the other worgen to hurry it up to treat the bird’s wounds.

“Stay here and take care of the wound. I am going to find something to eat,” said the worgen in black armor. He then headed out towards the other side of the mountain.

Abel took a closer look at the worgen who was working on the bird’s wound. It looked like it was going to take a while before the bird could fly again. Therefore, he abandoned his original idea of investigating the bird and wandered off to follow the wolf rider in the black armor.

The wargon in black armor was Fowler. He had just escaped from the Neuilly Valley. Since the bird was injured and extremely tired during its long journey here, it should be able to fly again any time soon. The only option was to find a hidden spot around for the bird to heal up.

Fowler’s loss was tremendous. All of his year-long guards and mount wolves had been killed. However, as long as he could return home, all of these things were trivial compared to his family’s wealth.

Fowler suddenly stopped when he reached the bottom of the mountain. He carefully examined his surroundings. At this moment, Abel thought he was caught and he immediately hid behind a giant boulder.

Abel had suffered a lot of hardships with his attempt in tracking Fowler. On many occasions, he wanted to pull out his bow and one-shot the wargon. However, Abel always had a feeling that it would be very hard to hit its armor. As Abel’s power of will increased, he became more confident in himself in taking the shot.

Slowly, he poked out his head and saw the wolf rider taking off his armor. When the armor was removed, it was able to be easily folded into a rectangle. Then the rectangle seemed to be fixed after wolf rider had pressed the top for a few times. Afterward, the wolf rider picked it up and carried it behind him.

As Abel placed the arrow back on harry’s bow and pulled backward, saying to himself, “You are just killing yourself. You can’t blame me for taking off your own armour..”

What happened next shocked Abel. The wolfrider suddenly took out a necklace from his chest and uttered a spell.

Abel had experience with spells.Since he was in a close range with the wargon, his power of the will was able to remember every single word the wolf rider had uttered.

These kinds of spells were a typical orc style spell. These spells usually contained a large number of quotes that praised the orc god, mixed with some strange pronunciation. As soon as the wargon finished saying the spell. A soul-crushing force emerged from the sky, followed by a green beam of light. The light began brighter and brighter, soon surrounding the entire body of the wargon.

By the time the light had dissipated, the wolf rider had fully transformed into a human’s body when he appeared in front of Abel’s eyes. The wargon’s unique arched back was gone, its’ height had dropped as well as his facial hair and pointed mouth looking completely like a human.

“Wow, a treasure!” Abel was completely struck by this sight.Whatever that necklace was, it was a high-value treasure. On top of that,it was from an orc, so he could justify stealing it without feeling any remorse.

As Abel pulled his bow to the maximum power and aimed precisely onto the wargon’s head. However, this was not a human, it’s an orc. Its head could be counted as military service. Therefore after a bit of consideration, Abel decided that shooting it at the heart was a more viable option

With a bang, the arrow traveled faster than the speed of sound. The wolfrider was hit in the heart with almost no response. The necklace then promptly began to flash a few times and then suddenly the wargon’s appearance had transformed from human back to its original form.

Abel stepped forward and approached the wolfrider carefully. When he confirmed that it was dead, he began to loot the body of the wolf rider.

The first thing Abel took was the necklace, he carefully removed it from the wolf rider’s neck. The necklace was a circle made of unknown materials, on one side, it was carved with the beast god, and the other side was the human god of war.

And the second thing he looted was the set of armor, Abel picked the armor up with his hands. The armor was extremely light. It was only around five pounds, which was almost nothing for a knight. Abel lightly poked the armor with his dagger, it did not make a mark at all. He poked it again with more force, still, it made no difference. After a few more times, Abel gave up. It’s better to leave it to a knight with combat qi to test out the defense power of this armor. A novice knight like him was too weak to do anything.

Abel was so glad that he believed in his power of will and didn’t attack the wolf rider when it was wearing the armor. Luckily, the wolf rider got himself killed by taking off his own armor.

Fowler didn’t deserve to be killed. All he wanted to do was to sneak inside a human village to get some food. He wasn’t looking to harm anyone. Since he didn’t want an entire troop of knights running after him, he used a family treasure to turn himself into a human so he could go steal some food.

His armor was made exclusively for worgen, to transform into a human. Fowler had to take it off, and Abel took advantage of what he did.

In the end, Abel found a pile of things from the wolf rider’s arms, including two rune sign, which was a surprise for Abel. Other than that, he had also found some jewelry, and finally a familiar orc technique sign.