The runes were different on both rune signs. Although Abel was unable to identify which runes it was, he decided to bring it back to the castle first and test it out on a sword.

Abel picked up the orc technique sign from the orc again. The structure of this technique sign looked similar to the one he had before. There was an engraving of a goddess of orcs on the top and a star at the bottom. It seemed like this rune sign was also for one-time use only before its power was completely drained.

Of course, Abel wouldn’t let this opportunity slide. He injected his Power of the Will into the orc’s rune sign. He gained experience from last time, and he knew how he could search for the special technique within it.

Abel’s sight became blurred. He felt like he had become a middle worgen on a mount wolf holding a long spear. From the message he was delivered, he knew that this rune sign had documented the long spear techniques of the Woolf family, an orc royal family. Their long spear techniques were different from the one of the knights. There was a brief spell attached to every move they had. Maybe it was because these were the techniques from a royal family. Anyways, the spell was written in very simplified terms. It did not include any words of admiration towards the orc gods.

The middle-aged worgen struck out his long spear according to the motion of his mount wolf. After a bit of consideration, Abel executed the 11th long spear technique. It corresponded perfectly with the mount wolf. Every time the worgen said the curse, the long spear would make a sharp piercing noise through the air.

From the information Abel gained through the orc’s technique sign, he understood that the power unleashed by these long spear techniques did not depend on combat qi. Since everyone has their combat qi limit, a person’s physical power still mattered the most. It was only at the time of necessity where they will ignite their combat qi. Moreover, this orc royal long sword technique didn’t have a time limit. You could use it as long as you still had energy in your body.

Although Abel had learned both the Bennett and Harry heritage knight techniques. They all required combat qi to be executed. This was the first time Abel had seen a non-combat qi technique. By only saying a spell with a corresponding motion, it could continuously achieve a strike with twice the power.

It seemed like Abel was bound with the worgens by fate. He had gained two technique signs from the orcs, and both times it was a technique from the worgens.

Abel watched as the orc technique sign vanished into thin air. Although Abel could not grasp the value of this technique, he understood how important they were to the royals in the Orc Empire. Just like all royal families, their techniques were exclusive and should not let other people get a hold of it.

There was also a shapeshifting necklace, but Abel did not have time to examine it. There was still another orc he needed to take care of. He put the necklace around his neck and shoved the rest of his things in his pocket.

Abel was intrigued by the black armor. Once the buckles were taken off, it could be folded into a rectangle that was easy to be carried around. Such craftsmanship was not something you’d expect from the Orc Empire.

Abel raised his big sword as he stared at the worgen corpse on the ground. Since he arrived in this world, he had killed many worgens and seen many dead bodies. However, It was still a bit hard for him to chop off the head of another individual.

Although Abel’s perspective had changed a lot during the last two years, he was still very much attached to the social values of his past life. In this world, chopping the head off your enemy was a sign of power. However, in his old world, it was considered disrespectful.

“Well, I’m strong enough to carry some extra weight anyways,” Abel thought to himself, and eventually decided to pick up the dead worgen on the ground. With its body in his one hand and the black armor in the other, he began to climb his way up to the top of the hill.

When Abel reached the top of the hill, he still chose the leeward region. Therefore, he could keep his eyes on the condition of the giant bird from afar.

At that time, the sky sparrow was no longer oozing out blood, and it’s wound has been treated. Due to excessive flying and bleeding, it had already fallen asleep.

The worgen was setting up his tent as he was completely unaware of Abel’s presence.

As Abel placed the dead body of Fowler and the black armor down carefully. He took out his harry’s bow and shot directly at the worgen’s heart. It did a turn, but not fast enough for it to escape its misfortune. However, the arrow did not hit the worgen directly in the heart. It only created a hole through his body. The arrows seemed to hit the lungs of the worgen with its’ spines being shot directly through.

The fallen worgen did not die. Instead, he grasped to reach his hand into his chest pocket and took out a sign. When he was about to crush the medal, Abel recognized his move. He immediately shot the worgen once again in the brain. Its’ hand slowly released and the sign dropped onto the ground.

After shooting the wolf rider, Abel looked at the bird. The action seemed to not bother the bird’s rest. Abel slowly went up to the worgen. He used his foot to kick it to ensure that it was dead. The vitality of the worgen was beyond the imagination of Abel, it was shot through the lungs and spine, yet it was still able to take things out from its chest pocket.

The medal that was dropped by the rider wolf had three orc characters on it. Abel recognized the words which meant “sky sparrow “, with the number “36” underneath it. There were also some rune lines that Abel could not understand. It was stretched out from the diamond and surrounded the entire back of the sign.

While Abel wasn’t sure how to cast the spell or how it functioned, he was a very curious boy that was eager to learn. Since there wasn’t a spell, he could use his Power of the Will to connect to the medal directly. Normally, these orcs technique signs required casting some complex spells that corresponded before using it. However, as Abel was experienced with these things, he could just use his power of will.

It was like a walk in the park, Abel directly injected his Power of the Will into the sign. As soon as he got close to the sign. The diamond began to flash a beam of white light. Abel continued to swim towards the light, in a split second. The sign was surrounded by the lights. Abel’s Power of the Will also became intertwined with the lights. Suddenly, he felt an odd sensation, as though he was having a body scan. Afterward, he felt 2 orc letters appeared from the sign. It said,“rejected”.

“What do you mean, Rejected?”

Abel immediately understood that this sign was extremely important to the orcs. To the point where the last thing that was in thatworgen’s mind before it died, was to destroy it.

The experiment Abel had just did suggested that he could activate this sign with his Power of the Will. However, the sign had a safety mechanism. When Abel had that special sensation that he was being scanned. It seemed like the sign could detect that Abel was not an orc, so the medal refused to activate.

Was there no other way? At that moment, Abel felt like his heart was being scratched by a cat. What a pity. If the medal could not be activated, Abel might have to give up on the spot. However, since he was able to activate it, he was just one step away from passing the detection.

Abel then thought to himself, “If I was an orc, maybe I could pass the detection.”

Suddenly, he was reminded of the necklace on his chest. If Fowler could transform himself into a human, could the opposite be possible?

Abel decided to give it a go. As he took the necklace out from his chest and tried to remember the spell, he thought deeply for a second, he was certain, the spell was complete.

Abel examined the surroundings around him to ensure that it was safe, The two worgens chose this spot for a reason. The hills were not high and there were a lot of trees. Especially those tall trees which could block out the top of the mountain. It was the perfect hiding place for a camp.

Abel held the transformation necklace outside his sleeve. He pressed on top of it with his fingers and began to utter out the orc’s spell.

Following Abel’s spell, a powerful force appeared again in the sky, as if the spell was connected to the transcendent life. A higher life that Abel could not comprehend. Abel immediately felt a little bit of pressure which made him gain a fear from the bottom of his heart.

A flash of green light on the necklace grew stronger and stronger and soon wrapped around Abel’s body. He promptly felt that the necklace gave him three choices: orcs, humans, and elves.

Abel imagined in his heart the look of the worgen Fowler that he had killed. Within the blink of an eye, he felt a throbbing muscle tear that made him gasp. His bones began to ring as he grew taller and taller. Then, grey-brown hair grew throughout his body. His face began to deform. His teeth grew wildly.

With the disappearance of the green light, Abel had fully transformed into a worgen. He could even feel that his organs were different from before. It was magical, Abel couldn’t help but exclaim in his heart.

After using the necklace, Abel had also learned a bit of information about the necklace.