The transformation necklace was a treasure from the Woolf royal family. Back in the old days, it was a magical item made to facilitate the family’s members to travel through the Holy Continent. It was said that the orc god had to sacrifice a large amount to invite Great Druid, from the elves to complete the necklace together. Therefore it could only be used by the most important members of the Woolf family’s younger generation.

The recovering spell of the transformation necklace was also inherited only by the Woolf family. Suddenly, Abel had realized that he didn’t know the spell of how to recover back into a human. He only knew the spell of how to transform into a worgen. Luckily, these magic items would often contain information about it’s using instructions within it. Therefore Abel could find the recovering spell by injecting his power of the Will.

He told himself, he must be sure to pay closer attention to these spell casts next time. If he really couldn’t transform back into a human, the only option he would have left was to go and live in the orc empire.

Once again, Abel picked up the sign with the symbols saying Sky Sparrow and connected to it with his power of the Will. He immediately felt the detective wave that occurred from the last test, he felt like he was having a body scan again. When the sign scanned Abel’s power of the Will, it passed and questioned Abel whether he was the owner.

Abel looked directly at the dead worgen on the floor. He knew that it was the owner of the sign. If it was still alive, no one other than him should be able to use it.

“Obey, I am the owner!” Abel answered with his power of the Will.

Then there was a flash of white light. Abel immediately felt a sense of connection between the sign and himself. It felt much like the connection between him and the mount wolf Black Wind that he adopted. A bundle of messages was coming to him through his power of the Will.

The sign was called the sky sparrow control no. 36, and it was under the command of the orc military of the heavy flying beast transportation brigade. Each sign was able to control one unique sky sparrow and only the owner of the sign was able to command the bird.

According to the control information from the sign, these sky sparrows were very easy to feed and it ate mostly everything edible as its’ digestive ability was extremely strong. In normal circumstances, it was able to find itself food. The bird also had no enemies in the skies due to its enormous size and back in the orc kingdom, these birds were generally placed in the forest area. Whenever there was a transportation mission, they were directly recalled through this control sign.

Abel then carefully inspected the no. 36 bird control signs and found diamonds on it. There was a very faint wave of soul. When Abel had connected with the wave of the soul with the power of the Will. Suddenly, the sky sparrow was awakened.

When the sky sparrow was awakened, it ignored its original owner who was lying dead on the ground. Instead, it was looking directly at Abel nervously along with a sense of curiosity. Abel then used his power of the Will again to connect with the soul of the sky sparrow, he felt that it was curiosity yet nervousness. Abel couldn’t help but want to pat the sky sparrow on its head, but it was too big and tall. Although Abel wasn’t able to reach the bird’s head, the bird seemed to be able to read Abel’s mind. It slowly lowered it’s head towards Abel and closed its eyes, waiting for Abel to pat him.

Abel gently patted the head of the bird and at that moment, the bird’s heart immediately felt a sense of joy. The bird seemed to have a lot of things that it wanted to share with Abel. Abel then continued to use the control sign no. 36to communicate with it.

The bird expressed how painful it’s wound was, how hungry he was, as well as it’s anger of being attacked. Although it wasn’t able to express the words clearly, through the power of the Will, Abel was able to understand most of the things it was saying.

All sky sparrows had a master who was able to control them through a special control sign?. However, these birds were still animals, and they had their ways of thinking, emotions and needed their owners to care for them. Normally, worgen could not understand or able to directly communicate with these birds.

Only a man like Abel was able to mentally connect to the soul it’s soul through the control sign. By being able to communicate with each other, the bird seemed to have developed a sense of good impression towards Abel.

“You are so gigantic and pale” When you’re in the sky, you’re like a white cloud. From now on I am going to call you White Cloud!”Said Abel.

When the bird heard the name, it seemed to like it very much. A sense of joy and approval was passed to Abel through the control sign.

Looking at White Cloud, Abel couldn’t imagine the feeling of riding a bird-like this in the skies. In his past life, he had flown in an airplane and glided. But flying on a large bird was something that he had never thought of before.

“It looks like we’ll be staying here for two more days. When you’ve recovered, we’ll be on our way home.”

White Cloud nodded back to Abel. It seemed to be very happy to share his feelings with his owner. It had never been more excited in its life.

“Wait for me. I’ll go down the mountain and get the horses.”

The control sign revealed that the bird seemed to be not willing to separate from its’ owner. When Abel noticed its reaction, he couldn’t control himself but smile to appease the bird for a little longer. He only went down the mountain when the bird was quietly resting.

When Abel saw his two warhorses as he was arriving at the foot of the mountain. The warhorses were immediately alerted and transitioned into a guarding position. Abel felt a little surprised, then he realized that he was in a worgen’s body. Luckily, he was only seen by his warhorses, not humans.

Abel then quickly took out his necklace and cast the recovering spell. After a flash of green light, he transformed back into his human form.

The two horses still slowly approached Abel though wondering how the strange man had just suddenly transformed into their master.

When Abel traveled back to the top of the mountain with the two horses, he saw the big head of White Cloud rolling around. When White Cloud saw Abel’s returned, it was moving its mouth rapidly as it was extremely exciting and was in joy.

White Cloud didn’t seem to care what Abel had looked like as it felt Abel’s presence through his soul.

The horses seemed to have been frightened by the size of the bird. However, they had been trained so well that they had only stopped and did not run away, only kicking their front hooves a little impatiently.

Abel then patted the two horses, and took out some of the fine horse food and fed some to both the horses. When the horses felt Abel’s presence, they were calmed again.

They were here to stay here for two days. Luckily, the worgens had already set up their tents earlier. There were 2 tents. One was very ordinary which probably belonged to the worgen with leather armor. The smell inside was horrible. However, the other tent was very luxurious. It’s interior was very clean, though not too big, it was enough for three people to sleep side by side, Abel was not too clear what material was used, but it was for sure very expensive.

While Abel was lying in the tent, he was thinking for an excuse on why he had gone for two days. No one could find out about White Cloud. Abel decided to leave his bird in the forest behind the Harry castle. He could summon it anytime anyways. Abel had gotten way too used to being in the blacksmith guild every day. Since he did not bring his rune brush or rune ink on this journey, he was bored out of his mind.

Maybe it was time for Abel to be promoted to a beginner knight. He had already been a level 5 novice knight for quite a while. Abel pondered as he stares at the 6 bottles of the master’s ‘qi condensing option’ in the Horadric Cube.

When he recalled what The Knight of Bennett and The Knight of Marshall said, to be promoted, it required to fill the qi in the meridian completely. The more qi you had, the higher the chance you would be promoted. The best way to maximize your chances was to prepare a bottle of greater “qi condensing potions”, conditional equipped with a bottle of greatest “qi condensing potion”, and drink them together.

Being promoted to an official knight was not easy. That’s why so many knights were stuck at the novice rank. It was said that the younger the novice knight, the more likely he would be promoted. With the older the novice knights, they were the hardest to get promoted.

As Abel touched his beardless chin. Was 13 young enough? Since all the “qi condensing potion” do was to fill up the qi in the meridian. Normally novice knights only need 1 greater and 1 greatest one. He got 6 master’s ones, so it should be more than enough.

Abel thought about all of these conditions. He realized he had met, or even exceeded all of them. He then took the level 6 bottle of the master’s “qi condensing potion” out from the Horadric cube.

After thinking for a while, Abel took out the control sign and sent a do not disturb to White Cloud. If anything appears, he could just retract the message. Finally, Abel was prepared to level up.

With White Cloud being such huge and terrifying creatures, even the largest of beasts would not dare to approach them. Furthermore, it was also a long way from the nearest road, Abel thought he should not be so unlucky that other humans would be here to disturb his leveling up.