Abel took a deep breath and thought about the 2 knights experiences again. Since he wanted his body to gain more and more qi, he decided to drink all of the qi condensing potions.

Abel picked up a masters qi condensing potion shining in dark gold and drank it without any hesitation. He poured more and more bottles of the qi condensing potion and emptied it all into his mouth. Altogether, he had drunk around 6 bottles of the potion. When he was finished drinking, he did a large burp. Only someone like Abel could be able to drink something as powerful as these and still be able to do burps.

At this time, the « condensing potion » in Abels stomach began to resist the huge amount of qi rushing through his meridian. Abel had no choice but began to use the knights breathing techniques to continuously compress the qi in his meridian. But how was he supposed to keep up his compression speed with the large amount of qi rushing through his meridian?

At that moment, Abel felt as if he had transformed into a pressure cooker as his stomach continued to bloat.

If it werent for the strong physical restraint from Abel, his stomach wouldve exploded right away.

At this time, the five branches of the meridian in his body began to shrink due to the strong pressure. As the meridian was being continuously compressed with higher and higher density. Then, a large amount of air that was continuously being poured into the meridian, made the empty parts of the meridian after compression filled up again. Once again, the pressure began to constrain Abels body.

Abel was now like a balloon, which would burst with the slightest poke of an external force. Feeling in danger, he had been playing with the knights breathing techniques, and he had no other way but to rely on the knights breathing technique now.

However, the effects of the knights breathing were already utterly inadequate. As the strong pressure on the internal abdomen was starting to hurt Abels internal organs with blood beginning to flow out from the corners of Abels mouth.

The bones on Abels entire body began trembling and were making squeaking and shaking noises. When Abel knew that there was nothing more he couldve done,he decided to remain here and wait.

« No! »

Alongside with a roar from Abel, his mighty power of the will began to rush out of. Through his power of the will, he imagined his meridian as a rough piece of steel and his power of the will as a hammer. He began to command the hammer with his consciousness and powerfully struck a meridian out of the 5 he had. The qi within had compressed more than half of its initial size, but with the speed of light, his meridian began to fill up with qi again as soon as the hammer was lifted.

Abel did not care much about his meridians. Instead, he turned to his second meridian and continued to strike it without hesitation. By the time he finished striking his 5th meridian, the first meridian was filled with qi once again by the 6 masters potion.

As Abel continued to strike, this process of compressing and refilling the qi in his meridian created a strange sense of imbalance in his body.

At that moment Abel couldnt even felt his own body, all of his perceptions were fading away. This was because all his power of the will was focused on his meridian. This meridian was just a model of steels in his eyes. Also, he was not directly striking his meridian. He only struck the area where the qi was located, hoping to force it to the center where his 5 meridians were connected.

If there was anyone near Abel right now, they wouldve realized that he had already entered into a state of realization once again. In this state, people would generally rely on the most direct instinct of their bodies. They had no concerns about the consequences, and would not hesitate around anything. It was a fascinating ability passed down by the history of humanity.

After each stroke, the compressed part would rebound some strange energy back to Abels body. This energy was known as increasing energy. When a novice knight became an official knight, their bodies would go through a lot of developments, largely caused by this increasing energy.

Not only could this increasing energy develop Abels body, but it could also increase his power of the will. When Abel continued to strike, he was improving himself in all aspects, which he did not even realize as he was in the midst of this state realization.

As the increasing energy continued to rebound with every strike. Abels power of the will hammer was also becoming stronger, as though as it was being compressed.

No one knew how much qi can be generated through 6 years of practice. However, when Abel was in his state of realization, he guesses maybe he could achieve it in 24 hours If he continued to revive the increasing energy rebound from each strike. So, it should ng be long.

This was the longest that Abel had ever been in an insight before. Now, his power of the will was becoming a golden hammer, and the qi inside the meridian was longer being recharged. The effects of the 6 potions were finally over. His meridian had now become a crystal stone that was as big as his fist. As his body was being developed with the energy, his skin was shining with a light gold color. If anyone had seen Abel at that time, they wouldve seen through his bone marrows, which was pure as jade and as hard as a stone.

Abel then opened his eyes and took in a breath of air. He thought that he wasnt going to, but luckily he made it through the process, and it felt good to be alive.

After Abel had woken up, the first thing he wanted to do was to find his father Bennett and uncle Marshall, to ask them what « the more qi the better » meant. He just drank all 6 bottles of masters qi condensing potion without any problem. Therefore, according to the logic of the two knights, he should also be ok if he drank 60 bottles.

Standing up, Abel found a thick layer of black shell on his skin. It was the impurities generated from the increasing of rank through the energy in his body. As there was no one nearby, he stepped out of the tent and stripped off all his clothes.

When Abel continued to stretch his body in all kinds of positions, the black shell continued to fall from his body. When they were all shaken off, Abels clear white skins were exposed. His training in becoming a knight and forging over the past two years had darkened his skin. However, his skins right now were the palest it had ever been. it was like a babys skin, and when he pressed his hand onto it, it was soft yet firm. Furthermore, when you looked at his skin carefully, it was almost looked like it was flashing in light gold color from time to time.

To see how fast he could go, Abel tried to push and tread, he was so fast that he had already flown straight into a tree that was being held by a man.

« Bang » as Abel had hit the tree and the tree was torn from where he had hit it. The trees within 10 meters + trees fell to the ground.

White Cloud was immediately awakened from the sound. When it saw its owner, it stood up happily. The wound on its body seemed to no longer prevent it from moving. As its head gently approached Abel and wanted him to comfort it with his hands.

Abel was extremely amused by the way it looked. It was very funny for such a huge creature to make such an expression.

At this time, White Cloud saw the tree on the ground, could not help but brighten eyes. It looked at Abel, Abel couldnt feel the meaning of White Cloud from the control sign, was it asking if the tree was for it to eat?

Abel nodded, crying and laughing, and watched White Cloud happily eat the branches of the whole gigantic tree into his stomach. Not long after, what was a big tree had turned into only the tree trunk.

Abel had also realized that his power of the will was many times stronger, it could communicate with White Cloud directly. Although he did not know the specific value of this power, he was certain that it would be no problem to draw three runes at the same time.

Afterward, Abel continued to carefully move around, trying to get a hold of the drastic changes in his body. The first thing it noticed was that the Harrys bow had become a lot easier to pull, it almost required no effort at all. Secondly, his ice magic sword had also become a lot lighter, holding it felt like a toothpick. He decided, the first mission he had when he got back to the castle was to make a heavier one. A knight should have weapons that suited his power.

Abel could no longer use the tai chi from his previous to help him grasp the force of his own body.

The perspective of power was completely different in this world. If his force was not explosive and vicious, it could hold back a lot of his attacking power as a knight. He tried to use tai chi once when he was a novice knight, but it has messed up his form and use of power. It took a long while until he could correct it.