Finally, Abel had become a beginner knight. He awkwardly stared at the area of his body where his meridian had disappeared. It was replaced with a fist-size light gold color core, glistening like a diamond. The problem was that this core looked very different from the ones the Knight of Bennett and the Knight of Marshall had described.

According to the 2 knights, the core of a beginner knight looked more like a peach size water ball. However, the core that Abel had, if we could take it out he could have very well be able to sell it off as a gem.

Once a beginner knight had a core, they could proceed to build a qi pressure point. A beginner knight could build 5 qi pressure points at most. Every time they built a new one, they would be raised by a rank. When they reached rank 10, or in other words, completed building their 5th qi pressure point. They would become an intermediate knight.

An intermediate knight could then start building qi pressure points on each of their limbs and skull. When their qi pressuring point had been formed on their left arm, they could directly deliver their combat qi on to their weapons. Thats why this ability was exclusive to intermediate knights and above.

By that point, the intermediate knight would become very powerful. It could not only make his weapons sharper, but he could also more easily strike his combat qi directly into his opponent.

A unique property of combat qi was that it had a strong excluding tendency. If it was in its owners body, it could make the person strong. However, it could be a disaster if it had got into another persons body. It could nightmarishly corrupt and destroy every single organ. The only way to stop this was to exclude the other persons combat qi from the body, which could be achieved by unleashing your own combat qi, using expensive drugs, or if you were lucky, a strong resistant body could also do the trick.

When the intermediate knight had built a qi pressure point in their skull and all 4 of their limbs. They would have 10 qi pressure points in total, each connecting to the core through a combat qi network. From then on, the core of the Knight would become stronger and more secure.

These network between the core and the qi pressure point was like a highway, allowing the much more combat qi to travel through the body. This allowed the elite knight to shoot out combat qi from his body. As these networks got stronger, the further he could shoot.

Abel continued to stare at the light gold core in his body. Suddenly, a wave of combat qi shot up from his body. He was shocked to discover that his combat qi was also a light gold color. When he got back to the castle, he had to ask the Knight of Marshall about this. The color of the combat qi couldnt be tricked. If he were to use it, it would attract a lot of people. Therefore, he needed to know what was going on first.

Abel retracted his combat qi and decided to test out his control power on a tree nearby. At first, he overused his power a bit and knocked down the tree. But as he practiced more, he gained more control over his exploding power.if

Abel took out the food off the war horse. Then, he started a bonfire and prepared some simple meals. It was funny how even if Abel had not eaten anything for two days, he had not felt a single bit of hunger during that time. Only, when he remembered it was time to eat, he realized his stomach was empty.

White Cloud was not afraid of fire. When he saw the bonfire, he sneaked his head in to see what Abel was eating.

Abel could not feed White Cloud directly, he only threw the food in its mouth. The food was gone before White Cloud could taste anything.

After the meal, Abel took a look at the condition of White Clouds injury. Luckily it was not too badly injured by the combat qi. The only trouble was the attribute of the combat qi. However, since White Clouds body was so huge, and with the assistance of special medicines, most of the combat qi had already been excluded from its body. Now, the wound was beginning to heal.

Abel thought White Cloud could fly again very soon. Just thinking about it gave Abel a burning excitement in his heart. White Cloud was also very happily making the sound of « goo.. gooo », it was so sick and tired of lying on the ground. Other than eating, these sky sparrows normally spend most of their time flying in the sky.

Abel discovered some seats specifically designed for orcs on White Cloud. The driver seat was located on the neck, secured with leather straps and equipped with a seat belt. There was a huge open carriage the back of White Cloud, within the carriage, there were 5 individual seats, each also equipped with a seat belt.

It took him a bit of effort to drive the 2 war horses on to the body of White Cloud. The war horses of the human world were less flexible than normal orcs mounts. Since Abel had already gained a lot of power, in the end, he just directly lifted the 2 war horses on to the back of White Cloud and secured them with seatbelts. Then Abel sat down at the drivers seat. The view was the best.

« Go on, fly. White Cloud », Abel commended in his heart.

White Cloud gave out a long shriek and stretched its wings. Its gigantic wings almost blocked out the entire sky. It then began to flock up and down. It produced a powerful amount of air steam, blowing all the dirt and small rocks on the ground to aside. Since Abel was so small compared to White Cloud, he did not feel much acceleration force upwards. Before he knew it, he was already in the sky.

After Abel had found his sense of direction. He decided to go to the Ansa valley, to get rid off the super exploding big sword in his Horadric cube first. As long as he has this toy in his Horadric cube, he could not combine any more rune inks.

« Destination, Ansa valley, » said Abel as he pointed towards the direction of Ansa valley. Although White Cloud could not see where Abels hand was pointing, it knew exactly what Abel was saying through the power of the will. They took a turn and flew directly towards the direction of Ansa valley.

White Cloud was flying very high. When Abel looked below him, he realized he could no longer see the small details on the ground. He could only make out large things such as rivers, large roads, and valleys. When he passed through the midst of the clouds, it was an interesting feeling.

Abel realized he wasnt feeling so well, his eyes were constantly irritated by the wind. On top of that, White cloud was flying very fast, which made the wind even stronger. Although the two war horses on the open carriage didnt have it as bad as Abel, they were so frightened that they had hid below the carriage seats, not willing to lift their heads.

The wind was the strongest on the driver seat. If Abel didnt try to block it out with his hand, he wouldnt be able to see a single thing.

Abel thought to himself, he must make flying goggles when he got back. Also, he should make atelescope, that way he could see all the details on the ground when we were flying with White Cloud.

As Abel was getting lost in his daydream, they had already arrived above Ansa valley. White Cloud tweeted lightly, reminding Abel that they had arrived at the destination.

Abel looked down with his head to investigate the condition below. From a birds eye view, he saw the valley that was marked on the map. Abel was so grateful that he had White Cloud It would take much longer if he was to find this place himself.

When Abel patted the neck of White Cloud, it understood Abels intention and began to land.

When he hopped off the body of White Cloud, he felt very embarrassed. His hair had been all messed up by the wind, scattering all over his face. He tried to fix it up for a while before he sent a signal to White Cloud, telling it that it to fly away as far as possible.

White Cloud began to flock his gigantic wings before Abel had even realized, it had already flown away. Leaving Abel with a face full of dust.

Abel had just fixed up his hair, now it was all covered in dust again. An irritated expression emerged from his face, but who could he blame?

As Abel saw that White Cloud had become a small white dot in the sky, he headed towards the cliff of the valley. He peeked his head out to look, the valley was so deep, even his incredible eyesight could not see the bottom.

Abel gives all his limbs a good stretch. It was going to be life and death in a minute, he needed to make sure he could run as fast as possible.

« 321 » Abel counted in his heart.As soon as Abel he counted to 1, he took out that failed perfect gem super exploding sword from his Horadric cube, threw it, turned, and ran off immediately.

Abel thought to himself, he had never reacted this quick in his life. All he knew was to run as fast as possible. He didnt even count how long does it take for it to explode like he did with the exploding swords he made in the past.

Around 3 seconds later, the thundering noise of an explosion erupted under the cliff behind Abel. He fell to the ground by the temporary earthquakes that followed. The explosion had sent countless tree branches and rocks into the sky, and with the force of gravity, they began to rain back. scattering all over the ground.

As Abel was laying on the ground from the fall, he felt pieces of rocks continuously hitting his head. However, since he had become an official knight, his body had developed a lot. These little rocks felt like nothing to him.

The explosion had stopped, Abel got up from the ground. He was covered with dust once again. Seemed like the dust really likes him today, already been all over his body multiple times.