As soon as the explosion stopped, Abel felt anxiety coming from the sky. White Cloud swooped down at almost full speed in the direction of the explosion. When he saw the ground was a little roundup, but Abel was safe and sound, White Cloud mood calmed down.

The sky sparrow was a very timid creature. That being said, White Cloud was able to rush towards the explosion because of how much it had cared for Abel’s safety, which must’ve been very difficult for it to do due to its instincts.

Abel looked as White Cloud landed itself on the ground. He reached out his hands caress its feathers, and it also reached its head out to coordinate with his movements. The two seemed to be a great pair of partners together.

Back to the edge of the cliff. At this time, the cliff has collapsed for about nearly ten meters, which was more devastating that what Abel has imagined. That explosive sword was a bomb. It was just as deadly as an aerial bomb back on Earth.

If Abel could extend the explosion time to about 6 seconds or more, he could launch an aerial attack with it as he rode on top of White Cloud’s back. Abel was in the mood of some research now.

“Go home!” Abel jumped to White Cloud back, sat down at the rider position and fastened his seat belt, White Cloud huge and lightweight body once again emptied, and the cliff was crushed into smaller and smaller pieces by every second.

While the same journey would take about six to seven hours by horse, Abel would only have to take half an hour if he were to ride on White Cloud’s back.

Abel instructed White Cloud to land in the forest behind the castle and found a space in the forest. After it has made a landing, Abel instructed it to move around freely. In the meantime, he strapped two werewolf bodies to the backs of one of the horses, then led them back to the Harry Castle.

“Master Abel is back! ”

When we arrived at the castle, the gate of the castle was open. It seemed that the panic caused by the orc attack had just ended. The village leaders had all returned to their homes, and the guards seemed to be quite energetic when they saw Abel’s return.

“Abel, why did you come back so late?” the Knight of Marshall condemned as he walked out the door.

“Nothing. It, uh it just accidentally took more time. I didn’t expect it to take so long for me to get promoted.”

Abel had already figured out a reason on his way back. Although this reason wasn’t sufficient, per se, he wasn’t lying either.

“You? An official knight?”

An incredible look emerged from the face of the Knight of Marshall. This was not as simple as upgrading from a level 4 Novice knight to a level 5 Novice knight. Whenever there was a big promotion, the knights must be prepared physically, psychologically. They would need the aid of a large number of supplements, as well as an incredibly long time for them to ready themselves.

The Knight of Marshall felt embarrassed now. He thought about how old he was when he first became a Beginner knight. Being compared to a genius was hurting his self-esteem right now.

“What happened to the werewolf?” Knight Marshall asked, looking at the dead werewolves on the horse.

“Well, I saw them. Had to kill them before they got me”

Abel didn’t explain it too much. He wasn’t going to talk about how much of an advantage he had in that fight. The less information he gave, the more impressive the story would sound.

The Knight of Marshall waved to the butler Lindsay, “Send these two corpses to the city’s mansion, and make it clear that Abel was the one who killed them.”

“Yes, Master.” Butler Lindsay directed the men to lift the two bodies off the horse.

Abel requested, “Can we please discuss your study? I have something I want to ask you, Uncle.”

“Is it about your promotion?” the Knight of Marshall took Abel and hurried to the study room.

The Knight of Marshall’s study room is the safest place in the whole castle. Since Abel proposed to talk in the study room, it must be said that he did not want to let others know.

“Tell me, what’s the matter?” Entering the study room, the Knight of Marshall said after closing the study door.

Abel remained silent and directly gather his combat qi. The pale golden combat qi burst out, reflecting the whole room into a golden color.

The Knight of Marshall was stunned by Abel’s pale golden combat qi. He wanted to touch it with his hands, but his hands paused as they reached towards the air.

“The legend is true,” the Knight of Marshall murmured, “there is such a thing as the golden combat qi”

Abel asked anxiously, “Is there a problem with my combat qi? Why is it this color?”

“What do you mean by “why is it this color?: This is a god-level combat qi. Gold is the color of the gods. Legend has it that the blood of the gods is golden, and only those who are favored by the gods will emit golden combat qi.”

Having a god-level qi didn’t seem to shock the Knight of Marshall now. He just heard about Abel’s promotion a few minutes ago. Whatever talent this boy has yet to bring out, nothing seemed strange by this point.

“What good is this combat qi?” Abel asked. He wasn’t sure if gold was a good color to have, but it sure sounded nice when the Knight of Marshall talked about how it was the color of the gods.

“What good, you ask? Well, you’ll be invincible against anyone who’s in the same class as you. Does that sound good enough to you?” the Knight of Marshall replied impatiently. As overpowered as he was born to be, Abel just always seemed to want more talents than what he already had.

“Was this good at all? I’m also invincible at the same level with the Harry bow.” Abel said with some disappointment.

“You are way too greedy, boy. When you reach Elite knight, the current power of the Harry Bow is not enough. At the level of commander, Harry Bow will be useless. With the legendary power of the golden combat qi, you can increase the combat qi by four times. Seriously, how are you still not satisfied?”

“Wait, so how many power-ups can I get with my golden combat qi?” Abel asked vigorously.

“Just try it yourself. Don’t use your combat qi, hit me with half of your strength, and let me know how much the half of your strength is. After that, hit me again with your combat qi activated.”

“It should be fine here, right?”

Abel turned to look around the study room. The room was large, and the materials were placed in a bookcase on the wall. There was a huge space in the middle of the room.

“It’s okay, give me all you got.” the Knight of Marshall said with confidence.

“Here it comes,” Abel reminded the Knight of Marshall.

Abel punched out with half of his strength. Within less than a second, the Knight of Marshall used half of his strength and blocked the hit with his body

The Knight of Marshall quickly increased his strength. Only 80% of the energy was urgently added, but it was completely useless against Abel’s strike. For reasons he wasn’t sure of, he felt like a ball that was being struck into the air.

Actually, he was flying for about ten meters back. The bookcase behind him made a huge crackling sound as his body crashed into it.

“Abel!” the Knight of Marshall shouted. Fortunately, Abel did not use his combat qi. His strength did not hurt the Knight of Marshall, but it was going to take a while for the books to be put back into their original spot. As some of them were family secrets that could not be touched by outsiders, the Knight of Marshall would have to clean them up themselves.

“I told you to use only half of your strength! Why did you do that for?” the Knight of Marshall growled.

“But I’ve only used half of my strength, Uncle Marshall,” Abel said innocently as he rubbed his hands together.

“What? I know you do get power-ups when you release your combat qi, but are you kidding me? There’s no way it’s as ridiculous as what you just did!”

The Knight of Marshall looked unbelieving, and then asked, “How long have you upgraded your energy?

“I am not sure?” Abel really didn’t know how long. He just knew that White Cloud was recovered after he got his promotion.

“How could you not know?” the Knight of Marshall was already a little mad at this moment, and Abel’s innocent expression made him even angrier.

“I think I had a breakthrough when I was promoted. You know, you can’t track the time you have a breakthrough,” Abel explained.

The Knight of Marshall knew as soon as Abel brought up the word “breakthrough.” He knew that he was doing Abel wrong, but he just couldn’t stop being triggered when he heard the words “you know” coming from Abel’s mouth. Abel has made it sound like he knew what a breakthrough was supposed to be like, but he has never had a breakthrough for his entire life.

“Take another punch with 10% strength. Remember, it’s 10% strength. Don’t get it wrong this time,” Knight Marshall warned carefully.

“Rest assured, although I’m not too good in controlling my strength, it should not go wrong.” Abel’s tone was very serious.

When the Knight of Marshall heard Abel’s statement, he silently increased the power he intended to use on defense from 60% to 100%.

Abel’s fist seemed to be weak. Seriously, the strength of 10% was the strength to gently wave his hand. When his fist hit the Knight of Marshall, the Knight of Marshall’s body shook slightly.