With the hot sun shining above, the carriage began to make its way through the main road of Harvest City. The path ahead was flat and laid with carved boulders. While such a design looked nice on a regular day, the heat was making it hard to walk on top of them. Thankfully, the Knight of Marshall and Abel didnt have to walk on their own feet. That being said, though, it didnt take long for them to be drenched in their own sweat.

Abel kind of missed his old car back on Earth. It wasnt the best one, but least it had an air conditioner.

It was a slow and agonizing trip. At last, the carriage had made its way to the Lords estate.

« Master Knight, Master Abel! » the coachman called out, « We have arrived at the Harvest City Lords estate. »

The Knight of Marshall tidied his suit for a bit. He then took out a towel and started wiping the sweat off his head.

He passed over another towel to Abel, « Wipe your sweat with this. Remember, today is an important day. Dont do anything rude when you see him. »

When the Marshall Knights and Abel stepped off the carriage, the huge high wall of the city palace came into Abels eyes. The last time he came here at night, the city palace seemed more magnificent and aggressive during the day.

« I give you my sincerest salute, the honorable Knight of Marshall, and the honorable Master Abel. I have come here to welcome you both on behalf of the Lord of this city. »

Since Abel was the adopted son of the Marshall Knight, in this formal occasion, he was presented by the Knight of the Marshall. The Knights bowed slightly and said to the steward, « Im very glad to see you. Abel and I are honored to be invited to meet the Honorable Lord. « 

Abel bowed slightly following the Marshall Knight, thanking the steward.

Under the guidance of the housekeeper, they went through the huge courtyard. Although the fountain in the middle of the courtyard was not as bright as at night, it seems that there was a little bit of coolness under the sunlight. After entering the hall, Abel felt the coolness from time to time. The huge rock-walled hall completely blocked the heat outside.

Walked through a long corridor to a door carved with the goddess of the harvest. The steward stood still and said quietly to the Marshall Knight and Abel, « This is the reception room. The city lord is waiting for you. »

When he saw Viscount Dickens again, Abel felt more deeply than when he came last time. The powerful force from Viscount Dickens body was like a volcano. Although it did not erupt, he felt heavy pressure just standing in front of him.

« Did you rank up, Master Abel? » While Viscount Dickens was very aware of how threatening his combat qi was for the other knights. He didnt expect Abel to be shocked

Viscount Dickenss combat is only aimed at the official knights, and those Novice knights should not be able to feel this coercion. Abels reaction has shown that he had become an official knight.

« Yes, my Lord, » Abel bowed humbly and replied with a fancy gift in the air with one hand.

Viscount Dickens secretly rejoiced that he did not mistreat Abel for his effort. Not to mention in Duchy of Camel, such genius was very rare even in the entire human world. He was being friendly with Abel because Abel was a Master Blacksmith, and now he found that Abel was not only talented in forging, but also talented in knight practice.

Viscount Dicken pointed towards a knight on the side, « This is the Knight of Saroyan. Hes the one who led the orc extermination.

Knight of Saroyan bowed to Marshall Knight and Abel. He always wanted to thank them in person for allowing him to contribute.

This ceremony was heartfelt gratitude expressed by the Knight of Saroyan.

Regarding the goodwill of the Elite knights, both Marshall Knight and Abel also responded quickly, and the atmosphere on both sides seemed very friendly.

« Hes had a nice record to him. 159 official orc riders, with two of them as elite riders and wounded a sky sparrow. » Said Viscount Dickens with a smile.

It turned out that the sky sparrow was wounded by the army. At this time Abel knew the origin of Bai Yuns injury, but fortunately, it did not expose Bai Yun.

Viscount Dickens turned to look at Abel and said, « Master Abel, the two corpses you sent yesterday were identified by the Knights of Saroyan. One of them escaped from the siege, had noble status, protected by Elite orc rider, I also sent this Meritorious service to the Bakong Headquarters overnight, and the headquarter had raised your reward. « 

Large cities such as Harvest City had their own ways to transmit information in the Blacksmiths Guild. Reports of battle achievements were given due rewards after verification, and for achievements reported by city Lord such as Viscount Dickens, the response would be very fast.

Hearing the increase in the reward, Abel couldnt help rejoicing. Fortunately, he didnt bother to throw away the two corpses. Sure enough, the two corpses played a role.

« Knight of Marshall, due to your heroic actions, Matthew Castle was rescued, and you killed several orc riders in the process of guarding Harry Castle. The Duchy of Carmel Principality awarded you the title of Lord! » Viscount Dickens announced solemnly.

« For the Duchy! » the Knight of Marshall kneeled with a solemn look on his face.

« As for the Knight of Saroyan, because of your leadership and killing 159 orc riders in the battle against the orcs, you will have your own coat of arm and 100 miles of land in the Duchy of Carmel. » Viscount Dickens subsequently announced.

The Knight of Saroyan was half-kneeling with tears in his face. Being a Lord of his Land was very different from simply being a nobleman. From this point onward, the Knight of Saroyan formally stepped into the realm of the nobles and became a true noble.

Lastly, Viscount Dickens threw a smile towards Abel, « Master Abel, you have provided accurate information for the orc siege, rescued Matthew Castle, and killed the orc riders several times. In view of your outstanding achievements, the Duchy of Carmel gave you the original Matthew Castle territory and grants you Lordship! »

Abel couldnt believe what he heard. The reward was simply too much to be true, but looking at the smile of Viscount Dickens. He understood that it was Viscount Dickens who had made great efforts in it, and it was possible that neither the army department nor the king wanted to offend a master.

« For the Duchy! » Abel copied the Knight of Marshall whilst half-kneeling on one of his legs.

The Knight of Saroyan looked at Abel enviously. The reward given to Master Abel was awarded according to the highest standards. Usually, only members of the royal family would be able to receive such high standards reward. It was rarely given to non-royal members.

Viscount Dickens smiled as he helped Abel to stand up. « So, is it Master Abel or Lord Abel? » he inquired and started laughing out loud. To be fair, that was a good question.

Indeed, for a master blacksmith like Abel, the master blacksmiths status is far higher than that of a lord in the whole continent. But Abel was too young now and has not yet traveled to the mainland. His masters reputation is only a medal of the Blacksmith Guild. Only when a lot of Abels works appeared on the mainland would this reputation really settle down and become Abels real fame.

Abel replied with a smile, « Just call me Abel. Im not sure about being called a master or a lord. To me, they are just nicknames. »

« What a humble man you are, Master Abel! Indeed, with the pursuit of glory and fame in the way, no one couldve made the same kind of achievements as what youve done. « 

As Viscount Dickens applauded Abel for his integrity, the Knight of Saroyan, too, nodded his head to show his approval of the young master.

Viscount Dickens continued, « It is the day of the Holy Birth two months from now on. Remember, all three of you will have to be in Bakong City for your anointment ceremony. Make sure youll be there on time. »

In general, in the case of receiving the title of lord and fiefdom, After the reward, the title of lord and the fiefdom were already rewarded, but to truly gain official recognition, you must go to the capital city of Bakong, accept the honor of the king, express your gratitude to the king, and assert your loyalty to the Duchy. »

When leaving, Knight of Saroyan grabbed the Knight Marshall and Abel, now its the Knight of Marshall be sure to find a place to celebrate with both of them. The Knight of Marshall couldnt find a way to reject, so he agreed. Of course, the Knight of Marshall also wanted to associate with the Saroyan Knights, but Abel declined politely.