Abel called for a carriage as he said goodbye to Viscount Dickens, « Please send me to Edmunds Boutique Shop. »

The coachman didnt know who Abel was, but he was very respectful to him. He just saw the young nobleman came out of the citys palace, and he knew that people who could go in and out there were all distinguished people. So, he carefully took out the footstool and let Abel step on the carriage.

Although Abel could go up with a single jump, he accepted the good intention of the Lord and step on the footstool. He wasnt sure when, but it appeared that he was now used to his status as an upperclassman.

The carriage was running very smoothly. After getting out of the car, Abel threw out two silver coins and hinted that the extras were tips to thank the Lord for their service.

Ever since Abel revealed the family Coat of Arm at the Edmunds Boutique Shop, everyone at the Edmunds Boutique Shop has remembered this young nobleman slash Master Blacksmith, so when he just stepped off the carriage, he had been entertained by the waiters that stepped forward to guide him to the VIP area and be treated with some good coffee.

« Dear Master and Lord Abel, welcome to the Edmunds Boutique Shop! » Yvette bowed to Abel with a smile on her face.

« You people are very fast, arent you? You knew I was coming before even I did! » Abel laughed after getting up.

« You are a distinguished guest to Edmunds Boutique Shop, and our head branch has taken a special interest in you, » Yvette said, then informed the waiter on the side, the waiter walked to Abels side with a silver tray.

On the silver tray was a money bag. Yvette pointed at the money bag and said, « Last time you commissioned us to auction weapons for a total of 22,000 gold coins. The headquarters waived the fees for you. Your weapons were a big hit in Bakong City. We have sold them at a record price thats never seen before in these past few years. « 

After receiving the money bag from the waiter, Abel found that the money bag was a bit small and light, and it was unlikely to hold more than 20,000 gold coins. Although he knew that Edmunds Boutique Shop could not go wrong with this, Abels curiosity made him open the purse. Inside was a dark gold card with a pattern composed of numerous gold patterns, with 22,000 digits in the middle, and no other signs.

He looked up and looked at Yvette questioningly, « What is this card? »

Yvette explained, « This is a magic gold card, which can only be owned by those who have a distinguished status and have passed the review of the Continental Chamber of Commerce. You could use it to purchase or withdraw gold coins in all large stores across the continent. Please, leave a drop of your blood in it. This card can only be used by none but yourself. « 

Wasnt this just a bank card? Not only that, it was a card that could be unlocked with Abels blood. As his status increased, the quality of the service he was getting was now better and more innovative. It wasnt like there wasnt such a thing as magic, but magic services were not available to a noble knight like he used to be.

After receiving the needle that Yvette handed over, Abel used some strength to break through the skin of his finger and drip blood on the magic gold card. The magic gold cards flashed a dark golden light, and successfully recognize Abel as the Lord.

Abel put away the magic gold card and slightly bowed to Yvette, « Ms. Yvette, thank you very much for everything that Edmond auctioned me. I believe our friendship will continue. »

Yvettes smile grew wider as Abel reassured his friendship with here. For many years, Edmonds auction house has worked hard to communicate with many blacksmiths across the continent. At least in the human world, magic weapons could only be forged by Abel, and they wouldnt have the chance to have access to magic weapon that was forged by master dwarfbecause though they were considered quite powerful in Duchy of Carmel, but in the entire human world, they were only considered as second- and third-class auction houses.

« Ms. Yvette, does your auction house provide supplements for official knights? »

Abel thought of his own situation and had to take the wizard test in two years. Now, the most important thing was to improve his ability as much as he could. With that in mind, potions were now his hope to step into the next level.

« There were three kinds of auxiliary training medicines that could be used by official knights: the blood fusing potions, the replenishing potion, and essence condensing potions. » Yvette introduced and took out a piece of parchment paper and said to Abel, « These are three kinds of Instructions for the medicament. Which one do you need? « 

Abel took the parchment with the description and efficacy of the three potions.

The blood fusing potion was a potion that was used during an official knight practice; it could convert the blood in the body directly into combat qi that store in the body. This potion was used to exchange blood for the combat qi and accelerate the speed of gathering the combat qi, but each time you used it you lost some blood.

The second potion, the replenishing potion, was meant to be used in collaboration with the blood fusing potion. After using the replenishing potion, it would restore the blood lost from using the blood fusing potion, and there was a limit for the replenishing potion. For each bottle of blood fusing potion used, it was necessary to take the replenishing potion for 10 consecutive days, and then rest for 5 days before using the blood fusing potion.

In other words, the blood fusing potion could only be used once every half a month, and the main usage for the replenishing potion was to restore the blood lost form using the blood fusing potion.

The third potion, essence condensing potion is used to help to compress the combat qi. Although each knight would compress their combat qi during their training, it would take them a long time for this process. Essence condensing potion was a potion that accelerated the compression of the combat qi. After using the potion, it will save 30 days of compression, and the interval between each was 5 days.

Abel thought he wasnt sure if the essence condensing potion had any effect on his pale golden combat qi. He wondered if leveling it up to a master level could help him improve his combat qi. Although his combat qi was called god-tier combat qi, it was still quite far from being in the god-tier.

Yvette saw that Abel was very concerned about essence condensing potion, « There is a legend about the essence condensing potion. If you drink a million bottles of it, you can raise your combat qi to the god tier level.

Yvette chuckled for a bit after saying that. Honestly, no one could drink a million bottles of the essence condensing potion. First of all, it was simply too much of a waste of money. And even if one could (and was dumb enough to) afford for such an expense, he would probably be dead from the side effects. Just the time it would take to drink a million bottles. How many years would that take?

« I will ask for some of the three potions at any price. » Abel decided to purchase each of the potions and go back to try the effect if it was effective then he would purchase more next time.

« These three potions are lesser. Because of the materials, it is difficult for master pharmacists to make the potion for intermediate. Therefore, on the mainland, official knights are using lesser potions.

Yvette explained very clearly that she did not want Abel to misunderstood for any reason.

Yvette went on and said, « 50 gold coins per bottle for the blood fusing potions, 10 gold coins per bottle for the replenishing potion, and 100 gold coins per bottle of Essence Condensing potions.

Abel couldnt help but stagger. The potions of these official knights were several times higher than the price of the novice knights. It seemed like reaching the Elite knight level through potions was not the affordable way for ordinary noblemen.

« Give me 27 bottles of blood fusing potions, 270 bottles of the replenishing potion, and 162 bottles of essence condensate potions. » Abel was about to buy a one-month supply of potions.

« 27 bottles of blood fusing potion for 1,350 gold coins, 270 bottles of the replenishing potions for 2,700 gold coins, and 162,200 coins for essence condensing potion, with a sum total of 20,250 gold coins. » Yvette counted very fast in her mind and stated the value and total price of all three potions.

Abel didnt expect to spend all his gold coins on the magic gold card by just buying the potion. He took out the magic gold card from his arms and handed it to Yvette.

Yvette took out the same magic gold card and docked both cards together. Abel felt a question coming from the Magic Gold Card, « Do you agree to pay 20,250 gold coins? »

Abel said in his heart,  » I agree. »

He saw that the amount in his magic gold card changed from 22,000 to 1750. He put away the magic gold card, Abel could not help but be full of longing for magic.

This time, Yvette has prepared two large boxes for Abel. The boxes were lined with soft red silk to protect these potions.