Abel was getting more excited the more he walked around this place. A collection like what the Knight of Marshall had, which was about several decades old, could never be compared with a collection that had lasted for a few centuries.

As close as Matthews family collection was to being a museum, Abel did not find any scrolls or anything that contained a secret knight technique, which showed just how scarce and precious the secret knight technique was. To protect themselves from having their status being challenged, the nobles would do everything they could to keep a monopoly on the ways a knight could be trained.

Abel couldnt estimate the value of all the valuable treasure in this room, but according to the Knight of Marshall, everything here wouldve been worth more than 100,000 gold coins.

When reaching the innermost part of the treasury room, a round black stone with a diameter of one meter was placed in the corner.

« What is this? » Abel hurried forward. He was familiar with the round black stone in front of him. It was one of Master Benthams important collections. It was said that it had been obtained during the study of the dwarves. It was a finger-sized iron meteorite, but its size did not stop itself from being regarded as a treasure by Master Bentham. Whenever Master Bentham talked about it, he would always brag about how rare meteors were and how and most of it was owned by dwarves.

« Abel, whats wrong? Isnt it just a stone? » the Knight of Marshall asked strangely as he realized how much Abel cared about it.

Abel grinned at the Knight of Marshall, « Just a stone? Did you just say that, Uncle Marshall? If Master Bentham was here, he wouldve broken your head immediately. »

« Oh, only if he can beat me! » the Knight of Marshall chuckled, « So, what is it? »

« Its an iron meteorite! » Abels answered firmly. He was so strong on the word « meteorite » that he just couldnt stress enough about it.

« What does an iron meteorite do? » the Knight of Marshall asked, as he wasnt a true blacksmith that understood the importance of an iron meteorite.

Abel explained, « Iron meteorite is what the gods use to forge their legendary weapons. The master dwarves would also use it to make their legendary weapons and equipment. »

The Knight of Marshall was opening his eyes so much that they could fall off right away. « How much is it worth? » he pointed towards the thing.

« Well, whens the last time you heard someone selling legendary weapons? » Abel asked.

Oh, so thats what it was. As a Master Blacksmith himself, there was just no way that Abel would spare the chance to craft his own legendary weapons.

In this world, in addition to the artifacts used by God, the highest-tier weapons and equipment were the legendary weapons. Like the swords of a hundred skills that Abel forged, most powerful weapons were not meant to last forever. After a few decades, they wouldve lost the sharpness they had when they first came out of the blacksmiths workshop.

The weapons and equipment forged by the iron meteorite would not wear out after using it for even centuries. Whilst it could not last for an eternity, it could last for a few Millenium if Abel decided to make a magic weapon with it, it would likely become a legendary weapon in many years.

« Take this iron meteorite back to Harry Castle, »the Knight of Marshall said eagerly as he himself hadnt seen a legendary weapon before. Since there werent any forging tools here, theyd have to wait until they return to Harry Castle.

The Knight of Marshall didnt want to wait for that long. Whilst channeling his white combat qi, he wrapped his arms around the meteorite and lifted it off the ground.

« My god, this is almost a thousand pounds! » the Knight of Marshall exclaimed with slight anger in his voice, « Take it back, boy. Just put it back to where its from. »

Abel stepped forward and lifted the huge iron meteorite from the bottom with one hand. He pinched his hand and said with certainty, « Yeah, it is pretty heavy. Youre right, Uncle. It definitely weighs more than a thousand pounds. »

The Knight of Marshall looked at Abel silently. He felt very uncomfortable with being humiliated like this. His total strength was about 600 pounds. After releasing his combat qi, he could reach a maximum of 1,200 pounds. If it wasnt for the round shape of this iron meteorite, he wouldve just had enough strength to be able to carry it around.

Only Abel, whose strength was much more powerful than the weight of iron meteorite, could hold this huge iron meteorite with one hand, and easily walk around with it on his hand.

The Knight of Marshall hurried Abel out as he had lost his confidence for far too many times, « lets, uh, lets get out of this place. »

Abels footsteps were heavy. When he walked out of the secret room. He felt the ground tremble at every step. Fortunately, the castle was built of megaliths, and it was very firm and sturdy.

Ken saw Abel and the Knight of Marshall come out of the study room. Although he was a little shocked by the huge stone that Abel was holding, he was polite enough to not be too expressive about it.

Ken said to Abel, « Master, would you like to see the guards and servants in the castle next? »

« Its ok, you can arrange these things, » Abel replied. Right now, all his thoughts were on the rock he had in his hands. He didnt have much time to care about his new castle.

The Knight of Marshall said with a smile, « Ken, we still have other stuff to do today. I will leave everything about the castle to you, and I will arrange for the treasurer to come and assist you. »

Ken understood the arrangement well. It was a normal state of noble management for the lord to rest assure to the treasury and steward to manage everything.

Abel found that the carriage could not handle the weight of the iron meteorite. Fortunately, Ken was very experienced in his work. To pull the meteorite away, he has set up an ox cart and used two cows to pull it.

If the weapon was forged and the weight was not reduced, only a huge flying beast like White Cloud would be able to carry it around.

The ox cart was very slow, which meant that Abel and the Knight of Marshalls carriage could only follow it at the same pace. While the distance they traveled wasnt very long, it took about half a day for them to go back to Harry Castle. When they had arrived, it was already dark.

After hearing about the meteorite, Master Bentham charged at Abel and demanded to have a look at it. Abel wanted to keep the meteorite as a secret, so he led Master Bentham to his new blacksmith workshop.

To congratulate Abel for becoming a Master Blacksmith, the Knight of Marshall built a one-man workshop for him with an extra-large vacant storage room. As for the temporary workshop before, it was moved back to its original location after the orc invasion was over.

After entering his new workshop, Abel placed the meteorite in the center of the room. Master Bentham was holding the light and carefully touching the surface of the iron meteorite with his hands. He took down the oil lamp from the lamp holder and shone back and forth on the stone.

Master Bentham observed for a long time, meanwhile almost flipping the meteorite by its bottom. He finally murmured something after examining it for about five minutes.

« Yes, this is an iron meteorite. I have never seen such a huge iron meteorite when I was with the dwarf. « 

« What kind of weapon do you think this iron meteorite is suitable for? » Abel asked. He had some doubts about what to do with this iron meteorite. The most important thing in his mind was to forge a super heavy sword. which is almost unbeatable when he holds it on his hand.

« In my opinion, your level is still improving now. You cant find a second piece of iron meteorite, so you should forge it when your level is high enough. » Master Bentham knew very well about Abels potential. While the boy was still improving at a very rapid pace, itd be better if he didnt waste the meteorite right now.

« I agree with you, Uncle Marshall. For now, lets just leave this meteorite where its at. »

Abel thought of his recent surge of his Power of the Will, and there was rune that he could discover from time to time. When he could master more runes and have a more powerful Will Power, by discovering the method of using rune language to forge equipment, and then use this iron meteorite to forge a very powerful rune language would be the best choice.