Abel played with Black Wind for a while at night. After training it using the mount enhancement technique, he gave it a massage using his combat qi.

Abel smiled as he thought, “Grow up quickly, be very, very strong, my little puppy. When you grow up, your task will be to carry me and my weapons around.”

Black Wind suddenly shivered up its back. It widened its eyes, looked at its master in doubt, and wondered what made him have such a big grin on his face.

Black Wind’s reaction was pretty amusing for Abel. Not only was it kind of dumb in a cute kind of way, but it was also growing a lot lately which proved that the mount enhancement technique had worked.

If the priest of the orcs could see the growth of Black Wind, it will be surprised at the growth speed of Black Wind. This is because Abel’s golden combat qi is more powerful than ordinary combat qi, so the effect of the enhancement was more obvious.

After settling the Black Wind, Abel asked Black Wind to play on his own, and he was about to start combining the potions.

Abel took out 27 blood fusing potion, 270 replenishing potion and 162 essence condensing potions from the boxes. He placed them in front of him and merged them three at once with his Horadric Cube.

As the potion was turned from beginner to a greater level, it began to glow with a shade of blue. The resulting product was nine bottles of the greater blood fusing potion, 90 bottles of the greater replenishing potion and 54 bottles of the greater essence condensing potion.

Then, it was from greater potion to the greatest potion. As Abel merged the bottles into fewer yet more concentrated portions, the resulting liquid began to glow with a luxurious ring of gold. It was three bottles of the greatest blood fusing potion, thirty bottles of the greatest replenishing potion and eighteen bottles of the greatest essence condensing potion.

Finally, it went from the greatest potions to the master’s potions. What remained was one bottle of the master’s blood fusing potion, ten bottles of the master’s replenishing potion and six bottles of the master’s essence condensing potion. All of them had a dark golden glow on the outside. As he was done with the fuse, Abel took the bottles away to a safe location.

Abel took out the master’s blood fusing potion, Abel closed his eyes, poured the potion into his mouth, the knight breathing technique started, and he immediately felt the blood began to boil. As the blood inside of him began to boil, it started vaporizing and shrinking in volume. The golden combat qi in his blood began to gather up. While the quantity of it was not too much at all, it was about ten times better than what he gathered up under normal conditions. That being said, the progress he was making now was much more efficient than before.

After about half an hour, Abel began to kind of weak from the inside out. The blood fusing potion was making him lose in blood.

What a shock this was. This was not what the blood fusing potion was known to do. Wouldn’t his blood level just stop decreasing if it became too dangerous for him?

Abel quickly poured a replenishing potion into his mouth. After the master’s blood fusing potion entered his body, it felt like his whole inside was burning like a lit oil barrel. It felt better later on, and he soon got used to this feeling.

A new meridian did take form, but there wasn’t much combat qi inside of it. It was an empty meridian. If it wasn’t for the supplements he’s made, it would take years for Abel to fill them in with his qi pressure point.

Abel didn’t expect a master’s blood fusing potion to be this effective. If he didn’t make any replenishing potion, he would’ve been the first knight to be turned into a mummy by a potion.

Speaking from history, Abel didn’t know if there was anyone who had drank a master’s blood fusing potion before. According to Miss Yvette from the Edmund’s Boutique Shop, with the current amount of supplies the market could provide, the best blood fusing potion available to this world would only be in the “intermediate” level. Frankly, what that meant was that Abel had just turned himself into a guinea pig for a first-time-ever experiment. It was a very frightening experience, he thought to himself.

From what Abel had noticed, the ratios used to make the blood fusing potion and the replenishing potion were the same. It was always a 1 to 10, but a master’s potion had none of the side risks that could be posed to its leaders. Better yet, it was effective after just one consumption.

After drinking one bottle of the master’s blood fusing potion, Abel would have to drink ten bottles of the master’s replenishing potion to recharge his body. This kind of training would at least cost him 4000 gold coins, a sum he could buy a whole potion store with.

If Abel kept doing this, he would’ve got to spend a tremendous amount of money to fuse his master’s potion. As for whether the Edmund’s Boutique Shop could have enough supply, or whether making such large purchases would bring any suspicion, these were all very practical issues that Abel would have to think about.

After drinking the blood fusing potion and the replenishing potion, Abel took out a master’s essence condensing potion and drank it down his throat. Once its content had entered his body, it became this hot stream of energy that went straight into his qi core. If he used his power of the Will, he could even feel his qi core contracting at a strength that he wouldn’t normally notice.

Abel took out another bottle that was crafted by his Horadric Cube. After he did, he felt a soft contraction in his qi core again.

Four more bottles, Abel felt it with his Power of the Will. It would have to take at least 100 bottles of such potion to make any qualitative changes.

These six bottles of the master class potion had cost Abel 1,600 gold coins, one bottle was 2,700 gold coins, and this number was multiplied by a hundred, so the total sum 270,000 gold coins.

Abel felt like robbing a bank right now. Although he had a divine item like his Horadric Cube, there was just too much time and ingredients he would have to expend to use it. Besides, selling the finished product was not an easy task at all. It’d be difficult to explain their source. There would certainly be a lot of trouble for him if people started suspecting him.

Abel decided that, in addition to some necessary training and experiments, the rest of his time would be used to forge weapons and sell them for money.

The fastest way to make money was by crafting weapons. It was also the most non-controversial way to engage in trade.

Drowned in his thoughts, Abel entered into his dreams and saw himself on top of a mountain of treasures. All the treasures were different potions that he had made. He was spending every hour making a master’s potion. The only time that he didn’t was when he had finished making them and falling asleep right on the spot.

Without having a sense of time, Abel’s face felt kind of itchy. He opened his eyes and saw Black Wind licking his face with its stretched out tongue.

“Ah dammit,” Abel called out. He didn’t finish making his potions. Even whilst sleeping, Abel worked hard all night to combine his potions. As a result, he didn’t get to drink a single bottle of them.

Abel thought for a while, picked up Black Wind, and started scratching on the belly of the Black Wind, whileBlack wind twisted his little body as it felt itchy from the top to bottom.

After playing with Black Wind for a while, Abel started his knight practice every morning. He ate his breakfast and came to the workshop that he’s built inside the castle.

As there was simply too much of his creation that had to hide away, Abel had become even more cautious than when he first came into this world. He would often use the Horadric Cube in his forge, and while doing so, he would need to use a lot of special techniques, most of which he’d rather not let the others know about. From now on, he decided that he would only make tools inside his workshop.

When Abel entered the operation room, he found a gorgeous carriage parked in the operating room.

“Lindsay’s pretty fast, isn’t he?” Abel mumbled to himself.

Abel stepped forward for a closer look at this carriage. Its entire structure was made completely out of wood. On the surface were engraved with the pictures of the heroic battle of the first king of the Duchy of Carmel. There were four such pictures on each side, each depicting a famous battle that was recorded in the nation’s history. Such art style was very common throughout the land.

The interior wall of the carriage was lined with soft padding, and the outside was wrapped with animal hides. The seat was soft, too. With these features in place, it could be said that the designer wanted the carriage to have some sort of shock-resistant properties. The wheel of this carriage was made out of wood. The outer ring was surrounded by a layer of a thin iron sheet to protect the interior structure. The middle axle was all forged by forged steel.

It wasn’t like Abel was unpleased with the design of carriage. If anything, he was very satisfied with it. The most he needed to add was some small modifications. As for decorations, there wasn’t a need for it.

Compared to those car repairers back on Earth, the way Abel disassembled a vehicle was very simple. First, he loosened the buckle of the wheel. He then lifted the seat off of the wheel axle, and the wheels were unloaded automatically. Lastly, he took the parts apart and laid them neatly on the ground around him.