Master Bentham turned the shield around. To his surprise, there was a gem installed. He could not help but ask, “Is this a magic defense guard?”

“Yes, it’s my new invention. It can absorb the impact of attacks” Abel explained.

“Your abilities are miles ahead of me at this point!” Master Bentham exclaimed. The master did not know how the impact could this shield absorb. If he knew, he couldn’t be so relaxed like this.

“I found some armor. Can you help me take a look at it? I am not sure what material is it made out of” said Abel as he placed the black armor on to the hands of Master Bentham.

It was only at this moment Master Bentham realized Abel was carrying another thing with him. When theMaster received the armor, he almost dropped it, the weight of the thing was drastically lighter than it’s appearance.

“Holy Wolf’s treasure” how did you get this? Master Bentham asked shockingly.

“It’s my spoil of war. A few days ago I killed a worgen and took it from him. Is this thing call the Holy Wolf’s treasure?” Abel was unsure why Master Bentham was so shocked, so he honestly replied.

“This is a holy object of the worgen. If they knew that you had this armor, they would do anything to get it back”, Master Bentham then proceeded to say, “remember how I told you about the legendary equipment? This armor is legendary.”

Master Bentham continued to explain, “according to the worgen totem, a holy wolf had slaughtered the young of a black dragon. Although the dragons tried to hunt the holy wolf down, the holy wolf escaped eventually, while being badly injured. He brought the corps of the young dragon back to the worgens, and their blacksmith had turned it into armor. So, the worgen you had killed must be a high-status royal worgen.

Abel was reminded of the “worgen long spear technique”. He was certain what Master Bentham had said was correct.

“The best thing you can do right now is to lock this armor up somewhere safe. Never let anyone know you have it” Master Bentham suggested.

When Abel realized the danger of this armor, he decided to follow what Master Bentham had suggested. The worgens were one of the greatest nations of the orc empire. The idea of getting hunted down by them was not a pleasant one. Just thinking about it sent a shiver down Abel’s spine.

At first, Abel was thinking of wearing this armor if he decided to transform into a worgen, so he could gain some protection. Luckily he had asked Master Bentham before doing so. If he was going to wear this armor around the orc empire, it would be suicide.

As he carried the “holy wolf’s treasure” back to the castle, Abel didn’t just hold it in his hand as he did before. He put it in a box and directly locked it up in his personal operation room as soon as he got back. He was the only person whohad the key to this operation room, so it should be safe.

As time passed, the atmosphere of Harry castle was filled with more and more excitement. Since the Lord of Marshall’s birthday was coming up and both he and his adopted son had just been promoted to Lord, the Lord of Marshall decided to throw a huge banquet to celebrate all 3 of these good fortunes. He invited all the nobles of Harvest City, neighboring lords, and of course, the Knight of Bennett and his family.

Other than going to the forest to comfort his lonely White cloud in his free time. Abel spent all his days in the blacksmith guide trying to forge weapons. He had prepared a lot of things to be auctioned at Edmund’s boutique shop. Of course, they were not all magic weapons. If there were too many magic weapons in the market, it would no definitely impact its value.

Edmund’s boutique shop was a boutique shop within the Duchy of Carmel. Since the Duchy’s spending was limited, Abel had prepared ten 120 skills big sword, and two magic swords. These weapons were a lot better than any other ones on the market, so they should sell very well.

On the 10th of June, the Harry castle had transformed into a fiery red castle from a distance. All the walls were decorated with a huge red coat of arm rugs which would only be brought out when there were some important events. All the roads connecting towards the castle had been cleaned, the servants had put on their new fitted suits, and even the guards were wearing their best armor. Just that Harry castle was ready to welcome its guests.

Although it was supposed to be a dinnerbanquet, the guests had already been arriving sincenoon. You could see countless busy servants roaming around the castle since every guest was someone with high status.

Since the Lord of Marshall’s status had increased, his social group’s status had also increased. Although it was only a Lord position, this position was very hard to achieve in Duchy of Carmel. Therefore, all the lords were very well respected. Especially, since the Lord of Marshall was a lord with a fiefdom, he became one of the top members of the Harvest City’s royal circle.

Abel had already put on his luxurious suit before the banqueteven start. Since he had never been to a king’s wedding. He did not have a coat of arms in his chest pocket. Other than that, his suit was designed according to the status of a lord. This was because before this banquet, the Lord of Marshall had specifically invited the best tailor in Harvest City–Lady Candice–to make this suit for Abel.

Abel was irritated by how complicated it was to put on this suit. In hot weather like this, clothes with so many layers like this suit had made him feel like he was being locked up in a box. However, according to the words of the Lord of Marshall, being a noble was not about how much money you had, but how much money you looked like you had.

To Abel, this meant that “you want to show off, you suffer”. But of course, he would not say it out loud.

You could see how much the Lord of Marshall cared about this banquet from all angles. The wine was all imported, which he had to order from the Havest City’s many days prior, it was the Duchy of thunder’s 10-year edition wine. The silverware on the tables were all brand new, and even the chefs were specifically invited to Harvest City to cater to this banquet.

Generally speaking, the Harry castle did not have the rich historical significance of those hundred to thousand-year-old castles. Although the Lord of Marshall was born in a large family, since he had gained his fiefdom and castle, by law he was no longer related to the Harry family in Bakong City. Also due to the long distance between their 2 cities, their relationship was not that close.

Under these circumstances, the Knight of Marshall was very strict on the standard of this banquet. He was a man with dignity, and everything has to be perfect.

“Uncle Marshall, do you want me to send some servants here from Abel castle?” Ask Abel in a hurry. He realized that every guest in this banquet was someone with high status, so they demanded their own personal servants, which caused a shortage of servants in Harry castle.

“That would be great, Abel”, the Lord of Marshall replied promptly. He also realized the current situation.

The servants who served in the castles were not just ordinary servants. Since they represent the face of their owner. They would need to go through specific training that was unique to the castle they serve.

Abel had recruited the 2 horse carriage in the castle and headed towards Abel’s castle. He needed to make sure there would be enough servants before the evening arrived.

As the night came, Harry castle was brightly lit. The Lord of Marshall stood in the middle of the castle hall, welcoming his guests. Abel stood beside with a smile, respectfully listening to the lord of Marshall introduce his friends.

“Welcome Master Bentham, welcome the Knight of Bennett,” said butler Lindsey. These words traveled through the entrance into the ears of Abel.

Immediately, Abel rushed towards the entrance. He had to personally welcome his father, the Knight of Bennett. Abel also had a deep respect for Master Bentham. Although the Master worked under the Harry castle’s blacksmith guild, he was Abel’s teacher and a very famous person in Harvest City.

“Father, Master, welcome to the banquet tonight.”

Abel had it all planned out. He ordered the luxurious horse carriage, which was supposed to be the Lord of Marshall’s birthday present, to first pick up the knight of Bennett’s family, then Master Bentham.

The Knight of Bennett got off the carriage first. When he saw Abel, his serious face leaked out a small slight gratified smile as he nodded to Abel. Then came his, Nora. They had not seen each other for a very long time. When she finally saw Abel, her eyes began to sparkle. However, due to the seriousness of this event, she tried her best to hold her tears back.

Next, was his big brother Zach. When Zach saw Abel, he immediately jumped off the carriage and hugged him tightly. The Knight of Bennett gave a small cough, reminding Zach this was a serious event, and that he should behave himself.

Abel couldn’t help but giggle. His big brother was still afraid of his father. He then proceeded to say with a smile “my dear brother, when you become an official knight, I will make you a full-body armor as a present.”

Zach’s eyes began to sparkle. He let out a big laugh and said: “that day won’t be too long, you better start preparing now.”

Master Bentham was the last person to get off the carriage. He smiled as he said to Abel, “this carriage was pretty nice.An old body like me didn’t even feel a bump when sitting on it. But won’t the Lord of Marshall be angry that you had picked me up with his birthday present?

“If the Lord of Marshall found out that I have a carriage and don’t pick you up with it, he would be furious” Abel replied, as he reached out his hand to help Master Bentham off the carriage.