Abel did not explain each of the features of this luxurious bull carriage in detail to Master Bentham. He did not want to spoil the surprise for the Lord of Marshall. Master Bentham also didn’t know the value of this thing. Master Bentham only knew that Abel had added a shock absorber to the carriage, which he knew Abel could do so.

After Abel had accompanied his father’s family and Master Bentham into the hall, he decided to go back to the Lord of Marshall. Suddenly, he heard the voice of Butler Lindsey from the entrance again.

“The mighty Master Thorin Oakenshield had arrived!”

Although the Lord of Marshall had never met this master, he knew that Master Thorin was the judge of Abel’s Blacksmith Masters examination. Therefore he had sent him an invitation as well as a gesture of good manners. At first, the Lord of Marshall was not expecting Master Thorin to show up in these banquets since he was a dwarf. Yet, he was here, this was probably because he wanted to show respect to Abel.

“Welcome, Master Thorin!” Said Abel sincerely as he bowed to Master Thorin.

“Hello, Master Abel. Although the human’s lord status doesn’t mean much to you, I and the blacksmith union still want to wish you well!” Said Master Thorin. His intention of coming to this banquet had become clear, he wanted to show everyone that the Black Smith Union was on Abel’s side.

“Master Thorin, would you be able to stay at the castle for a while after the banquet? There are some things I want to ask you.”

Although Master Bentham had studied forgery under the dwarfs, he was never a blacksmith for the dwarfs. Abel had always wondered about this, so he wanted to ask Master Thorin. At first, Abel thought about visiting Master Thorin after everything was settled, but since Master Thorin was here, why not ask him today?

“Of course, Master Abel, you must have some interesting ideas to discuss, I will stay”. Master Thorin thought, Master Abel only asked him to stay because he had come up with some new inventions. Master Thorin was very happy to share his forging experience.

“Lord of Harvest, the honorable Viscount Dickens had arrived!”

“4th prince of Duchy of Carmel, the honorable majesty Prince Wyatt George had arrived!”

Every guest was shocked by these words. Even the Lord of the City and one of the 4 princes of Duchy of Carmel were attending this banquet.

The ruler of the City would rarely attend other people’s banquet, let alone going to another person’s castle to attend a banquet.

Not only that but someone with such an honorable status such as the 4th prince of Duchy of Carmel had also decided to attend the banquet of an ordinary Lord. How was that possible.

As the host of the banquet, the Lord of Marshall and Abel quickly rushed towards the entrance. There were 2 horse carriages in front of the castle gate, which was followed by 8 knights. The owner of the carriage had already gotten off the carriage and heading straight towards the castle.

“The honorable City ruler, the honorable majesty Prince Wyatts. Welcome to Harry castle” said the Lord of Marshall as he bowed to the two.

“I heard it’s your birthday, so I brought something for you as a gift,” said Viscount Dickens with a warm expression as he took out a small box.

The Lord of Marshall received the box, he said as he opened it, “I know you are very busy, so I didn’t invite you. It was my mistake.”

Inside the box was a medal of honor. On its surface was etched with the drawing of the goddess of Harvest City. It was personally made by the Priest of the goddess of Harvest City shrine, it had been blessed to bring good fortune.

The medal of honor was very complicated to make. Only 1 could be produced each year. Yet, countless Lords in the city wanted one. It was said that the goddess of Harvest City would help protect the fiefdom of the owners of this medal.

Although it was not hard for Viscount Dickens to obtain this medal. For him to give it away as a gift, it showed that he respected the Lord of Marshall a lot.

“Thank you so much, this present was a treasure!” Said the Lord of Marshall with a face full of happiness, as he put the medal back into the box.

As Prince Wyatt saw that Viscount Dickens handing out a present to the Lord of Marshall, he expressed a bit of dissatisfaction. Although he had come to this banquet with Viscount Dickens, he was still a royal, and the royals in Duchy of Carmel always had tensions with the nobles.

Although Prince Wyatt had a high status, his father king Astor George was not in good condition. If the king passed away, as the 4th prince, he would be kicked out of the royal family and became a noble. Since he did not have a fiefdom, he could no longer use the last name “George”. Moreover, if his offspring could not obtain enough outstanding military service, they would have become ordinary citizens.

Therefore, other than the oldest prince, every other prince was trying their best to obtain an outstanding military service during their time as a prince. This was because no matter where they go, an elite guard would be by their side, which made getting an outstanding military service much easier.

A few days ago, when Abel was auctioning his magic weapons at Edmund’s boutique shop in Bakong City, Prince Wyatt was also traveling around the southern area. When the prince heard the news he immediately came to join the auction.

There were not many magic weapons in the human world. Therefore, Prince Wyatt wanted to buy some, no matter for personal use or bribing people, it would help him tremendously.

There was only one reason why Prince Wyatt had traveled to Harvest City, he wanted to see Master Abel, and directly buy some weapons off him. Luckily he ran into Viscount Dickens on the way, so he decided to attend this banquet with him together.

Since Prince Wyatt came in a rush, he did not prepare any gifts. Everything that he brought along with him was either too expensive or too cheap. There was nothing suitable as a gift. On top of that, this act by Viscount Dickens was trying to impact the prestige of the royals.

Prince Wyatt was also not fond of the last name of Harry. In Duchy of Carmel, everyone knew that since the Harry family was one of the largest families in Bakong City, they opposed the royals. Prince Wyatt had just discovered that Master Abel was living in a Harry castle in Harvest City, and this Harry Castle was exactly the offspring of the Harry in Bakong City.

“The Knight of Marshall, I came in a rush, so I didn’t prepare any gifts. I hope you can forgive me” said Prince Wyatt with a smile, followed by a bow.

Abel watched from the side, he noticed the arrogance within the smile of Prince Wyatt. Moreover, he called the Lord of Marshall as the Knight of Marshall. Although his position had not been officially declared by the royals, according to the noble tradition, the name should still be changed with the title of a Lord.

“Your Majesty, your presence is the biggest gift to Harry castle!” The Lord of Marshall also disliked Prince Wyatt. But, he still spoke with a face full of smiles.

The two prestige guests had arrived at the hall, suddenly the atmosphere began to light up. The highest status nobles began to approach and chat with Viscount Dickens and Prince Wyatt. While the nobles who were not prestige enough to chat with the 2 royals, they were also very excited for the fact that had had a banquet alongside the Ruler of the City and Prince Wyatt. This was something to brag about.

“Master Abel, I came here today was all because I want to buy a magic weapon.” Said prince Wyatt, as he approached Abel holding his wine glass. At the time Abel was talking to Master Thorin about forging experiences, and the prince had interrupted their conversation.

“All my magic weapons were sold through Edmound’s boutique shop. If you want to buy one, feel free to join one of our auctions.” Said Abel with a slight sense of irritation, as he thought about ignoring Prince Wyatt. He wasn’t trying to gain anything out of the prince, and since the prince had disrespected the Lord of Marshall earlier, Abel was utterly in a bad mood.

The dwarf’s Master Thorin curled his eyebrows, the request of the prince was unreasonable. Although Blacksmiths would sell their weapons privately, they were often only reserved for their close friends. Blacksmiths needed to make a living too. The cost of producing these weapons often had an astronomical number, and buying them through an auction was the best way to support and motivate a blacksmith to raise their quality standard.

“I will give you ten thousand gold coins for one of your magic weapons.” Prince Wyatt didn’t seem to catch the rejection Abel had made since he proceeded to speak with a sense of arrogance.

Abel could not understand this Prince, how could he show such bad manners in a banquet. Even Master Thorin who did not say a thing was shocked by the prince asking Abel to buy his weapons directly.