“Did you know how much did my magic weapon sold for at Edmund’s boutique shop?” Abel asked as he looked at the somewhat dumbly self-righteous prince.

“Does it cost more ten thousand gold coins?” Prince Wyatt was unaware of the actual price of these weapons. However, he quickly realized that maybe he was underestimating the price. He proceeded to say in a strong voice, “The auction price was inflated. As the prince of the duchy, I will pay 10,000 gold coins for your magic weapon, which was more than enough.”

Prince Wyatt thought that, although Abel was a blacksmith Master, he was still too young and he had been scared from what he had said. Looking at Abel’s silence expression, the prince thought that Abel had accepted his offer.

By that point Thorin, the dwarf master, could not tolerate this anymore, a deep voice came from his long beard “Are you threatening a blacksmith from the union? Or do the Duchy of Carmel thinks that the masters of the blacksmith Union are not worthy of being respected?”

Only then did prince Wyatt discover Thorin, the dwarf master. Since he was already very short, it was even harder to spot him at first glance when he was being covered by Abel.

“No, no, master thorin, that’s not what I meant.” Prince Wyatt promptly explained.

Prince Wyatt didn’t have a lot of money on him at the moment. Since the king’s health was deteriorating, the prince’s times as a Royal was coming to an end. This was why recently he was spending a lot of time in the Duchy of Carmel, crazily trying to spend as many gold coins as possible. So his life would be easier in the future.

To protect his valuables, he must recruit elites. With Abel’s magic weapons being any knight’s dream equipment, it would for sure to persuade any high-level knights to serve him.

Wyatt’s desperation made the situation seemed like a death-struggle before he lost his title as the prince. Not only so, but this process also seemed to make him lose his mind completely.

“Master Abel’s work is worth twenty thousand gold coins, but you want to force him to sell it to you by force for 10,000 gold coins. You then threaten him with your identity as the duchy prince. Do you know how angry the union would be if I told them what you did?” Thorin’s voice became higher and higher ultimately ending in a growling voice.

It was no longer Abel’s business since he was apart of the union. Something like what the Prince had done would be in defiance of the union as a whole, and they would not tolerate such behavior.

The roar of Thorin, the dwarf master, startled all the nobles at the banquet. When they realized what prince Wyatt had done, there were signs of anger revealing in their faces. Who was Abel? He was Harvest City’s pride, youngest master blacksmith as well as a successful Lord that was looked up to by many.

Viscount Dickens was also furious at the prince’s action. It was him that had brought prince Wyatt to attend this dinner party, but what Wyatt did made him lose his prestigious reputation, which was the most important thing to nobles.

“Master Thorin, I didn’t know the real price of the magic weapon, I was only skeptical about the price and I didn’t mean to offend master Abel.” Prince Wyatt said with a paled face as things got out of hand.

If King Astor found out that Wyatt had offended the blacksmith union, the first thing he would’ve done was to kick his son out of the palace. This meant that he would not be given even the title of noble. He would’ve become an ordinary citizen, and no matter what, he would not accept this.

“Master Abel, how do you want to go with this?” Said Master Thorin. The blacksmith union doesn’t want to bring you any trouble. Since they were at Harry’s castle, he wanted to know how Abel will approach this situation before they make a move.

“Master Thorin, today is uncle Marshall’s birthday, and since prince Wyatt wants to purchase a weapon without knowing the actual value. I will take out a magic sword I had newly forged. I hope you can examine the price, so the prince can purchase it.” The 2 new magic sword Abel had forged were both made with the 120 skills base, and the runes were written with intermediate rune ink, which had made magic power more stable. The Dwarf master Thorin must know the actual value of this sword. Since Abel didn’t want to deepen their tensions, he decided to just sell off one of these big swords to the prince

“As you wish, master Abel.” Thorin, the dwarf master, thought that Abel did not want to cause any more trouble for the union, so he tried to resolve the conflict. He could not help but admire this young blacksmith

Abel then waved at his steward, Lindsey, to collect a magic sword from his operations room. After a while, Linsey came out with a knight big sword.

“Master Thorin, this is my latest work. Please examine it and let me know your thoughts.” Abel gestured to Lindsay to give the magic sword to Thorin, the dwarf master.

The nobles on the side were all very curious to see this magic sword, a magic sword that worthed 20,000 gold coins. It was even higher than the price of a castle, which made all the nobles watching the whole event extremely excited.

Thorin, the dwarf master, took the magic sword and inspected closely at its body and flicked his finger on it. With the flick of his finger, a blue light flashed and his fingers were immediately covered with frost.

Thorin moved his fingers and quickly shook the frost off his fingers. He then turned and looked at Abel curiously, “Your achievements was astounding, it was even more shocking considering your age. This sword was even better than the ones forged by the masters of my people, although it was made with a normal iron, it’s quality had hugely surpassed a hundred skills.”

The nobles all around listened quietly to Thorin’s explanation of the weapon. This was an extremely rare opportunity to hear a dwarf master evaluating a weapon.

Thorin, the dwarf master, bowed slightly towards Abel and said, “Master Abel, I am glad you found a new method to produce stronger steel, I will forward a request to the union to record this achievement in the blacksmith union hall of honor.”

The hall of honor was the blacksmith’s holy temple in the Holy Continent, where records of all blacksmiths’ achievements in improving their forging techniques have been passed down by countless people and recited by bards on the continent.

“I was already thinking of talking to you about this after dinner.” Abel smiled back.

Thorin, the dwarf master, with a look of delight in his face, saluted. “it was my pleasure to discuss with you!”

As Thorin picked up the magic sword again and said to the steward, “Please bring me a piece of log.”

Shortly after, Lindsay sent for his servant to bring a one-meter-long log to lay before Thorin, the dwarf master.

Thorin, the dwarf master, took the magic sword and slashed directly onto the log with mild strength. The sword immediately sank a depth of one cm and there was frost surrounding the log.

“Your use of the rune ink was rather unique as the effects lasted much longer than any ordinary ink. In comparison to my kind of magic swords, yours’ was much more powerful with formidable power. May I know your ink recipe?”

“This…” Abel had some difficulty in answering this question as he had combined the inks through the Horadric cube, it did not have any formula or recipe.

“I’m sorry to made things difficult for you master Abel, I’ve gotten too curious.” Thorin, the dwarf master, touched his beard in embarrassment. Usually, It was an unreasonable request for another Master for their recipe, but he couldn’t help himself after he saw how powerful magic sword’s effects were. Master Thorin instantly regretted these actions.

Prince Wyatt’s face was becoming gloomy, and the words of Thorin made him felt as if he was targeting him. Thorin continued to praise the magic weapon to raise the value of the weapon which ultimately would cost him more gold coins.

Viscount Dickens then interrupted the conversation with a smile and asked, “How much is this great magical sword worth, master Thorin?”

Thorin suddenly remembered that he had yet to assess the value of this magic sword. He quickly made some mental calculations and said, “I Thorin Oakenshield values this sword at 50,000 gold coins.”

When Thorin, the dwarf master, finished his evaluation. All of the royals at the castle all looked at the magic sword with a look of envy, jealousy, and longing in their eyes.

Viscount Dickens picked up the magic sword with great curiosity, he then waved the sword for a few times and turned around to ask Abel, “Master Abel, how many of these swords have you made this time? May I have one?”