In Abels room other than doing knight training, Abel had spent all his time dwelling his table, drawing sketches of all kinds of armors from this world and his previous world. He had used up almost 10 sheets of lambskin.

Lambskin was very expensive. They were all made by young lambs and cost around half a gold coin each. Therefore, everyone who could afford one would use it very carefully. Of course, you can get cheaper ones, but those had been mixed with the skin of rabbits, and nobles would not use them. Nothing could match the softness and ease of use of these skins from a young lamb. Moreover, the most important thing to a noble was their face, so they would never use a fake lamb skin no matter how poor they were.

Their ink pens were normally made by the single thickest strand of feathers from the wings of a mature swan. After the feather had been plucked from the swan, it was steamed to melt off the fat within. Then, the heated feather would be plunged into a bow of sand. After it had been cooled down naturally, it would be installed with an ink tube and pen tip. At last, a small hole would be open around 1 mm at the tip of the pen, and thats how these swan feather ink pens were made.

Abel was getting used to the writing equipment of this world. He fully understood what could happen if writing paper was invented, and as an enthusiast of ancient history, Abel would never try to invent such a thing and try to change this world. The invention of paper was spread from the east to the west, which made almost an unlimited amount of information accessible to normal citizens and allowed society to rapidly develop.

This world had already gone through tens of thousands of years of holy continent history, but Abel never heard of anyone coming up with any inventions similar to paper. Therefore, through his speculation, this world rarely changed, and their culture was almost in a stale state.

Abel was very satisfied with his current status in this world. The only thing that he cared about was his family and friends.With the secret he possessed, he would not try to change its culture.

The only reason he had locked himself up in his room for 3 days was to come up with armor for his Lord Award with the king in 2 months. In a significant event like this, the quality of the armor was very important to every knight who was about to be awarded. It was a way to show their wealth and power to the citizens, fighting ability to the nobles, and bravery to the king.

The 10 sheets of land were filled with sketches of the armors which Abel had learned to make. However, he was not satisfied. He wanted something more special.

Since Abel was still very young, his body has not been fully developed. With the training of Knights and his increase in strength since he had become an official knight, He was already a lot taller than most kids his age. He was 1.7 meters, which was the normal height of a normal adult. However, it was different for Knights. Since all the food they ate was the best of quality, and the training they undergo was the most well rounded, normally their height would reach at least 1.9 meters. So, normal knight armors were made according to the height of 1.9 meters.

Since Abel was only 13 years old, he would be fine with just a simple armor for temporary use. For the Lord of Marshall, his favorite armor was that blazing sunset armor. Although, he would often take it out from the storage to polish it, and it was considered as very flashy in Harvest City. If he wore it to Bakong City the capital of the Duchy of Carmel, it might seem a bit out of date.

Abel wanted the Lord of Marshall to wear the most perfect armor in the time of his life, in front of his friends and family in Bakong City.

The design of armors of his previous world used to be similar to the ones in this world. However, due to modernizations, and the influence of movies and anime. The armor design of his previous world had become extraordinary. Countless Cosplayers had tried to replicate those armors with different materials. They released countless design sketches, some had even designed a CAD model.

Since Abels power of the will had increased, if he tried to quiet down, he could remember all of those designs from his previous world very clearly. As a person he had been bombarded with information from the internet, countless armor designs appeared in his mind.

The elves armor in « The Lord of the Rings » seemed to look good. It could fully express the slim and androgynous body of the elves. The elves style engraving also seemed to look luxurious, but there was one big problem. It was not very productive, so Abel scrapped this idea.

Then, the Warrior of lights blue armor from « Final Fantasy » popped into Abels mind. The armor had spikes on its shoulder blade, which looked very cool. However, its skin-tight design was a bit hard to achieve. How could he go to the Lord of Marshall and tell him to take off his clothes to let him measure his body?

When the other Black Smith had already begun to construct their armors, Abel was still trying to choose one from his sea of designs.

Suddenly, another armor had popped into Abels mind, he could clearly remember the measurements and the CAD model of it, which was the armor of Saint Seiya: Knight of the Zodiacs golden armor. In total there were 12 parts to this armor.

This was the armor of the Taurus. It was that it has 2 forms; one was in the form of a Taurus standing on all fours, and the other form was an on a bodysuit, which also looked like Taurus.

This Taurus armor consisted of a cow horn helmet, sharp shoulder pads, chest protector, back protector, waist protector, arm guards, leg guards, and shoes.

Abel built the armor entirely out of 120 skills iron base. Since he had the blueprint memorized, the forging process went very smooth. He thickened the front of the helmet and the back protection of the armor. At last, a pile of grey iron armor parts was scattered on the floor of the operating room.

As Abel stared at these grey iron parts of the armor, he couldnt help but feel like it looked very different from the shiny gold one he had imagined. Grey was the natural color of iron, although the quality was top-notch, the color looked quite ugly.

There was other interesting equipment in Abels operation room. For example, he was about to use the foot pedal polisher, which he often uses to polish his finest work. This thing held rapid spinning power, by attaching a conveyor belt to the turntable.

During the polishing process, whetstone was placed on the turntable as burnish, which was secured by straps of leather.

Abel had created this machine so he didnt have to do hand polish. This machine could save him a lot of time and the result was a lot better as well.

Abel picked up the parts of the armor one by one and placed them on the machine to polish, and then burnish. Soon the surface of the parts was completely smoothed, shining in cold lights. Although the color was still not perfect, it was much better than before.

The material he was about to use had toxic mercury inside them. Therefore, Abel had worn a face mask for safety.

He took out the gold leafs steward Lindsey had brought and cut them into long thin strips. Afterward, he threw them into the furnace and added some mercury. Abel then used a gold rod to stir. After the gold leafs had completed dissolved into the mercury, he put them into a bowl of cold water for cooling, soon the mercury had become a silvery gold paste.

As Abel looked at the silvery gold paste, Suddenly, he was struck with an idea. Could these gold paste count as a liquid? What if I combine them, will I get better ones?

Since Abel was spoiled with money, he decided to shove the 3 chunks of silvery gold paste into the Horadric Cube. After he pressed the start button, the 3 chunks of paste disappeared, and soon a dark style crystal glass appeared inside the cube, within the glass was some dark gold paste.

Abel took out the dark gold paste from the Horadric cube and closely examined it. Although he didnt know how the Horadric cube rank different liquid, he knew this dark gold paste he was holding was the most perfect and their highest quality.

He mixed the gold paste with salt and alum until it became liquid. Then, he painted it on top of the parts of the armor.

Afterward, he placed these parts of the armor on top of the furnace. He continued to spin them until their surface began to shine in gold, and soon, the mercury had been expelled.

He continued to heat the armor parts on top of the furnace, as more and more mercury had been expelled, the gold of the parts became even shinier. Not sure if its because this gold paste was combined into Horadric cube, it was shining in a unique, yet eye-catching tone. The surface looked perfect, it was flawless even without any touch-ups.

Abel did not care about the manufacturing cost. He continued with this gold paste formula for 3 more times. At least all the parts of the armor were shining in gold.

Abel put the leftover gold paste into a jar, so he could use it for repairing the armor in the future.

The armor had been forged. Afterward, he installed a diamond and began to draw the « 12# Thor » rune with his rune pen on to the armor.

The only step left was to ask the tailor and cobbler of the castle to design the lining of this armor.It took Abel 10 days of harsh labor to complete this armor. It was the longest time he had ever spent on making any equipment.