In the next 3 days, Abel had forged himself a full-body worth of equipment. They included armor, a shield, and a knights spear.

The armor was forged according to the traditional formula of this world. It was painted with blue on the outer layer, which suited Abels age. He also drew the 12# Thor rune on top of it and installeda diamond into a gap of the armor. Although the orcs had taken the blame for the princes assassination, he was still worried that the royals would give him trouble for what he had done to the prince previously. Therefore, he must have adequate protection.

After the process of becoming a lord had completed, Abel could demand his coat of arms. That way he could wear 2 medals when he attended any official events, his own coat of arm medal, and the Black Smith Master Medal.

The knight spear was an exaggeration big sword. It has a length of 5 meters. It looked like a long square pyramid, sharp at the top thick at the bottom, which was equipped with a large surrounding handguard, inside was the handle. This was not those ordinary one-time-use wooden knight spear, it was made entirely out of 120 skills iron base with Abel enormous strength. This knight spear weighs more than 300 pounds, on top of that, it was equipped with the « 4#Nef » rune, which could rumble off an enemy. This knight spear could be a nightmare for any opponent.

Just imagine, if someone was fighting against Abel in a battlefield. They would be continuously knockback by this knight spears special ability along with Abels enormous strength. Every time they got knocked backward, Abel would have more time to execute his « knight charging technique » and « knight acceleration technique ». The power of these techniques would just more powerful with each strike. Therefore, under these conditions, Abels opponents would be continuously knocked backward while being strike until their life had come to an end.

Although Abel had already simplified his armor, and could only equip himself with his original ice magic sword. If anyone was to purchase this equipment in the market, its value would still be an astronomical number.

At this point, Abel just wished his mount wolf Black Wind could grow up faster. If he could ride Black Wind while equipped with this equipment, it would be perfect. The little mount wolf Black wind had entered its rapid growth phase after it has been cast with the mount strengthening spell. Now its difference in size could be seen every day.

During the morning, Abel brought 2 ice magic swords and two fire magic swords to Harvest City on his carriage. The Lord of Marshall was concerned about the orcs attack, so he strongly demanded Abel to bring at least a brigade of 6 beginner warriors along with him. Although the beginner warriors fighting ability were not as great as knights, they could still use combat qi. Every single one of these 6 warriors was personally recruited by the Lord of Marshall from the battle force. They were all around the age of 40, which was the prime time of warriors.

Abel couldnt explain to The Lord of Marshall that there wasnt actually any orc attack. However, he felt that the fewer people who knew about the attack on the royal family the better. The blame had been pushed to the worgens anyways. Therefore from now on, every time he goes outside he would need to bring a brigade of warriors with him.

When Abel was approaching Edmonds auction house, the shop assistant immediately noticed the Harry castle coat of arms on the carriage from a distance. As soon as Abel got off the carriage, Ms. Yvette was already standing in front of the carriage waiting for him.

« Edmonds auction house welcomes you, Lord Abel! » Ms. Yvette then bent her knee and gave a quick salute. She was treating Abel with more and more respect. This miraculous teenager had become one of the most well-known people in Harvest City and was a godly role model for the child of every family. Abel felt very fortunate he could take on this role.

« Thank you for the welcoming, Ms. Yvette! » Abel then waved at the guards to take out the 4 magical weapons from the carriage trunk, which were wrapped in orc skin.

When lady Yvette saw the package, her eyes were filled with excitement. Since the attack on The Lord Of Marshall as well as the killing of prince Wyatt, the value of Abels magic weapon would increase. Now, they had become the focus of all nobles, auctioning around the price of fifty thousand gold coins.

« Lord Abel, please come into the VIP lounge! » Ms. Yvette saluted to Abel and led him into the VIP lounge. A guard was following closely behind carrying the package. When they entered the lounge the guard quickly placed the package on the table and left.

Though she was extremely eager to see the magical weapons that Abel brought, she still poured a cup of coffee for Abel very politely. She waited patiently until he took a few sips before asking, « May I know why you are stopping by at our boutique shop today? »

« I was very pleased with the last business with your boutique shop. This time I brought my latest batch of the magic weapon, » Said Abel, opening the package on the table and revealing two ice magic swords and two fire magic swords.

« Was it prince Wyatt who bought the magic sword identified by master Thorin Oakenshield? » Asked Yvette in a very concerned tone, the headquarters had repeatedly urged her to close another deal with Abel, hoping they would sell his magic weapons in Edmounds boutique shop. Moreover, Abels magic weapon was a hot topic recently which meant nobles will try to spend a large sum of money just to get their hands on one of them. Even if a knight didnt buy it, someone would probably buy it for their reputation.

« Yes, these four magic swords, two ice magic, and two fire magic. They are all made with the 120 skills iron base. » Abel replied.

« Lord Abel, you may rest assured that none of them will be below Master Thorin Oakenshields estimate when they were in the hands of Edmond ». We at Edmonds can assure you of that, and your sale will be free of charge. »

Ms. Yvette didnt have that authority, but the message from headquarters demanded that she had to close a deal with Abel at all costs. So they gave her the most power in the matter.

Edmonds boutique shop didnt really need to make any money off this auction. The attention they could attract from the fame of Abel was more than enough to bring profits to their shop. Since Master would only become even more famous in the future, if they would maintain Abel as their supplier, their boutique shop would be famous too.

« Im very pleased with your service, Ms. Yvette! » Abel accepted Ms. Yvettes offer with a smile.

As it was the first time this kind of ice magic sword had been offered for auction, Abel explained to Ms. Yvette the power of the ice magic sword. He flicked the blade of the sword with his finger, it flashed a blue light and soon his finger was filled with a layer of frost.

Abel then proceeded to say, « the ice sword can attack enemies with two effects. One is to slow them down, with the frosting power of the sword. The other is the damage caused by the ice magic, although it was not too powerful, if this ice magic was injected into the body of a person, it would be even more difficult to remove than combat qi. »

« What a powerful weapon! Ms. Yvette, who is not a professional but she worked at a boutique shop. Therefore, she understood the properties of many weapons, and what slowing an opponent down in a battle could do.

« Ms. Yvette, I need to buy some more potions. Please give me 27 blood fusing potions, 270 replenishing potions, and 162 essence condensing potions. » Abel was going to buy another months worth of potion, which was a lot for any person.

Lord Abel, Ill send you these potions immediately. It will cost twenty thousand two hundred and fifty gold coins.

At first, there were some doubts about the fact of Ms. Yvette, but it had quickly disappeared. At that moment Abel felt a sense of relief in his heart again. Sure enough, his large purchases of knight potions were very notable. Its enough for a normal knight to use more than two years, although it was a lot, luckily it didnt send too much shock to Ms. Yvette.

Soon more than 400 bottles of the potion were brought out in a leather-domed box. When Abe finished paying with his magic gold card, the figure was cut in half again. The card showed a number of 31,500 gold coins. Until his next auction, he could another month worth of potion.

Of course, although this amount of potion was enough for more than 2 years of consumption for normal knights, Abel could finish it in 1 day. However, Abel was no longer in a hurry. His speed of development had already been very impressive. So Abel decided to take it slow, only use the potions in large doses when the necessary time arrived.