The first he needed was to fix up the stability of the horse carriage. Abel added 4 groups of bulky springs between the wheels and the body of the carriage as shock absorbers.

Abel was sure that the quality of these springs would be unmatchable. This was not only because Abel remembers how to make the spiral springs from his past incarnation, but it was also due to his incomparable strength.

When it came to making these springs, one needed to through the spring iron into the furnace. Then slowly strike it until it became a thick stick of iron. Afterward, one needed to wrap the stick of iron around an iron rod. Since Abel did not have the equipment for this, that’s where his enormous strength could shine. Although these spring irons were not as strong as the 100 skills irons, it was still impossible for a normal human to bend. If Abel’s body did not develop in such a rapid pace in these past few days, there’s no way he could do this.

There were 4 springs in a group. Every group was secured by a sheet of metal at the bottom of the carriage between the wheels. It took Abel a large amount of time and effort to secure this total of 16 springs.

The shock absorbers had been completed. Then, it was the most crucial step. Before this, Abel had already forged 20 thick rectangle sheets of 100 skills iron.

Only Abel would have used 100 skills iron to form an ordinary sheet. Normally, these type of iron was only used in the weapons of the highest value, such as a big sword. In fact, they were treated as treasures by all blacksmiths.

Abel drew out a rough area on the sheet and proceeded to throw it in the furnace. after it was burning red, he took it out with a tong. Then he put a hole for the gem on the sheet with a hammer drill.

After Abel drilled a hole in all 20 of the sheets, he threw them all into the water for cooling. After he whipped them dry, it was rune drawing time.

He had prepared to draw some ice magic runes, which he was way too familiar with. However, this time he would be using the intermediate ice magic rune ink he had combined. The rune path created by these intermediate rune ink was often very fragile, so it was better to still be very careful.

On top of that, Abel would be using this on his own carriage, so safety was definitely a priority. However, these rune inks were combined anyway, so it didn’t actually cost that much.

Since Abel’s power of the will had increased, drawing runes were like a walk in the park. He had drawn 5 runes in a roll until he felt his power of the will depleting. He rested for 30 minutes before drawing another 5 runes. Just like that, 10 ice magic runes were complete.

Abel then took out the intermediate fire magic rune ink and turned the other 10 iron sheets into fire magic iron sheets.

In the hole of each of the sheets, Abel separately placed 10 blue gems and 10 red gems. All of these gems were combined by Abel, so the cost was low as well.

Afterward, Abel used some normal iron to forged 2 large boxes. He then puts some small holes on it with a hammer drill and placed each of them on each side of the carriage.

Then, Abel secured some fan arms on to each of the holes inside the cupboard. There were conveyor belts connecting the fan arm to the wheels, allowing it to spin.

That’s where the 20 sheets of iron could show it’s power. He secured the 10 ice magic iron sheets on each of the 10 fan arms on one of the large boxes. Outside the cupboard, Abel added a handle. There were 10 different modes to the handle. If one pulled on the handle on the lowest mode, it would only ignite to 1 ice magic iron sheet, thus only unleashing a small amount of ice magic power. As the gears went higher, the more magic sheet it would ignite, thus the ice magic power would increase as well.

When the carriage was moving, the conveyor belt would spin these sheets inside the large box according to the motion of the wheels. When the ice magic power was ignited, cool air would blow out from those small holes of the box.

This was a special ice magic air conditioner designed by Abel. It used the same technology as those ice magic big sword of his. Since a big sword normally would be sold for 20 thousand gold coins in an auction. If each sheet of iron worth the same amount of a big sword, this air conditioner could worth more than 200 thousand gold coins.

Of course, if you want to calculate the price of this thing, who could forget about the intermediate rune ink. Since the material for these ink was extremely rare, they were almost priceless. Therefore it was very hard to calculate the actual price.

With the same method, Abel installed the 10 fire magic sheets into the other large box, thus creating a fire magic heater.

This entire air conditioning system could cost well over 400 thousand gold coins. Abel wondered if he should mass-produce it. A mere air conditioning system like this could pay for the training fees for his entire life.

Normally when a horse carriage was made, the gap between the wheels and the body of the carriage was only filled with some lubricants. This method seemed very outdated to Abel. Since he had now installed the springs on to each of the wheels, they could continue moving despite the bumpy roads. It would also go faster since it required much less effort for the bull or horse to pull.

Abel also did some upgrades to the wheels of the carriage. He wrapped layers of orc skin on each of its rims, the outermost layer was equipped with the highest quality orc skin. These orc skins were found in the secret collection of the Knight of Marshall. Due to their small surface area, they could not be turned in to armors. Therefore they were just gathering dust in the storage, only until now, Abel had taken it out to use it as tires for the carriage.

Just like that, the super luxurious horse carriage has completed its upgrade. Abel called in some carpenter from the castle. He told them to secure the 2 large boxes of the air conditioner with wood and turn it into 2 tables. Now, both the front and back of the carriage was equipped with 2 sofas, 2 tables on each side, and under which was an air conditioning system.

Abel had sacrificed 3 days of effort to make this horse carriage, or bull carriage since it would be pulled by inferno bulls. He was sure that the Lord of Marshall would be very satisfied to receive this as a birthday gift.

Abel then took out the 2 different rune signs he got from the wargon. Although he had never seen these runes before, according to the Knight of Saroya, who was the leader of the knight brigade that battled the orcs, a wargon had also taken out a sign like this when it was being attacked, it hugely reduced the impact of the 33 knight’s combined combat qi strike.

As far as Abel could remember, there weren’t many runes in Diablo 2 that could reduce impact. If Abel’s train of thoughts was correct, these 2 rune signs could very well be the “12#SOL Thor” runes.

12 # SOL thor:

+9 the lowest impact

Offset physical impact 7

Abel didn’t know what “offset physical impact 7” meant in reality. However, he was reminded of the wound that was on a White cloud. Although it was long, it wasn’t too deep, Abel speculated the rune sign must have drastically reduced the power of the 33 knight’s combined combat qi. Therefore, “offset physical impact 7” should be around the force of around 30 official knights.

Although Abel was unsure how much power a commander would have, this rune should be more than capable of defending against an elite, or below knight.

Abel had an idea, he should make a shield out of this rune. Since it was still too challenging for him to make great defending weapons such as the “Ancient vow” with rune language. These single rune weapons should be doable.

Although Abel was not used to making shields, he didn’t think it would be a problem because of his incredible strength and his increasing power of the will.

Abel decided to make a knight’s shield, also known as the kite shield. These shields were flat on the top and sharp at the bottom. They were very commonly used by knights. Its surface was often color painted with the knight’s family’s coat of arms. It was practical and functional.

Abel picked out the best iron from the iron ore. He decided to start from scratch, it was the first time he would make a rough iron model since his strength has developed drastically.

This time, he struck the iron with a 100-pound hammer, he couldn’t help it. The 30-pound hammer he used before felt like a toothpick in his hand. Although this 100-pound hammer still felt a bit light, it was already the heaviest one he could find.

He started from 1 skill and forged it into 80 skills with almost no effort at all. He realized he didn’t even need to utilize his power of the will to do this, he could just use his brutal force. As he kept striking the iron with this nonsensical method, soon it had turned in to 100 skills. By this point, he was no longer satisfied with a 100 skills model of iron. If he had used his power of the will on top of this, who knows how many more skills could he forge?