“Viscount Dickens, if you want it, I can give you the one I have,” Before Abel could finish his sentence, Prince Wyatt’s face immediately began blushing.

Prince Wyatt did not have that many gold coins on him that evening. Though his identity was still a royal, he wasn’t at the point where he could enjoy the magic gold card. If he had the inheritance of Duchy of Carmel, then he would’ve been eligible for it. As of right now, his identity as a prince, as well as the instability of his position meant that he could become an ordinary noble anytime.

“I won’t take away your personal one Abel. If you don’t have any magic sword right now, I can wait until your next forge.” Viscount Dickens hated to be called Viscount. Everyone in harvest city knew about this. Since Prince Wyatt’s affected his name, it had made him very unhappy. However, he could sense that the prince might not have enough money. It didn’t matter if he bought an extra weapon, as long as he could embarrass the prince right now.

Viscount Dickens then took out his magic gold card from his pocket and said, “I can pay in advance, master Abel.”

“Two of the same magic weapons have already been forged at this time, and since the ruler of the city needs it, you can have the other one.” Abel turned to Lindsay and asked him to bring out the other magical weapon.

Abel’s workshop was not open to anyone. Only Lindsay and the Lord of Marshall were able to enter and leave the operations room. Now that Lindsey realized the values of the weapons, he decided to add a lookout post in the doors of the operations room.

Lindsay moved swiftly, within minutes, a large magic sword was soon in the hands of Viscount Dickens.

Viscount Dickens waved the magic sword in his hand twice and happily held the magic gold card in front of Abel. Abel then also took out his magic gold card as he paired it with Dickens’ card. Abel’s balance then jumped immediately from 1750 to 51750.

Abel was very short of gold until now. He had never held so much gold in his hand, but he was still too slow in earning these gold coins considering the 270,000 gold coins were the amount he needed to pay for the potions required for his training.

At that moment, everyone was staring at prince Wyatt. The price of the magic weapon had been set by Master Thorin, and one had already been purchased by Viscount Dickens. Now it was up to the prince who had no reactions to make his next move.

“Master Abel, may I discuss with you privately?” Prince Wyatt said to Abel in a dried-up tone.

“Your majesty prince Wyatt, this way please,” Abel said as he pointed towards the guest room.

When Abel and Wyatt came back, there was a small smile on both their faces. Abel had a genuine smile while the prince had a slightly bitter smile with his eyes sparkled darkly.

Abel immediately raised his awareness as he came back from his discussion. By this time, Abel, who had superior mental strength was aware of prince Wyatt’s malice.

“This magic sword is yours now,” As Abel handed the last of the magic sword to prince Wyatt’s hands.

This dramatic scene within the banquet of the Harry castle gave all of the nobles that were attending a tremendous surprise and shock. First, it was the fact that the ruler of Harvest City, as well as one of the 4 royal princes, was attending. Then they were shocked that one piece of Abel’s forgery was able to reach up to 50,000 gold coins.

When all the guests had left the castle with satisfaction. Thorin and Bentham were still talking with each other as they were staying over to exchange their forging knowledge.

When the guests had all left, the Lord of Marshall immediately asked Abel impatiently, “What did the prince give you in exchange for the magic sword?”

“The prince exchanged a yard on the 1000th level of Triumph Avenue in Bakong City for the magic sword,” Abel replied.

“The yard on Triumph Boulevard?” Lord Of Marshall’s eyes lit up and he laughed. “It’s the best place in the entire Duchy,” he said.

“I just wanted to settle it and get it over with, that’s why I agreed.” Abel was not afraid that prince Wyatt would trade his cheap yard with him since that would risk angering the Black Smith Union.

“Where’s my birthday present?” The Lord of Marshall was very jealous of the new magic swords. From master Thorin’s introduction, it was certain that the newly forged magic sword was much more superior than the old magic sword.

“Uncle Marshall, how can you not have a birthday present for your birthday… I have already prepared it for you. Let’s go and have a look.”

Abel then led Lord of Marshall to the square, and when master Bentham saw that Abel was going to show Lord Of Marshall’s birthday present, he took master Thorin with him to look around.

“That’s it?” Lord Of Marshall looked disappointingly at the carriage in front of him. The two fiery bulls were his and Abel’s spoils of war. It was the best cart in Harvest City, but it was far from what he had imagined.

“Abel made a lot of changes to the carriage.” Master Bentham spoke from the side “When he picked me up in this carriage, I noticed it was very stable.”

“Not bad.” Lord Of Marshall was a little relieved, and though his intermediate knight’s body did not mind the stability of the cart. It was still better than a normal carriage, as Abel had taken a lot of effort to modify this carriage.

Abel saw Lord Of Marshall’s face and knew that he was thinking of getting his magic weapon. Abel laughed and said, “Uncle Marshall, come inside the carriage and look.”

The four of them got into the carriage together. The spacious compartment was not crowded even with four people, and there was no problem at all if there were two more people. Lord Of Marshall looked at the tables on either side and said, “That’s a good idea, I can now put fruits on the two tables, how convenient!”

Abel gave Lord Of Marshall a scornful look and said, “How could I possibly modify just a little, knowing your interests?”

The Lord Of Marshall looked indifferent. The greatest happiness in his life was meeting his wife, the greatest fulfillment was guarding the castle that he and his wife built together, and the greatest luck was to have Abel as his adopted son. His little hobby was to show off, with such a son to be fond of, how could he not show off!

“This is the controller,” Abel said, pointing to the switch near the table. “There are ten switches”. The table on the left regulates the cold air, and the table on the right regulates the heat.”

“Has it?” Lord Of Marshall asked incredulously, touching the switch at the left table.

Master Thorin and master Bentham looked curiously at the two cupboards which could regulate the temperature of the carriage, and both were astonished at the apparition of a device that was said to have been used to control the temperature by magic.

“The car needs to be moving before you can turn it on. Then you can press the controller to change the temperature” Abel explained.

“Enough talking? Let’s go for a ride!” the Lord Of Marshall called impatiently to the driver sitting outside.

As the two bulls took their steps and began to run, Lord Of Marshall and master Thorin both found that the carriage was much more stable than they had imagined.

Since they had all finished the banquet, all 4 of them felt a bit hot. The Lord of Marshall pressed the start button and turned the air conditioner to the coldest mode. Although they could not see how the machine operated. The fan was tied to the wheels of the carriage with a conveyor belt. With the movement of the carriage, the magic metal sheets began to spin, unleashing the ice magic power from the box to the rest of the carriage.

“This is incredible! Master Thorin was the first to exclaim.

“How did you do that?” “Master Bentham asked.

“It’s a great treat.” Lord Of Marshall sighed.

“It was easy.” Abel opened the door under the wooden table on his left to reveal the iron cabinet inside. When the cabinet was opened, all three of them were shocked.

“This… This… Is this a magic sword?” The Lord Of Marshall was certain that it wasn’t a magic sword, but it was just with the appearance, other than that there were barely any differences.

“Your way of thinkings left me speechless.” “aid master Thorin, looking somewhat dumbly at the ten iron plates in the cupboard.

“It’s a waste for the Lord of Marshall to ride in.” Master Bentham said with a voice that was filled with envy.

“And the one on the right?” The Lord of Marshall asked.

“Yes, It’s was made with some fire magic gems” Abel explained while he opened the cupboard on the right.

When the chests were opened on either side, master Thorin was dumbstruck by Abel’s style, while master Bentham talked softly to the Lord of Marshall about borrowing the cart.