Master Thorin was shocked by Abel’s writing, he kneeled down to closely examine the magic metal sheets within the two boxes. After a while, he stood up and shook his head in awe “Master Abel, your love for your stepfather was beyond my imagination. Every single one of these 20 magic metal sheets in here can be taken out and used as a magic weapon. Moreover, they hold the same value as the 2 magic weapons you sold today.”

After hearing Master Thorin’s professional review, the Lord of Marshall’s jaw can’t help but drop to the ground. He then began to laugh loudly, and asked “Master Thorin, are you saying this horse carriage which Abel had given me, cost more than one million gold coins?”

Master Bentham reached out his hand and padded the shoulder of the Lord of Marshall. He then spoke with a ridiculing tone. “Be careful, this thing is expensive. someone might steal it.”

The Lord of Marshall arrogantly lifted his head, laughing loudly as he said “no one would say this if they know the number of weapons I have equipped. So don’t even think about taking me down if you are not a commander.”

Abel couldn’t help but shake his head. His uncle Marshall was in “show off mode” again. Even in a banquet, the Lord of Marshall did not put down his two big swords. According to his own words, if a knight did have his weapons with him all the time, it would be suicide.

Master Bentham and Master Thorin’s eyes suddenly began to light up. The two big swords in the Lord’s back was too flashy. All these times the two masters kept their manners and avoided asking the Lord about it, but since the topic has been brought up, the masters had become interested.

The masters knew that Abel’s best weapons were probably either reserved for his personal use, or for his family. Therefore, the two big swords that the Lord of Marshall had always carry around with him must have been Abel’s finest of the finest.

“Let’s have a look, what about these weapons that made you so crazy”. Due to their many years of friendship, Master Bentham could just ask the Lord of Marshall directly, without caring so much about being polite.

Looking at how interested these masters were to his weapons, the Lord of Marshall felt tremendously proud of himself. Although Master Bentham was not a real master, he was still one of the Blacksmith elite of Harvest City. On the other hand, Master Thorin was apart of the Black Smith Union. He was an acclaimed Master of the entire holy continent.

The Lord of Marshall disarmed the 2 big swords from his back and placed one of them on the table of the carriage. In regards to the other one, he was not willing to let go of his hand. He turned to Abel and said with dissatisfaction “this ice magic sword isn’t even as good as the sheets of metal in the carriage, how can I show it to people.”

The masters looked at each other and smiled. Abel said with a choice “fine… I’ll make a new one for you the next few days, just put up with this one for now.”

The masters then looked at the magic sword on the table, they mutually told each other that they could have a look first, at last, it was Master Thorin who took out the sword out of the sheath.

Master Thorin lightly flicked the blade of the sword with his finger, the strange thing was that this big sword doesn’t seem to be too different from those ordinary ones. It doesn’t seem to have any special effects, and since the gem in the handle was covered with decorations, Master Thorin felt a bit confused. He turned and ask Abel “is this a magic sword?”

“Of course, this sword would only unleash its power when attacking, lightly flicking on the blade doesn’t count as attacks.” Abel honestly explained.

“What magical attribute is this sword?” Master Thorin proceeded to ask.

“None, it only has the ability to rumble off enemies,” said Abel.

“No way, that’s impossible” Master Thorin was a bit lost for words. He then picked up the sword and said to the Lord of Marshall ” the Lord of Marshall, can you please step off the carriage with me and test out the ability of this sword?”

“Of course, Master Thorin,” said the Lord of Marshall as he opened the carriage door and jumped off.

After everyone had got off the carriage, Master Thorin lifted the magic sword and strike towards the sword of the lord of Marshall, who was already in defense position. When the swords came to contact, a white light flashed from the magic sword in master Thorin’s hand. Afterward, the lord of Marshall could not help but get knocked back for 10 steps.

Master Thorin still could not believe what he saw, he exchanged sword with the Lord of Marshall, but the result was the same, Master Thorin who was now holding the magic sword had been knocked back for 10 steps.

“My god, this is a golden weapon. Master Abel, you could produce a golden weapon, do you know what does this signify? There were only 2 blacksmiths in the entire nation of dwarfs who could produce a weapon of this level”. Master Thorin proceeded to spoke with excitement “you had become the greatest Black Smith of the holy continent, or in other words, a perfect master.”

Abel didn’t seem to be too excited by these words from Master Thorin. This was because his goal was no longer to increase his rank as a Black Smith. All he wanted now was to become a wizard, everything else was pale in comparison.

Master Bentham was there to witness each step of Abel’s transformation from an amateur to the master he was today. Now, Abel’s level had increased once again, he could not help but exclaim “Abel, your growth has been tremendous. Now, I can only look at you from afar, hoping you can make good use of your gift as a blacksmith.”

“How much money do these magic weapons,” asked the Lord of Marshall curiously, interruption the masters.

After Master Thorin heard that the Lord of Marshall was trying to put a price on a golden weapon, he couldn’t help but felt a bit angry. However, since he was the stepfather of Abel, and the owner of this golden weapon, the master has no choice but to shook his head and said “it was very hard to calculate the cost of these golden weapons. There were very little records of them being auctioned in history, as most of them were sold privately. However, if I really have to put a price on it… I’ll say above two hundred thousand gold coins.”

These words made the Lord of Marshall’s knees felt weak, his spirit was impacted once again. Since when does the price of the things in his castle gain so many zeros. He thought about the castle’s income, and his life saving, it doesn’t even come close to the price of this sword.

However, after he thought about it for a bit, he realized he was actually the owner of this sword, and Abel was his successor. The lord of Marshall’s mood was lifted again, he stood up straight, strongly affirming himself.

At first, Abel thought about showing Master Thorin the magic big shield he had just made. However, this magic sword he had made long ago had already brought such a shock to Master Thorin, if he kept bringing out more and more magic weapons, it would make him come across as a bit of a show-off. On top of that, Abel also realized he had underestimated the value of these magic weapons, so he decided not to show Master Thorin anymore of it.

After they returned to the castle, Abel was reminded of the evil intent of Prince Wyatt, so he brought the Lord of Marshall to his private operating room within the castle.

“Abel, what’s happening?” The Lord of Marshall asked in confusion.

“Uncle Marshall, I have a feeling that the situation with Prince Wyatt will not be settled that easily. You have to be careful when you go out.” Said Abel quietly, expressing his worries.

“No worries, the big sword in my hand will not be afraid of him.” said the Lord of Marshall carelessly. He was a survivor of the orc attacks, not just an ordinary knight, his glory was built on the corpses of orcs.

Seeing the arrogant look of the Lord of Marshall’s face, Abel had gotten ever more worried. Therefore, he had taken out the magic big shield he just made and handed it to the Lord of Marshall. He said, “Here, take this shield, don’t let go of it the next few days.”

The Lord received the shield with a face full of excitement. Everything his adopted son made was a treasure. Since everything he owned would be under Abel’s name in the future, he had never rejected any of Abel’s gift.

“What rank is this shield?” Asked the Lord of Marshall.

“According to the words of master Thorin, this should be a golden level shield,” said Abel after he thought for a bit.

“What’s it’s an ability?” the Lord of Marshall proceeded to ask with care.

“It can at least absorb the combat qi attack of an elite knight” Abel replied

“Then what am I afraid of, Prince Wyatt can come right at me. I have 2 two hundred thousand gold coins weapons, a one million gold coins horse carriage. That kid doesn’t even have enough money to buy a fifty thousand gold coin weapon, how can he ever compete with me.

At that moment, the Lord of Marshall seemed to forget how much money he had in his wallet. All these outrageously luxurious equipment had made his self-esteem even higher than mount Budapest.