Within a luxury room of Cozmo Hotel, the largest hotel in Harvest City, Prince Wyatt was sitting on a chair with a face full of gloom. The coffee on his table had gone cold long ago.

“Your majesty, don’t be so angry. It’s not good for your health,” Said the elite knight guard of Alsop. He was trying his best to carefully comfort Prince Wyatt. In regards to a banquet, the Prince and the 3 elite knights had attended yesterday, because they were not a noble, they had dinner with the retinues.

“A group of bogans could make fun of the offspring of King George. They must have forgotten who was the true ruler of this country.” Prince Wyatt had been holding his anger back since the banquet, so he began to lash out through the comfort of the Knight of Alsop.

When he thought about the ridicule looks of the Harvest City’s noble, Viscount Dicken’s offense, and the lack of respect Abel had shown him, Prince Wyatt who was spoiled by thousands was furious. If he tries his best, he could tolerate the ridicule of nobles and offense of Viscount Dickens. However, he could never tolerate a 13-year-old teenager unwilling to respect his status.

“Alsop, what would happen if I kill Abel?”. Prince Wyatt trusted the Knight of Alsop a lot, so he had directly told him his intention.

This idea had deeply shocked the Knight of Alsop. He quickly replied, “your majesty, we must not try to mess with Abel. Otherwise, we would become enemies with the entire Black Smith Union.”

“If I have to seek this revenge, I will never be satisfied,” said Prince Wyatt as he ruthlessly stared at the Knight of Alsop. He then proceeded to say “if I can’t kill Abel, how about the Lord of Marshall?”

“Your majesty, the Black Smith Union probably won’t give us any trouble for killing an ordinary Lord. Moreover, we can just blame it as a robbery attack.” The Knight of Alsop replied softly.

“Nice, I’ll leave it to you!” Prince Wyatt said ruthlessly.

The Knight of Alsop looked at Prince Wyatt with a hint of embarrassment, although he was an elite knight he was not confident in murdering an intermediate knight by himself. Murdering someone was different from defeating someone in a battle. If the Lord of Marshall had escaped, they could have big trouble.

The Knight of Alsop was the only guard out of the 4 who had a close relationship with the prince. The other 3 elite knights belonged to the royal defense force. They were only responsible for the safety of the prince, and they would never needlessly attack a noble based solely on the prince’s interest.

Seeing the embarrassed look of the Knight of Alsop, Prince Wyatt couldn’t help but sigh. He then proceeded to say “Take these ten thousand gold coins and see which one of the 3 are willing to come with you. Also, take this magic sword with you, I want Abel’s stepfather to die in the strikes of his own sword.”

“That will be perfect, ten thousand gold coins would be more than enough to persuade those greedy bastards.” The knight of Alsop said with ease.

The banquet in Harry castle had ended, yet the Lord of Marshall could not settle. He had to go visit a friend in Harvest City and exchange some knight fighting techniques with him. Almost everyone in the castle knew the reason behind the Lord’s visit.

Right in the morning, the Lord of Marshall got on his bull carriage and headed towards Harvest City. He enjoyed riding on his carriage lately. Not only because the 2 inferno bulls were very eye-catching, but most of all, this carriage was some of the most comfortable things he had ever sat on.

The sun was blazing outside, so the Lord of Marshall turned the air conditioner to level 6. He closed his eyes, enjoying this rare cool breeze under the summer heat. If he had a bottle of wine with him, it would be perfect, the first thing he wanted to do when he returned to his castle was to tell someone to add a liquor cabinet in this carriage.

“Master, someone is blocking the way!” Said the driver with a shaky voice, as the bull carriage came to a halt.

As the lord of Marshall was enjoying himself, suddenly, his heart dropped. He was reminded of the warning which Abel had given him. He began to pick up his big sword with the rumble ability, while clinched his shield with the other hand. He peeked outside the carriage.

At first, the Knight of Alsop thought about attacking the Lord of Marshall when he was unaware, but the other elite knight that came along with him refused. As the knight of the royal defends force, they had to respect the knight’s virtues. They could not attack an opponent who was not prepared. Therefore, the Knight of Alsop had no choice. He had to block the carriage and directly attack the lord of Marshall.

“Are you guys Prince Wyatt’s elite knights?” The Lord of Marshall recognized they were 2 of the 4 knights guarding prince Wyatt during the banquet.

“I am here to take your life, but will give you a chance to battle!” Said he Knight of Alsop. He one-handedly lifted his big sword and drew a straight line in mid-air. Then he put his sword back to his side and made a knight gesture of manner.

“Fair enough. You followed the knight’s virtues!” The Lord of Marshall looked at the 2 elite knights on the horse with a sneer.

The Knight of Alsop knew that the Lord of Marshall was an intermediate knight. Defeating him was easy. The hard part was to not let him escape, so the elite knights did not disarm their horse.

Although the carriage driver was paranoid, he remained silent. He knew that he would only have the chance to keep his life if the Lord of Marshall won this battle. If not, the 2 elite knights would not give a peasant like him a chance to go back and report them.

The Knight of Alsop squeezed the horse with his leg, the horse let out a long neigh and began to rush forward with its muscly legs.

With the speed of the horse and the roar of the Knight of Alsop, his body and his big sword were covered in combat qi. He began to strike around 5 meters in front of the Lord of Marshall. Under the combination of all these forces, the Knight seemed unstoppable.

“Defence!” The Lord of Marshall roared. He placed his faith in Abel and his magic shield. Moreover, he was also all too familiar with this Knight defense move. He had executed it perfectly in battles countless times and counteracted countless enemies. The Lord of Marshall held the shield with his left hand and placed the magic shield in front of him. His body leaned forward, front leg bent and back leg straight. The Lord was ready, ready to take on the Knight of Alsop’s attack.

“Dong” the sword of the Knight of Alsop struck upon the shield of the Lord of Marshall. At first, he was expecting his sword to penetrate the shield, then he could finish off the Lord of Marshall with thunderstorm combination strikes.

The Lord of Marshall was fully aware of how powerful the charging attack of an elite knight could be, so he almost used full force in this defense. However, little did he know, when he was holding this magic shield he almost did not feel a thing at all.

The strike had been counteracted. The Knight of Alsop was shocked as he went straight passed the Lord of Marshall. The Lord of Marshall did not even budge a bit, how was this possible. The magic sword in his hand was exchanged with a yard in Triumph Boulevard, valued at fifty thousand, and it could not even defeat an intermediate knight. The Knight of Alsop began to wonder if he had been scammed.

The Knight of Alsop looked a bit distracted, yet the Lord of Marshall remained in full focus. All these years of battle experience had taught him that he has to constantly look for the chance to execute the final strike, so if he was not focused all the time, it would be suicide.

In that split second, The Lord of Marshall began to flash his combat qi and rushed straight towards the Knight of Alsop. Although his horse was not as fast as, his impose was just as strong. The Knight of Alsop only realized what was happening through the call of the other elite knight who was watching by the side.

At that moment the Lord of Marshall was already right before him. So the Knight of Alsop quickly dashed out a counteract move with his sword. To his surprise, this strike by the Lord of Marshall was extremely light, like the strike of a normal civilian. But after a while, he felt the force of a mountain pressing upon him, alongside his horse. He could not help but began to step back.

Under the influence of the magic sword’s rumble, the Knight of Alsop’s defense was defenseless, he was completely exposed. This was all in the plan of the Lord of Marshall, the reason he did not use any force in his strike was that all his force was concentrated on his leg. As the Knight of Alsop was stepping back, he immediately jumped towards the Knight of Alsop holding his shield. Like a struck of lightning, his big sword let out a cold flashed of light and penetrated the gap between the armor in the waist of the Knight of Alsop. Normally this gap was very hard to penetrate if it was not being exposed, so the Lord of Marshall had taken advantage of it.