That strike was very powerful. Since intermediate knights could inject their combat qi into their weapons, a large amount of destructive combat qi rushed inside the body of the Knight of Alsop. In a blink of an eye, he lost all of his fighting power and fell from his warhorse.

“Attack!” The other elite Knight roared, a long white string of combat ai shot out from his big sword. Although these long-distance attacks were exclusively used by elite knights. They would rarely use it because it used up too much of their combat qi, which was not sustainable.

“Defence!” The Lord of Marshall also roared. The shot of combat qi struck upon the shield, but the result was the same. The Lord of Marshall did not even budge behind the shield.

By that point, the Lord of Marshall had become very confident. With equipment over the value of four hundred thousand, even an intermediate knight like himself could easily counteract the attacks of an elite knight.

When the other elite knight saw that the Lord of Marshall had easily defeated the Knight of Alsop, he decided to change his strategy and do long-distance attacks instead, since he was the same rank as the Knight of Alsop. Before he could fully understand why the Lord of Marshall had defeated the Knight of Alsop so easily, he would keep his distance.

However, an elite knight could not keep using these long distance for long. He began to have a change of heart. He rather just return the ten thousand gold coins to the prince because it was not worth it to risk his life.

The other elite knight continued to shoot out his powerful combat qi, sparkling in mid-air. Yet, the Lord of Marshall could counteract it perfectly every time from different positions. The Lord of Marshall was waiting for the other elite Knight to fatigue, he thought, other than a head commander, these elite knights could not sustain these long-distance attack for long.

Suddenly, with the shot of another combat qi, the elite knight began to turn around. In a blink of an eye, he had accelerated on his horse and began to escape.

The Lord of Marshall felt a bit confused. This was an elite knight, why was he trying to escape?

The Lord of Marshall did not chase after him immediately, his legs could not outrun the legs of a warhorse. Although he could use the Knight of Alsop’s warhorse, it would take some time before they could be harmonized.

The Lord of Marshall returned to his horse carriage, put down the shield in his trunk and took out the Harry Bow. By the time point he had set up the bow, the elite knight was around 100 meters away, he lightly let lose The bowstring, in a split second the arrow had disappeared from the bow, and soon reappeared in the back of the elite knight.

Elite knights were not only powerful due to their ability to use combat qi, but it was also because they had very sharp alertness to danger. Although it was almost impossible for a normal person to avoid this arrow, in a blink of an eye, the elite knight lightly twisted his body. The arrow traveled through his right arm and struck right in the center of his war horse’s skull. The war horse skidded and fell to the ground, sending the elite knight flying forward. The moment when the knight was about to hit the ground, he did a body roll and stood up straight away. He did not stop as he continued to unleash his combat qi, madly running towards the forest nearby. Only a dead warhorse and the blood of his right arm was left on the ground.

All of these things had taken place in almost no time, before the Lord of Marshall could install another arrow, the elite knight had already disappeared.

“Eh, the Harry bow was too weak!” The Lord of Marshall concluded. He failed this time was because the bow only had 400 pounds worth of strength. If it had 500 pounds, no way this knight could escape.

The Lord of Marshall must have forgotten, the strongest bow in this world could only possess about 200 pounds worth of strength. Only this composite bow that Abel had modified could have such power.

The Lord of Marshall knew he could not chase after this knight anymore. However, he had already badly injured an elite knight and scared off another. The Knights even left their mounts behind, so the Lord of Marshall was very pleased with how this battle had turned out.

He then walked towards the body of the Knight of Alsop. At the time, the knight had already stopped breathing. The first thing the Lord notice was his magic sword.

“Isn’t this the sword Abel had forged?” The Lord of Marshall was surprised to find this sword and he was happy to take it as his spoils of war. This way was a lot better than asking Abel directly, his 2 ways of acquiring these magic weapons would make a night and day difference when he would brag about it to his friends.

The Lord of Marshall had secured the Knight of Alsop’s warhorse behind the back of his carriage and threw the dead body of the Knight of Alsop on top of it. He no longer felt like going to his friends as he headed straight towards the city palace.

The country defense force elite knight returned to the Cozmo Hotel covered in blood. With the help of the other guards, he entered the room of Prince Wyatt.

Upon seeing that only 1 of the 2 elite knights he sent had returned, not only that but covered in blood, Prince Wyatt can’t help but get angry. He roared “the Knight of Kyle, where is Alsop? Why only you had returned?”

“Your majesty, the accident had failed, the Knight of Alsop was badly injured. I’m not sure if he’s dead or alive. I’ve only got lucky and escaped.”

The Knight of Kyle’s face was drenched in sweat, he continued to use his combat qi to escape after being injured. His current condition was not looking too well, if he doesn’t recover probably, he might not be able to preserve his elite knight’s power. As the guard of the prince, it was his responsibility to report what had happened. Therefore, no matter what, he had to hold back his pain and rush back here.

“Rubbish. Two elite knights can’t even defeat an intermediate Knight. Why didn’t you die in the battlefield instead.” Prince Wyatt roared furiously, as he threw his wine glass at the Knight of Kyle.

The other Knights saw that the Knight of Kyle was about to faint, so they quickly stepped up and held him by the arm. The Knights made eye contact with each other, their gaze showed a sense of anger, sorrow and dissatisfaction for the prince.

There was a price to a knight’s loyalty. No matter what, they have to be loyal to the person they were loyal to. The Prince didn’t even seem to even care if the Knight of Alsop was dead or alive. All he cared about was if they had completed the mission for him. The knights all felt a sense of disappointment and sorrow.

“How many opponents did you had?” Asked Prince Wyatt, ignoring the poor condition which the Knight of Kyle was in.

“Only the Lord of Marshall.” The Knight of Kyle said with a lot of effort.

“How can Marshall be that powerful, he was only an intermediate Knight and he could defeat elite knights?” Said Prince Wyatt suspiciously. Suddenly, he remembered something. He ruthlessly stared at the Knight of Kyle “Where is the magic sword that the Knight of Alsop had brought along with him.”

“Your majesty, I have no choice but to escape, I did not have time to retrieve the magic weapon.” Said the Knight of Kyle, his face had become paler.

“That thing worth fifty thousand gold coins, and you didn’t retrieve it?” Said Prince Wyatt. His suspicions continued to increase. Suddenly, an idea flashed in his mind. But as he looks at the wound on the Knight of Kyle, he couldn’t help but groan.

Suddenly, the prince had another idea. He began to mutter “If the Lord of Marshall could defeat 3 elite knights, will he come after me? Damn, I should have brought more guards along with me”.

At this moment the prince no longer cared if the Lord of Marshall was dead or alive, he was only an ordinary lord after all. The only thing that was worrying about was if the Lord of Marshall would urge to come to Harvest city and find him. The guards next to him could be no match with the Lord.

“Prepare the horse, we have to leave now!” Prince Wyatt shouted at the healthy guards.

“With the current condition of the Knight of Kyle, he can not ride a horse,” said an elite knight pointing at the Knight of Kyle.

“We’ll leave him here, Just give some money to the servants and tell them to take care of him. Now let’s hurry and get out of here.” Said Prince Wyatt. He looked at the blood-drenched Knight of Kyle, and it sent shivers down his spine. He thought, if the Lord of Marshall decided to seek, he might end up like the Knight of Kyle.

This action by the prince had made the elite knights utterly disappointed. They decided that the first thing they would do when they got back was to resign from the country’s defense force. A majesty like this doesn’t deserve to be served by them.

Not long after Prince Wyatt had left, Viscount Dickens led a few men into Cozmo hotel. They realized that the prince had already escaped. They captured the Knight of Kyle who was been left behind.