Prince Wyatts attempt to assassinate Marshall did not go as smoothly as he had expected. He was the son of King Astor in the Duchy of Carmel. This meant that his attempt would significantly deepen the already tense relationship between the royals and the nobles.

As a knight who has been awarded the title of lord through attaining outstanding military service, and with Abel as his adopted son, who was also a newly promoted Lord and a Black Smith Master, Harry Castle within Harvest city could be found in the discussion among every noble in Duchy of Carmel. This family with a unicorn as their coat of armor had produced 2 Lords, and both of them gained their fiefdom through outstanding military service

The Lord of Marshall had suddenly become the idol of many nobles and Knights. There was only one opportunity every four or five years to become an owner of a Knight estate. Thats why it was every knights dream to achieve this title.

When the Lord of Marshall was young, he fought bravely against the orcs and was granted fiefdom, and ultimately, he was awarded the title of a knight due to this heroic deeds, as well as demonstrating the « valor » in the code of chivalry.

His love for his wife, infatuation for life and death, and his effort in guarding the castle where his wife was buried in, all showed how Marshall had truly kept the knights declaration of, « I swear to love and death ».

He alone had defeated twenty orcs, the majority of them, and protected the castle against attackers.

He rescued Matthews castle, with the identity of an intermediate knight alongside Abel. Together, they repealed against the attacking enemies.

Everything the Lord Of Marshall had done was noticed by the world due to his title as a knight. As time passed, more and more people began to notice him.

It was at this time that Viscount Dickens had submitted the attempt assassination of Marshall towards the arbitration tribunal for nobles.

The two elite knights, one dead and one alive, who were responsible for the assassins were both captured and brought to court.

When the news had spread, there was an uproar amongst the nobles. They were called the nobles due to their prestige identity, and they were honored and respected by many.

In the noble circle, any hatred for between any nobles would be solved by a formal duel. The duel would invite the noble to arbitrate. A private attack on the nobles would generally be a felony. However, if it was an ordinary person, showing any signs of hostility wouldve already been a serious crime.

If a nobleman was defeated on the battlefield and demanded the treatment of the nobleman as a prisoner of war. No one would have dared violate the rule of knights

All these rules and laws were designed to keep the nobilities safe.

But now, a royal member had attempted to kill a Lord who had just been honored for his merit. This made the nobles even angrier than before. After the noble court of honor had collected all of the pieces of evidence, they informed every noble family in the city. The 4 big noble families of Bakong city, lead by the Lord of Marshalls relatives the Harry family, fired a report to King Astor Gorge, demanding Prince Wyatt should be punished harshly

At that moment, Abel was sitting on White Cloud. When he heard that Marshall was being attacked. He immediately went into the operations room and forged four exploding big swords. He even placed the Scroll of Town Portal, which had never left him, into a metal box. As Abel filled the Horadric cubes with 4 exploding big swords, he took a spear from the weapons rack and called out White Cloud from the forest behind the castle.

« White Cloud, lets go faster today, » Abel said softly as he gently patted White Cloud on the neck.

White Cloud gave a little tweet, indicated that it understood what Abel said and promptly flapped its wings. Knowing Abels hurriedness, it quickly flew as fast as it could and its huge body passed through the clouds and broke it apart.

Abel assumed that Prince Wyatt and his guards must have been rushing back towards Bakong City as soon as possible. When the direction was confirmed, Abel carefully examined the ground and quickly regretted not completing his telescope. If he had a telescope, it wouldve been much more convenient.

« Lets take a break, your majesty. The horses are tired! » One of the knight guards said to Prince Wyatt as he felt sorry for the horses.

« Its a long way from Harvest City. I dont think Marshall will be able to chase us here. Lets have a rest here for a bit, » Prince Wyatt said as he nodded at the horses, who were all sweating and snorting.

Since the 3 left in a hurry, they needed to travel lightly and left their carriages and servants behind. It seemed to be that they would be returning to Bakong City with only themselves.

A knight guard lit a bonfire, while the other went hunting, who was overqualified to do so as an elite knight. Within a short moment, he had already caught two rabbits and a wild chicken. Soon, it was on the fire, ready to be served as food.

« When I get back to Bakong City, Ill get my men together and walk all over Harry Castle! » Prince Wyatt ranted as he ate the tasteless food.

The Elite Knights were silent, quietly eating their food while ignoring the princes words.

Prince Wyatt noticed the silent protest from these w knights. He became very dissatisfied with their attitude since he believed that they were supposed to protect him with their lives.

Although Prince Wyatt was born a royal, he was only the fourth prince. There were three brothers that were above him, and below him, succesful in their own rights. Hence, in the kingdom, Wyatt was not the kings favorite child. Alongside his mothers early death, it meant that he was raised by a steward. This lead to his wild and arrogant behavior. Apparently, education within the royal family couldnt seem to change this habit.

When things were going well, Wyatt tended to be polite. However, when he felt hurt, he sought reckless acts of revenge.

By this time, Wyatt was convinced that it was Abels fault. It was Abel who had caused these chains of events that made his life miserable. Hence, Abel had to pay the price!

The royal warhorses were the best of the best from the Duchy Of Carmel, but within half a days pursuit, White Cloud took around an hour to catch up.

Looking down from the sky, Abel recognized prince Wyatt and his two elite knights. Wyatts distinctive royal dress, as well as the golden armor of the knights, made it easy to spot.

Abel then took the necklace out of his coat, placed it on his hands and began chanting the ancient orc spell. With a flash of green light Abel had soon turned into a worgen.

In his heart, he commanded White Cloud to dive down. The mark of the horadric square on his hands began to flash as White Clouds body drew a beautiful curve and came swooping down.

« Look out! somethings up there! » Said an Elite Knight, their sense of awareness was very sharp, reacting to attacks was an instinct for them. The knights immediately flashed their combat qi and shook their bodies while they moved in front of prince Wyatt to protect him.

« Its a Sky sparrow, its an orc attack! » Said the knight. He looked up at the sky, there was a huge Sky Sparrow came swooping down.

When White Cloud was around 20 meters above the ground, it began to fly back up. Abel quickly took the four exploding swords from his horadric cube, which were resting at the time. Within half a second, he took them out and threw it down with all his might at the 3 men on the ground.

« Watch out for dark weapons! »

« Defensive position! With prince Wyatt behind them, the elite knights could not give in. They had to use their swords which were filled with combat qi to defend. Although their swords were not very wide, the well-trained elite knights didnt think that four dark weapons from the sky were able to break their defenses.

« 1, 2, 3 » Abel counted in his mind, as four bangs followed, sending dust and gravel flying around with the blast.

Abel sat on White Clouds and looked down, after the dust in the wind-driven away. The two elite knights wearing golden armor were covered with scars, fresh blood gushing out from their wounds, two Elite knights were badly injured in at least 10 places, but they had a very strong vitality which allowed them to stand still and maintained a defensive posture.

« Go down, » Abel said to White Cloud.

About 10 meters above the ground, Abel jumped off from White Cloud and went towards Prince Wyatt with a long rifle.

The damage to prince Wyatts body was very minor, the main damage was blocked by the two Elite knights in front of him. Although there was a wound on the price left leg, which was bleeding, he still could not fully comprehend what had just happened.