« Worgen! » One of the Elite knights shouted when he saw Abels transformation. During this shout, fresh blood spilled quickly from his wound, but he didnt seem to care. Instead, he turned to another knight and shouted again, « Take the prince and leave! »

This Elite knight then immediately rushed towards Abel with a flash of combat qi. He knew that if he didnt strike now, he wouldnt be able to fight back as his injuries worsened.

This was Abels first encounter with an Elite knight. Although the Wolf rider long spear technique of the Woolf royal family, can achieve maximum power without a mount wolf, it could still double the strength.

Suddenly, there was a strange orc howl coming from Abels mouth, and by howling, the spell of the wolf rider was added to his Long spear. With technique number 11, Abel charged forward with the thrust of his spear. Within seconds, he was up close with the advancing knight.

Abel didnt know the strength of an Elite knight. But according to the Lord of Marshalls Intermediate knight interpretations, the Elite knights strength would not exceed 1,000 pounds and the combat qi would at most increase it to 2,000 pounds. This meant that it would destroy almost everything in front of him.

Abels strength was about 2,000 pounds, with an incomplete bonus of 3,000 pounds using the wolf riders rifle. Alongside with the Elite Knight being already wounded, he doubted the knight could even reach 2000 pounds.

When the spear and the sword collided, the Elite knights sword directly flew off, but Abels long spear did not stop. The long spear flashed a green light as it pierced through the Elite Knights armor. It was like a thin piece of cloth, being poked with a blade of green light. Soon, it had penetrated the Elite Knights body and went out from the other side.

With an ear-piercing shout, Abel threw the Elite knight out of his spear directly to the directions where prince Wyatt was running towards.

Another Elite knight was covering prince Wyatt as he ran towards the horse, heard a sound and looked back. To his surprise, he saw the dead body of his fellow knight come flying over.

The other Elite knight couldnt think of how was this possible, it all took place in just in a few blinks of an eye

Even an injured elite knight could not be killed in such a short period of time. That elite knight did not use his sword to block the body as it would risk damaging it, so he just used his let it fly directly towards him.

The moment the corpse came in contact with him, he finally understood why his fellow knight was killed in seconds. The force was so great that the high knights body flew nearly a dozen meters flat, smashing prince Wyatt to the ground as he limped toward the horse.

Abel moved closer and closer to prince Wyatt with his long spear, which sparkled in green light as he howled.

The Elite knight who had risen on his feet did not get any more injuries as the attack was blocked by prince Wyatt, who was knocked to the ground and immediately fainted.

The Elite knights eyes twinkled and his mouth whispered, « Are you a wolf rider from the Woolf family? »

The Woolf familys wolf rider spear skill was a secret that was not allowed to be spread other than their family members. If any other orcs had learned these skills they will be hunted by them.

The Woolf familys number 11 long spear technique was infamous in the orcs and human world. Countless enemies had died in the face of this technique during battles. That flash of green light in the long spear along with the howl was their signature

Abel didnt listen and didnt want to say anything. No matter orc or human, he did not want to stop the spell. With Abel being 2 ranks lower than the elite knight, his only advantage was his tremendous strength. When it comes to fighting techniques, he was still miles behind.

In terms of knight training, Abel had less than 1 year of experience. His time of becoming an actual knight was even shorter than that. For a rookie like him, a small mistake in these kinds of battles would lead to the death of Abel.

The Elite knight felt that his strength was draining away as he continued to lose blood and he couldnt wait anymore.

A swirl of combat qi flew out from his big sword. This was the elite knights long-distance combat qi attack. Abel couldnt help but quickly step back. In the face of an attack like this, Abel had no choice but to keep stepping back and try his best to slash away the combat wi with his green long spear. Luckily, this Royal worgen technique lived up to its name. Every time the combat qi had gotten near him, he could always slash it away, which allowed him to keep stepping away.

The attacks of the Elite knight were getting weaker and weaker. With his vicious use of combat qi, the blood spilled even quicker out of his body. He made a final long-distance combat qi attack to Abel, and his combat qi was drained

This was a chance that Abel would not let go. The horizontally swept with his green long spear, sending the elite knight flying off his feet. However, instead of following up with the knight, Abel walked up to prince Wyatt.

At that time, Prince Wyatt began to slowly wake up from the concussion. When he opened his eyes, the first thing he saw was the terrifying face of a worgen.

« No, no, dont kill me. » Prince Wyatt did not care about anything else but preserving his life at this point. He would even embarrass himself just to beg for mercy to live.

Abel was a wolf rider. In the human world, the orcs were every humans enemy. Abel had never heard of a human begging for mercy to an orc.

Prince Wyatt was a knight, and as a knight who was begging to the orcs for mercy, Abel couldnt help but mutter in his mind, « Traitor ». He had betrayed the dignity of being a human.

« Dear Prince, your majesty, everything you have done to my uncle, I will now take your life in return. » The human language suddenly came out from worgen Abels mouth.

« You, you, you are a human! Prince Wyatt suddenly realized, which he proceeded to promptly exclaimed, « You are Abel, The Abel, I recognize your voice! »

« Looks like I cant leave any evidence behind! » Abel had a murderous look on his face. Then he took the spear out of his hand and aimed at the prince Wyatts throat.

« No, please, dont kill me. » Prince Wyatt, stunned by the cold from the tip of the rifle. As he pleaded softly for mercy, then screamed, « I dont know you, I dont know you. »

« Be a good man next life! » There was a flash of green light from the tip of the gun, and prince Wyatts throat was pierced. The pleading look on his face was suddenly gone.

Looking coldly at prince Wyatt on the ground, Abel shook off the blood on the tip of the gun. He then went over to the Elite knight who was shot ten meters away to investigate if he was still breathing. Shortly after, Abel called White Cloud once he observed that he was still alive.

When Abel was returning to the castle, he asked White Cloud to fly as high as possible. After an hour, Abel appeared back in Harrys castle as he made a rare trip to the blacksmith guild to exchange some forging knowledge with Master Bentham.

The news of prince Wyatts death was quickly sent back to him by the knight that Abel spared. When the king heard about Wyatts accident, he immediately fainted due to sadness.

The appearance of the wolf rider also frightened several nearby towns. Due to the high demand for guards, it made the mercenary in a few cities very rich.

When the nobles were talking about what had happened to prince Wyatt, many of them thought he deserved what had happened to him. However, the noble court of honor did give in due to the death of the Prince, according to the words of the spirit, if a convict did not eliminate their crime, their spirit could not return to the holy continent.

As for the Lord of Marshalls assassination attempt. A villa in Bakong city with the value of 100,000 gold coins was taken from the deceased Prince Wyatt and given to The Lord Of Marshall for compensation.

« I hope his soul can return to heaven! » Said the Lord of Marshall respectfully when he received the documents for the villa. it seemed that he had already forgiven what Prince Wyatt had done to him.

Not only that, but he could even say these words of honor hoping the Princes soul may Rest In Peace. This action deeply touched the few royal secretaries who delivered the documents. The Lord of Marshall legendary modesty, bravery, and justice was really not just in vain.

Abel knew personally that Lord Marshall was very pleased with the villa he revived was worth 100,000 gold coins. He knew that it would produce an annual income for Harrys castle.

After this event, their lives seemed to go back to normal, and everything was calm once again.

This event had intensified the tension between the royal family and the nobles. Alongside with Kings health recovering, the conflict on the surface of the kingdom sank to the bottom again.