A few days after the school started, the weather was still a bit hot.

Donghai No. 1 Middle School, High School, Class 2 of the third year.


The wooden pointer hit **** the textbooks raised on a high base.

Fang Yuan woke up from his sleep and quickly sat upright.

« I slept in class and talked about dreams. What did you dream of? » The young and beautiful history teacher asked sternly, holding the pointer.

Fang Yuan glanced at the teacher and grinned: « If I said I dreamed of the teacher, would you believe me, the teacher? »

« Wow »

The whole class burst into laughter, and several boys even whistled.

Liu Yaqin knocked on the desk with the pointer and shouted, « Quiet! »

The majesty of the teacher was still there, and the class quickly became quiet.

Liu Yaqin knocked on Fang Yuan’s desk again and said: « Stand up, dare to sleep in the first history class of the new semester. Open the textbook and read the preface. »

Fang Yuan had to stand up, turn to the first page of the history textbook, and start reading.

« In the middle of the last century, the emergence of space rifts was like a key that opened the door to dark matter. The world has entered the age of star power. While the emergence of star power brings opportunities, it also brings a huge crisis… »

Liu Yaqin walked back to the podium and waited for Fang Yuan to finish reading the preface of « Xingli Modern History » before saying: « Stay sober and sit down again. »

Fang Yuan sat down without hesitation.

« I told you to sit down? » Liu Yaqin asked, waving his pointer.

« Report teacher, you said that you sat down when you were awake. I am very awake now, very awake. I have never been so awake before. » Fang Yuan replied very positively.

The blue veins on Liu Yaqin’s forehead jumped a few times, but in the end it didn’t happen, threatening: « If you dare to take the second place in history this semester, you will wait for me! »

« Okay, I try to take the third place. »

Fang Yuan’s answer caused the whole class to laugh again.

« Hahaha… »

Liu Yaqin couldn’t help Fang Yuan either.

After all, teachers like students with excellent grades. Even if this student is a little skinny, as long as the grades are good, this little problem can be ignored.

Fang Yuan’s performance in the cultural class is indeed pretty good, but it is limited to the cultural class, and the martial arts class is another matter.

Since the emergence of space cracks in the middle of the last century, scientists have finally observed dark matter.

And found an energy source in the dark matter-Star Source Mine.

The appearance of Xingyuan Mine also opened the prelude to the age of Xingli.

However, the emergence of space rifts not only brought star power, but also brought a huge crisis.

All kinds of fierce fissure star beasts rushed out of the space fissures, using the earth as a hunting ground.

The war between humans and the fissure star beast also kicked off.

This war lasted for thirty years and was intertwined with open and secret struggles between countries.

After the war lasted thirty years, it gradually entered a period of plateau.

Today, humans still occupy most of the earths land, but the wilderness outside the city is no longer safe.

Moreover, the continuous emergence of space rifts may change the current situation at any time and push the earth to the end.

With the invasion of star beasts, star power awakeners began to appear among human beings.

Xingli is an energy of the same origin as Xingyuan Mine.

The difference is that star power can be produced in humans.

These humans who can produce star power in their bodies are called star power awakeners.

The awakened can do many incredible things by using star power.

For example, an awakened person with awakening flight ability can fly in the sky.

The awakened person who has the ability to awaken underwater breathing can use star power to penetrate the oxygen in the water to provide breathing, and can stay in the water for a long time like a fish.

Not only that, the physical quality of the awakened is far superior to ordinary people, and the powerful awakened can even fight against thermal weapons, even against the army.

Of course, the opponent of the Awakened is actually the Rift Star Beast.

In the first thirty years of the space fissure invasion war, the countries of the earth have almost exhausted all their thermal weapons stocks.

The consumption of war is very terrifying, and no country on the earth can persist in long-term thermal weapons wars.

Even if it persists, the economy must collapse.

Therefore, after the awakened person appears.

Countries began to cultivate the awakened as a « weapon of war », while vigorously developing Xingli technology.

The emergence of the awakened has raised the combat strength of individual soldiers to a whole new level.

In addition to cultural courses, universities in various countries also offer martial arts courses to train the younger generation of awakened people.

Jingle Bell

The morning get out of class bell rang.

Guo Songtao, the teacher of the second class of the third year, knocked on the desk with a triangle board and announced: « This semester is the first semester of the third year, so before the end of this semester, you need to choose the college entrance examination volunteer. Everyone must think clearly whether to take the liberal arts or martial arts exam. Branch? »

« … In the afternoon the school will conduct a super characteristic test, and then the school will give suggestions for the college entrance examination according to everyone’s star power level. »

Hearing the arrangement in the afternoon, a student immediately asked: « Teacher, if you choose a martial arts for the college entrance examination, you don’t need to take culture classes? »

Some students in the class who wanted to sleep after seeing the textbook suddenly raised their ears. It would be great if they didn’t have to go to culture class.

Guo Songtao knew the temperament of these students for a long time, and poured cold water: « Think about beautiful things. Chinese and mathematics are compulsory subjects. The only subjects that can not be taken in martial arts are history and physics.

« Hey… » a group of students sighed and wailed.

« Teacher, I don’t understand. I have chosen to be a martial artist. Why do I still have to study culture class? » A big boy with a burst of high marks in martial arts and low grades in culture was disgusted.

Guo Songtao was not angry, and said: « Because language and mathematics are the basics, even if you become a warrior in the future, if you can’t even read the weapon manual, are you going to let someone read the manual for you? »

« Hahaha… » The whole class laughed loudly.

A short-inch boy turned his head, patted the big boy on the shoulder, and said, « It’s okay, I’ll help you read the manual in the future. »

« Fuck! Your grades in cultural classes are worse than mine. » The big guy knocked off his short hand.

« Okay, be quiet, listen to me. »

Guo Songtao, the head teacher, knocked on the table with a triangle board « Boom Boom Boom », and then said: « The college entrance examination is very important and will affect your life. Therefore, the super characteristic test in the afternoon must be paid attention to, and I wish everyone can pass the exam. Students who choose liberal arts can take the college entrance examination, do research, become parliamentarians, and start companies as bosses in universities in China; students who choose martial arts can become star fighters, colonels, and generals. »

« it is good! »

The whole class patted the table and cheered, full of vigor.

No one knows what kind of person he will become in the future, but at this moment, every student has a dream in his heart.

After the lunch break.

The third grade students of Donghai No. 1 Middle School gathered in the auditorium, and queuing for super-characteristic tests on a class basis.

The students lined up below whispered.

« What is a super feature? » a student asked the classmates around him.

« You don’t know this? This is the basic theory of the martial arts class. The super power feature is the special nature of the star power of the awakened. » The student next to him proclaimed the subject according to the book, but the explanation was too written.

Another classmate couldn’t listen anymore and interjected: « What is it so complicated for? You can tell him directly that the super power characteristic is the super power of the awakened person. »

« Like the superpowers of mutants in X-Men? » the student who did not attend the class asked again.

« Yes, human awakeners are actually like mutants. »

« Is it much worse? The X-Men ruled the world by ordinary people and discriminated against mutants. Isnt that unreasonable? Look at our current world. Although most humans are still ordinary people, they are already awakened. world »

« … In the first ten years of the space fissure invasion, it was still a thermal weapon war, which later evolved into the Awakener War. Now the great powers are competing for the strength of the Awakener army and the strength of Xingli Technology. I want to rely on the army of ordinary people. Ruling the country is purely a dream. »

Just as the students were discussing.

Han Youwei walked into the auditorium holding the textbook.

She is one of the most beautiful girls in Donghai No.1, her tall figure is matched with a pleated skirt in school uniform, and her pair of white and long legs are especially eye-catching.

There is also a pair of cut water eyes, delicate nose, thin lips, no makeup is needed, just a smile, it makes people feel very kind.

Her beautiful waterfall-like hair is tied into a ponytail behind her head, clean and neat, and there is a small butterfly on the rubber band used to tie her hair, which may be the only jewelry on her body.

As soon as Han Youwei entered the auditorium, many boys looked back.

However, all the boys in Donghai No. 1 Middle School knew that Han Youwei belonged to the kind of goddess who could only be seen from a distance.

Because Han Youwei is not only outstanding in appearance, but also from a very good family background, and her academic performance and martial arts talents crush all beings.

Of course, if this is the case, there will still be people who do not live or die will try.

The reason why the boys in the school dare not approach Han Youwei is actually because one of Han Youwei’s suitors is the noble son of the Xingwu family.

Almost half of the teaching buildings in Donghai No. 1 Middle School were funded by the noble son’s family.