Scan code, add WeChat, make money.

Xiaofeilong made the transfer with a disgusting expression. When he pressed the password, his stubby fingers seemed to poke someone to death on the phone.

This gave Fang Yuan another wave of anger.

After receiving the money, Fang Yuan counted the numbers on the phone.

16,000 yuan, so easy to get it.

Sure enough, I lost my morals and betrayed myself to make money quickly.

Although Xiaofeilong was a little reluctant, when he saw the information in the book, it was very detailed, and even the number of the super feature was written.

Although the money was allocated, it didn’t take much effort and was barely acceptable.

« If you have such a good business in the future, remember to come to me. » After Fang Yuan finished counting the money, he patted him on the shoulder with an expression of making money together.

Find you a ghost!

The little fat dragon murmured in his heart, then he smiled and said, « Then can I go now? »

Fang Yuan waved his hand to let him leave, and then went home quickly.

Although he played a little fat dragon, things were obviously not that simple this time.

The information Fang Yuan wrote to Xiaofeilong was indeed very detailed, even the attribute values were written on it.

However, what is written can be disclosed, and it is not difficult to find out the information in the school.

I haven’t figured out the real secret by myself, and it’s even impossible for others to know.

When I got home.

Fang Zhenguo is watching TV in the living room.

« Where is my mother? » Fang Yuan asked casually without seeing his mother.

« I went to the hospital to accompany Xiaozhu, and I won’t be back tonight. »

Fang Zhenguo shaking his legs, then said: « I’m hungry, you can cook some supper. »

« You can’t cook it yourself? » Fang Yuanding went back.

« Did you not see that my hand was broken? » Fang Zhenguo raised his left hand, which was in a cast.

« Don’t you still have a right hand? » Fang Yuan went back again.

This time, Fang Zhenguo was really angry.

« Okay, I will cook it myself. I will raise you for more than ten years. It’s no use. » As he said, he stood up against the armrest of the sofa.

Seeing that Fang Yuan’s anger had risen by 20 points, he put him back on the sofa and said, « Okay, I’ll cook. You sit down and call the hospital to ask about my mom and Xiaozhu. « 

« Isn’t it just going to the hospital to accompany a bed? What can I do? »

Fang Zhenguo groaned, said no, but he was very honest. He reached out and picked up the landline and pressed the family number.

Fang Yuan was cooking noodles in the kitchen. He heard Fang Zhenguo talking on the phone outside. He was sure that nothing happened at the hospital, so he felt relieved for the time being.

After the noodles are cooked, divide them into two bowls and serve them out.

Fang Zhenguo rubbed his thighs and said with a smug look: « I didn’t expect to be able to eat your noodles. It’s really strange. »

« Hurry up, I have something to ask you after I have finished eating. » Fang Yuan picked up his bowl and started to suck.

After Fang Yuan finished eating, he folded his arms and leaned on the sofa, staring at Fang Zhenguo eating noodles.

Because of the plaster cast on his left hand, I had to bend down to eat the noodles.

Fang Yuan moved the speaker over and raised the bowl so that he didn’t have to bend so low.

After he finishes eating.

Fang Yuan asked with a serious expression: « How did you hurt your hand? »

Fang Zhenguo’s originally cheerful expression froze.

He is not stupid, knowing that since Fang Yuan asked such a question, he must have been someone who had asked the martial arts hall.

« It’s just outside, accidentally… »

« Okay, don’t hide it. I was followed by an awakened person with invisibility today. Someone is investigating me, and not only me, but our whole family. You have a thick skin, it doesn’t matter if you are beaten, if it’s my mother, or Xiaozhu’s accident, you don’t even have a chance to regret it! » Fang Yuan’s tone was very serious.

Fang Zhenguo’s face turned pale after a brush, and he quickly asked: « Did they really follow you? »

« The mission of the Bar Street faction is that the gold master buys the whereabouts of our whole family. » Fang Yuan’s tone was very serious.

Fang Zhenguo’s face was uncertain and forced to calm down: « Don’t worry, those people are afraid to enter Donghai City, so they will find local forces to take action. »

« Who is the other party? How did you provoke them? » Fang Yuan continued to ask.

Fang Zhenguo didn’t answer immediately, but looked around Fang Yuan with his eyes.

« Don’t look, say quickly. Do you want to fight to prove that I am better than you now? » Fang Yuan rolled his eyes.

Fang Zhenguo weighed it over and over, and finally made a decision: « Okay. Now that those people have been found, it’s time to let you know. »

As he spoke, he got up and went back to the room, and took out a coded safe from the secret box on the wall.

Fang Zhenguo put the password safe on the coffee table and asked, « Remember this safe? »

Fang Yuan did remember.

Five years ago, when I was in junior high school.

One summer vacation, I took care of my sister alone at home.

Take my sister to hide and seek at home and hunt for treasure.

Then, he turned out the safe from the hidden wall of the wall.

At that time, Fang Yuan wanted to show off, so he began to think of ways to crack the password of the safe.

The birthday of the whole family was wrong, and then I noticed an old newspaper in Fang Zhenguo’s drawer.

So, using the date of the old newspaper, he opened the safe.

What was in the safe was a triangular pyramid shape with some strange lines on it.

Fang Xiaozhu was only four or five years old at the time, and he didn’t understand anything, so he took a bite with that thing.

The thing was too hard and didn’t move, so I held it and cried, and fainted while crying.

Fang Yuan hurriedly carried his sister to the hospital, only to rescue her.

Because of this, Fang Yuan was given a slap in the face.

At that time, Fang Yuan stood still and did not resist, because when he thought of his sister fainting, he blamed himself very much.

After a year or two, nothing happened again.

Fang Yuan gradually forgot about it.

Until last year, Xiaozhu fainted again, and more frequently, even life-threatening, and finally had to be hospitalized.

Seeing this safe, Fang Yuan suddenly thought of a possibility.

Is Xiaozhu’s illness related to the contents of the safe?

« Open it! » Fang Yuan urged.

« No! You can’t touch the things inside. » Fang Zhenguo looked very serious.

« Open it quickly! I met Xiaozhu in junior high school, and I now suspect that Xiaozhu’s frequent fainting is related to this thing. » Fang Yuan said seriously.

Fang Zhenguo frowned. After weighing it over and over, he pressed the code and opened the safe.

There is an alloy box in the safe. After opening the alloy box, you can see the sea-blue triangle.

Fang Yuan wanted to reach out and take things out.

« Don’t touch it, this thing is very dangerous. » Fang Zhenguo stopped and asked: « You said Xiaozhu’s illness is related to this thing? »

« It’s been too long, I didn’t think of it before. Xiaozhu took a bite of this thing, and then fainted. Thinking about it now, it’s very similar to Xiaozhu’s current situation. » Fang Yuan replied.

While talking.

Fang Yuan guided the star power to gather in his eyes, and began to observe the sea-blue triangle.

Soon, the attribute box appeared on the triangular prism.

[Unknown star core: 33.33% energy remaining]