« Huh… Is this a star core? »

Fang Yuan quickly took out the laptop in the room and checked StarCore’s information on the Internet.

The rift star beast has existed on earth for decades.

The star core is no longer a secret.

Therefore, there are a lot of information and pictures of star cores on the Internet.

However, the nucleus information and pictures on the Internet all show that the nucleus is spherical or elliptical.

I have never seen a triangular pyramid shape.

Fang Yuan compared the three-sided star core in front of him with the information on the Internet. The more he looked at it, the more strange it became.

Moreover, what does the 33.33% remaining energy of the three-sided star core mean?

It is not surprising that a star core has energy.

The strange thing is this number.

This number is too coincidental. If the number only shows two decimal places, there may be infinite 3s after the decimal point.

So, the remaining energy is actually one third.

« Why is there a triangular nucleus? There is no way to find a triangular nucleus on the Internet. » Fang Yuan thought while searching on the computer.

« This thing is a star core? How are you sure? » Fang Zhenguo was also very surprised.

« My awakening ability is based on iris data, tested by the school a few days ago. » Fang Yuan pointed his eyes with two fingers.

Fang Zhenguo once served in the landing combat unit of the China Navy.

There are many awakened people in the army, so he is no stranger to the awakening ability. After knowing that Fang Yuan’s awakening ability is based on iris data, there is nothing to doubt.

On the contrary, Fang Yuan began to wonder: « Don’t you know this thing is a star core? »

« This thing… » Fang Zhenguo stopped talking.

« Say quickly. » Fang Yuan urged.

« Okay. This is the end of the matter, and you have grown up. It’s time to tell you this secret. »

Fang Zhenguo sighed and began to tell the secret of this three-sided star core.

« Twenty years ago, I was still in the Navys landing force. Once I received an attack mission to go deep into the first island chain in the Pacific, to meet another team, and **** something back. »

« Your history class should have said that the most difficult area for mankind to control is not the sky, nor the mountains, but the ocean. So the mission to go deep into the first island chain in the Pacific was very dangerous. »

It was indeed written in the high school history textbook.

The most difficult area for mankind to control is indeed the ocean.

Even if humans can build battleships and aircraft carriers, the four oceans are too vast for humans to occupy every inch of the ocean.

And the deep sea is a place that humans cannot reach.

The Rift Star Beast is different.

Aquatic star beasts can easily dive into the ocean at a depth of 10,000 meters, and the deepest waters of the Pacific Ocean cannot limit them.

Therefore, since the star beasts invaded the earth, the ocean has become the most dangerous place.

Fang Zhenguo continued: « The mission went smoothly at the beginning, but three days later, we were suddenly attacked by an organization of foreign awakeners. The two teams performing the mission suffered heavy losses and could not contact the command of the destroyer behind. center »

At this point, Fang Zhenguo’s expression became a bit heavy.

« On that mission, only three people from our combat team survived, and the team leader was seriously injured. Before the sacrifice, he told us that there was an internal ghost in this mission, and the team would be attacked by the foreign awakening organization. Team leader The two of us are required to hide the alloy box. Only when we see a higher-rank general can we tell the truth. »

« After the team leader’s sacrifice, only me and Lao Xiao are left. Lao Xiao’s ability to awaken is to breathe underwater. After we discussed, Lao Xiao hid the alloy box in the trench. Then we returned to the shore and sent fire to the destroyer. S.O.S. »

« Finally, we were saved. Because we didn’t know who the ghost was, the team leader told us that we must meet the senior generals to tell the truth. So we didn’t mention anything about the alloy box, only that we ran away with the mission team during the mission. I dont know what happened next. »

« Lao Xiao and I were scrutinized by our superiors. During this period, I made many requests to see the generals, but they were both rejected.

« Three months later, Lao Xiao and I received the demobilization notice. Lao Xiao returned to my hometown, and I went back to Donghai City. Later, I met your mother and got married with you. I settled down and didnt want to go. Remember the past. »

« Until ten years ago, I received a call from Lao Xiao and learned something. Your mother and I went to Lao Xiao’s hometown of Wuxian, and when we came back, we brought this thing back. »

Fang Yuan remembered that incident. He had just started elementary school, and the irresponsible parents left themselves at his grandma’s house for half a year.

Later, when the two of them came back, Fang Zhenguo was carrying a big box in his hand, and Li Shuhua was holding a baby in his arms.

After recounting the origins of the three-sided star core, Fang Zhenguo speculated: « I suspect that the person investigating us now is the Gods Spear organization of the overseas awakened twenty years ago. »

This is an overseas Awakener organization that dares to attack the army.

Fang Yuan found that the matter was much more serious than he thought.

The only good news is that the « God’s Spear » is an organization of the Awakened Abroad. The reason is that their members are not allowed to enter, let alone enter a metropolis like the East China Sea.

So they can only buy off the East China Sea forces to do things for them.

« No, I want to give this thing to the military. This thing cannot be left in our house. » Fang Zhenguo was about to close the alloy box as he said.

Fang Yuan quickly held him down, and said, « Wait, this thing can’t be handed over. »

« Only by handing it over, our home can be safe. »

« It will happen when you hand it over! »

« If you hand it over, you can apply for military asylum. » Fang Zhenguo insisted.

« It’s over when we hand over it. If we want our family to stay out of the way, we can’t see this thing. » Fang Yuan was also very determined.

« why? »

« Because this thing has two-thirds less energy. » Fang Yuan pointed to the three-sided star core.

« What does this have to do? It has nothing to do with us if it is handed over. » Fang Zhenguo doesn’t care how much energy this thing has.

« It’s a big deal. The remaining energy value of this thing is too coincidental. Only 33.33% of the energy is left. There is only one possibility. There are three super-energy characteristics originally stored in this star core, two of which have been absorbed by humans. So the last third of the energy is left. »

Calculated according to probability theory, only one in ten thousand probability will randomly reach the number 33.33%.

Therefore, Fang Yuan concluded that this number represents one third.

Fang Zhenguo calmed down and thought, and felt that this inference made sense.

Fang Yuan continued to analyze: « I dont know who has absorbed two of these superpowers. It may be your comrade-in-arms, Lao Xiao, or Xiaozhu. But no matter who absorbed it, as long as we hand it over, it will be It is only us who doubt. »

After a pause, Fang Yuan continued: « Think about it. After twenty years, the members of the Spear of God are still looking for this thing, which shows that this thing is very important. If they suspect that I or Xiaozhu absorbed the superpowers in it. Characteristics, how do you think they will treat us? »

Fang Zhenguo is very aware of those people’s methods, and whoever absorbs the super-power characteristics inside will be arrested for experimentation.