« If you can’t hand it over, you can only hide it. But in this way, that foreign awakened organization will not let it go. »

Fang Zhenguo looked at the three-sided star core in the box, feeling that this thing was a hot potato.

Fang Yuan took the three-sided star core and placed it in his hand to observe.

Then, he stretched his hand and pressed it on the star core, trying to induce the star’s force to absorb the energy inside.

« What are you doing? » Fang Zhenguo was a little nervous.

« Let me see what the last super power feature is. » Fang Yuan replied.

« You didn’t mean that Xiao Zhu got sick because of this thing, it’s too dangerous. If you and Xiao Zhu both fall ill, how can you let me and your mother live? » Fang Zhenguo wanted to stop.

« If Xiaozhu really fainted because of this thing, I have to figure out what the energy is inside. Only by trying it myself can I find a cure for Xiaozhu. »

In fact, Fang Yuan has a deeper plan.

Only by becoming stronger can we better protect the family.

The three-sided star core in front of us is an opportunity.

The star core of a high-level star beast can build half of the East China Sea One Middle School.

This is not something that ordinary people can afford.

Rather than let this thing get in your hands, it will show its true value.

Fang Yuan pressed his palm on the three-sided star core and poured star power into the star core.

After a while, a peculiar energy flowed back with the star power, digging into the palm of the hand, and suddenly there was an electric shock-like pain.

After more than ten minutes, this touch inductance slowly faded.

Fang Yuan kept staring at his property panel.

As the energy of the star core is integrated into the body, the attribute panel gradually changes.

Name: Fang Yuan

Star power rating: Lv.1

Attributes: Strength 18, Agility 15, Physical 13, Spirit 15

Super features: unknown features A20392

Star trough features: super mimicry

Point of anger: 202

Skills: Army Fighting Skill Lv.2 (72/100), Sliding Step Lv.2 (9/100)

As expected, a star core feature was absorbed.

However, the ability of « super mimicry », literally, is not useful for the time being.

Fang Zhenguo watched from the sidelines, and asked a little worried: « How is it? »

« Absorbed an ability, and there was no sign of fainting. »

Fang Yuan raised his hand, condensing a group of star power with the characteristics of « super mimicry » in his palm.

Focusing on observation, apart from the name, I saw a series of question marks.

It’s no surprise to see the question mark.

When observing the awakened person, the mental attributes are higher than that of the opponent, so you can see specific data.

The higher the spirit, the more data you can see.

If the spirit is lower than that of the opponent, there will be very little data, or even all question marks.

Now, when observing the « super mimicry », a question mark appears, indicating that the level of this ability should not be low.

« What kind of ability? » Fang Zhenguo showed some curiosity.

« The name is’Super Mimicry’, but I don’t know what it is for. Literally, it seems to be an analog form or something. » Fang Yuan replied while thinking.

In nature, the chameleon is a kind of mimicry, which simulates the colors of the surrounding environment to achieve the effect of hiding itself.

Fang Yuan guided the star power and tried to use « super mimicry. »

Xingli rotated a few times in the palm of his hand, and then shattered like bubbles, without any effect.

Fang Yuan feels that this ability may need to be used for a certain target to be effective.

So turned his head and glanced at Fang Zhenguo.

But let’s just think about it, the old Fang’s hands are broken, and it would be too much to use this « super mimicry » to hit him for good or bad.

Fang Yuan turned his attention back to the three-sided star core.

After absorbing the « super mimicry », the energy of the three-sided star core was completely consumed as expected.

At last.

The father and son looked at the empty star core in a daze, thinking about how to deal with this stuff.

This thing cannot be found by people with the Spear of God, let alone kept at home.

Now the whole family is being watched, maybe someone will come into the house and search.

Once found, the matter is in trouble.

« This thing must be hidden, and I will take it to my hometown in the country tomorrow. » Fang Zhenguo said.

« You have broken your hands, and you are running out, all fools know that there is a problem. Leave it alone, I will take care of it. » Fang Yuan put the three-sided star core back into the box.

« Can you do it? » Fang Zhenguo was still a little worried.

« You find some valuable things, such as gold bars and diamonds, and put them in the safe and lock them. It is weird that there are no valuable things in the safe. » Fang Yuan reminded.

« I also want to have gold bars and diamonds. » Fang Zhenguo retorted.

« Then you put the most valuable thing in the house. »

« The most valuable thing in the house is you, go in. » Fang Zhenguo pointed to the safe and said solemnly.

« This sounds like a good thing, but why do I listen so badly? » Fang Yuan stuffed the three-sided star core into his school bag.

The two argued a few more words, and then went back to their rooms to sleep.

After Fang Zhenguo returned to the room, he closed the door and turned on the lamp.

Then, take out a Glock pistol from under the table.

Fill the bullet with one hand and load the magazine.

I turned a few shots, and finally stuffed it under the pillow.

Although I haven’t touched the gun for many years, the moment my finger touched the cold gun shell, the feeling returned.

When he was in the living room just now, although he was bickering with his son, when he knew that foreign organizations were targeting his son, the sense of crisis in his heart had not diminished for a moment.

the next day.

Fang Yuan carried his school bag for an unprecedented time, and the hot potato was in the school bag.

Before the morning reading class started, Fang Yuan went to the school library.

I accidentally knocked a geometric sculpture in the library to fall apart.

So I bought a tube of super glue and reattached the sculpture.

These geometric sculptures are a complete set, with cubes, spheres, cylinders and cones.

It is said that it is a sculpture, but it is actually a plastic product placed in the library hall as an ornament.

Fang Yuan is sticking to the cone.

Han Youwei returned the book, and when she entered the library lobby, she saw Fang Yuan sticking geometric sculptures there.

« what are you doing? »

Fang Yuan pointed to the geometric sculpture on the table and said, « I knocked it to pieces. Before the teacher found out, I had to stick it together. »

« If you put this thing on the cabinet and don’t wipe the dust once a semester, can you touch it and fall apart? » Han Youwei covered her mouth and snickered.

« Don’t be lucky. » Fang Yuan continued to stick the sculpture.

Han Youwei leaned over, looked up and down at the cone, and said, « It’s not bad, but the joint at the bottom is degummed, and it shouldn’t be visible when it is attached. »

No, I pried it open with a knife.

Fang Yuan spit out in his heart, apply the last bit of glue, press firmly, and put it back on the cabinet.

« It’s good, it’s all known, you know and I know. If the teacher knows it, it must be a small report from you. »

Han Youwei covered her mouth and smiled: « I’m not so free. I returned the book, so I won’t talk nonsense with you. »

« Then I will go back to the classroom first. » Fang Yuan picked up his schoolbag and threw it on his back, waved to her, and walked out.

When I walked out of the library, I looked back at the cone sculpture, still a little nervous.

Because the three-sided star core has been hidden in the cone, I don’t know if anyone will discover this secret in the future.