In the afternoon is martial arts class.

The martial arts class is a combination of two classes, so it is taught in a large classroom.

Class 1 and Class 2 of Donghai No. 1 Middle School are key classes.

The school naturally puts the best teaching resources in these two classes.

Therefore, the first and second classes are taking martial arts classes together.

The class bell in the afternoon has rang, but the martial arts teacher has not yet come.

Therefore, the students in the two classes frolicked.

« Why hasn’t the martial arts teacher come yet? »

« I heard that the school has hired a new martial arts teacher, maybe there is something else to prepare. »

« Is going to change the martial arts teacher? What is the background of the new teacher? »

« I heard that they are the Awakeners who have just retired from the naval landing combat force. » The uncle party began to break the news.

« The school is a big deal. It has brought in the leading special forces in the army. »

Fang Yuan was listening to the discussion of the surrounding schools, and suddenly heard a clicking sound in his ear.

Turning around, I saw « Beef Ball » eating potato chips.

The original name of this man is Niu Dazhi, and he eats snacks every day in class.

I was often criticized by the teacher, and accepted every time with an open mind and resolutely did not change.

Fang Yuan reached out and took a potato chip and put it in his mouth.

Then, he received the « angry » look of beef balls.

The anger point also increased by 1 point.

Fang Yuan couldn’t help but smile when he saw that his anger grew, and he reached out and took a piece of it into his mouth.

Then, he received a « more angry » look at the beef balls.

Rage point increased by 2 points.

Fang Yuan smiled happily, and continued to reach out to take it.

This time the beef **** were swift with eyes and hands. He grabbed Fang Yuan’s palm and said angrily: « Fang Yuan, I hate other people eating my snacks! »

This guy is quite strong.

A bad idea suddenly flashed in Fang Yuan’s mind, and he decided to try the « super mimicry » effect on beef balls.

After absorbing this ability from the three-sided star core last night, I haven’t had a chance to use it. I just have a try now.

As a result, Xingli was guided to release the « super mimicry » and penetrate into the palm of the beef ball.

« Oh! »

The beef **** seemed to be electrocuted. The body shook a few times and asked angrily: « Why are you electrocuting me? »

Fang Yuan has no power on him, this is the effect of « super mimicry ».

After that « super mimicry » star power penetrated into the beef ball’s arm, after about a second, it came back and returned to Fang Yuan’s body.

Fang Yuan saw the reaction of the beef **** and thought to himself: Is the effect of « super mimicry » an electric shock effect?

But the electricity is too weak.

Fang Yuan was a little confused, and at the same time, he checked his property panel and immediately found the abnormality.

The other attributes have not changed, except for the star slot characteristics.

Star Slot Features: Thick Skin Defense (Mimicry)

Fang Yuan quickly looked at the beef **** and asked, « I remember your super power is’Thick Skin Defense,’ right? »

« You want to control? » The beef ball became even more angry.

« I’m sure I remember correctly, they often laugh at you when they are thicker than the city wall, and they are talking about your super powers. » Fang Yuan smiled so proudly.

Of course, Fang Yuan’s smile was not mocking the beef balls, but because of his « super mimicry » ability.

The function of « super mimicry » turned out to be to simulate the ability of others.

Simply put, it is to copy skills.

This is definitely a magical skill.

Beef **** saw Fang Yuan smile like a flower, and his mood immediately changed from anger to rage.

« Fang Yuan, I want to break with you! »

Anger point +10 points.

« We don’t seem to have dated, how come we break up? »

The anger point is +10 points again.

The beef **** were so angry that they smashed the potato chips in his hands, and he was about to rush forward desperately.

Fang Yuan gained a point of anger, and tested the effect of « super mimicry ». It is indeed a bit excessive for other beef balls.

So he raised his cell phone and said, « Is a perverted chicken wings, reconciliation? »

« Reconciliation! Place an order quickly. » The beef **** immediately changed into a foodie smile, rushed to place the order.

Fang Yuan ordered two chicken wings takeaways and reached a settlement with beef balls.

The beef **** immediately sneaked out and climbed onto the wall behind the school stadium to wait for chicken wings, like a red apricot on the wall, but it was too fat and there was no poetry at all.

The chicken wings were delivered quickly because the store was opened next to the school.

After the beef **** got the abnormal spicy chicken wings back, they squatted in the back row of the classroom with Fang Yuan and began to nibble on the chicken wings.

At this moment.

Several students moved to the square table and suggested: « Since the teacher has not yet come, let’s play a game, break your wrists, and drink a drink if you lose. »

A muscular man named Wu Kui put a box of Coke on the square table and said, « Who dares to compare with me? Win, one can of Coke at a time. »

No one goes up to compare.

This Wu Kui is full of muscles, almost breaking his school uniform, and he knows that his strength attributes are exploding.

Wu Kui stared at the students in Class 2 and provocatively said, « Hey, are you all counselors in Class 2? »

The boys in the second class were filled with righteous indignation, but they didn’t dare to go up after seeing Wu Kui’s explosive muscles.

After the beef **** nibbling on a perverted spicy chicken wings, he stuck out his tongue and panted for breath. Looking at Wu Quina’s box of Coke, he was greedy.

He bumped Fang Yuan with his elbow and asked, « Aren’t you very accurate in calculating other people’s attributes? How much power does this guy have? »

Fang Yuan glanced casually and replied: « 15 o’clock. »

« Are you sure? » The beef **** suddenly became excited.

« OK, sure, and sure. »

The beef **** rushed up immediately, put the remaining chicken wings on the table, and said, « I compare you with chicken wings. How can I compare? »

« Niu Dazhi, you are fat, even if I win, I won’t be able to win. » Wu Kui looked up at the beef balls, obviously not paying attention to him.

« I look down on people, right? I just ate and my strength exploded. Don’t cry if you lose later. »

As he said, the beef ball rolled up his sleeves, put his right elbow on the table, and was about to start breaking his wrists.

Wu Kui pulled at the corner of his mouth and reached out to put his palm on his hand.

The two began to exert their strength.

At first, Wu Kui didn’t put the beef **** in his eyes at all, but after applying his strength, he suddenly found that the beef **** were much stronger than he expected.

« How can your strength be so high? » Wu Kui asked.

« Hey, who told you that if you have fat, you can’t have muscles? My fat is full of muscles. Coke is mine, haha… » The beef **** began to start as they said, and there was a faint tendency to overwhelm Wu Kui.

« Think beautiful! »

Wu Kui yelled violently, quietly used a supernatural power, violently exerted force, and pressed the beef ball hand on the table with a « pop ».

« Take it! Fatty, you want to compare with me. » Wu Kui snatched the chicken wings.

The beef **** stunned for a moment, and suddenly ran back in front of Fang Yuan with a full face of grief, and questioned: « Didn’t you say that his power is 15 points? It’s not right at all. »

« It’s 15 o’clock, that’s right. » Fang Yuan affirmed.

« Fart! My power is also 15 points, and I have just eaten, when the power explodes the most. If he has 15 power, I can’t lose to him! » Beef Ball said indignantly.

« His ability is strength enhancement. » Fang Yuan added.

The beef ball was taken aback, and became even more indignant: « He has the power to strengthen, why don’t you tell me? »

« You didn’t ask me either. » Fang Yuan spread his hands, revealing an innocent expression.

Then, harvested a series of angry stares of beef balls.

The anger point starts to rise again by +1 and +1.

Although it didn’t rise much each time, it lasted a long time, and it actually rose a lot. The anger point has risen to 225 points.

225 rage points can be used to add two attributes.

This ability is really as evil as an angry demon.

Fang Yuan looked at the continued increase in his anger, and was very satisfied, thinking about how to increase it.

After serious and rigorous thinking, Fang Yuan came up with the most correct way to add points, that is…no.

Yes, saving attribute points is the ultimate plus point strategy for experienced players.