After Wu Kui had won, he raised his arms, exposed his muscles, and made infinite strength, and asked, « I’ll ask, who else? »

The students in the next class booed, « Hey, your second class is also a key class. Is there anyone who can fight? »

These words immediately aroused the angry eyes of the second class students, but no one dared to go up.

A group of second-class girls looked back at the boys and urged: « You guys are going up! You don’t want our girls to go? »

Under normal circumstances, the advantages of female awakened persons are agility and spirit, while male awakened persons are good at strength and physique.

Among the girls in the second class, Shen Lina, who is very beautiful, joked: « What’s the matter with you boys? If no one is there, we can only push up the goddess Youwei who has the best martial arts class. »

Han Youwei was originally standing behind the crowd, listening to music with headphones on, but had no intention of participating in this incident. When she was suddenly mentioned, she frowned.

Immediately afterwards, Shen Lina and a group of girls crowded Han Youwei to the front and laughed and said: « The best grade in our martial arts class is the goddess Youwei, Wu Kui, dare you compare? »

« My strength is very low… » Han Youwei was a little uncomfortable being pushed by a group of people.

« I don’t dare to do this, I admit defeat, am I okay? »

Wu Kui said so, but the expression on his face was full of pride and contempt for the boys in Class 2.

Moreover, in terms of power alone, he does not lose to Han Youwei.

Because Han Youwei has relatively high agility and spiritual attributes.

The reason why Wu Kui surrendered was to save Li William.

« What do you know? The goddess Youwei and Li Shao are the only two A-levels in the East China Sea, golden girls and jade girls, and they are better than them. » The students in Class 1 booed.

Shen Lina looked at the boys in the same class behind her, and ran on her way: « Hey, I said you guys can still do it? You have conceded before the A-level in other classes have been shot? »

The boys in the second class looked embarrassed one by one, and were not convinced in their hearts, but those who were able to study in the key classes were not stupid. He had already seen Wu Kui’s ability to strengthen his strength.

The students in both classes are frolicking.

Only Fang Yuan and beef **** are special cases. The two sit in the corner and eat chicken wings.

To be precise, Fang Yuan was gnawing and the beef **** were watching.

The beef **** couldn’t help it, reaching out to get Fang Yuan’s half-eaten chicken wings.

Fang Yuan patted his trotters away, and said silently, « What are you doing? I have eaten half of it, and you still stretch out your hand? »

« I do not mind. »

« I mind. »

The beef **** are full of resentment: « If you didn’t cheat me, my chicken wings would not lose. »

« Can you blame me? » Fang Yuan gave him a glance.

« Of course I blame you, you don’t tell me that his power is power enhancement. I don’t care. Either you give me the remaining chicken wings, or you help me win the chicken wings back. » The beef ball pointed at Wu Kui. Said with a sad face.

The voice of the two people finally attracted the attention of others.

The last time William Li asked his subordinates to go to the martial arts gym to teach Fang Yuan, the **** he sent was beaten by Fang Yuan instead.

Now that such a good opportunity came, how could he let it go, and immediately winked at Wu Kui.

Wu Kui understood, and took the initiative to walk in front of Fang Yuan, and said: « Fang Yuan, dare to compare me once? »

Fang Yuan finished poaching the chicken wings, holding the bones, and said, « After eating, there is nothing to bet with you. »

Wu Kui’s forehead was bulging with blue veins, and he shot up with anger.

Fang Yuan immediately noticed that his anger was growing, and he immediately became interested.

This guy is irritable, right?

Just make a joke and get +5 anger points.

Wu Kui snorted coldly: « You don’t need to bet anything, if you can beat me, I will give you a box of Coke! »

Fang Yuan stood up, patted the dust on his pants, and was about to speak.

Shen Lina first said: « Fang Yuan, don’t try your best, your martial arts class counts down the whole class, don’t shame our class. Niu Dazhi loses once, and if you lose again, we won’t be able to lift our heads after the second class. « 

« That’s right. Isn’t it good to take liberal arts well? Why do you still come to the martial arts class? » the girl next to her echoed.

Fang Yuan’s martial arts class scores are indeed counted down in the whole class, mainly for key classes that rely on cultural class scores.

Because of the poor grades in the martial arts class, it is impossible to become a powerful star warrior in the future.

In the eyes of the girls in the class, Fang Yuan’s martial arts talent is not as good as Niu Dazhi, so he is not very popular with girls.

Wu Kui held up a finger and said provocatively: « Fang Yuan, dare you dare to compare? If you don’t dare, just go back and prepare for the liberal arts exam, don’t **** take the martial arts class! »

« A box of Coke, right? » Fang Yuan looked at Wu Kui and confirmed.

« Yes, why, do you dare to compare with me? » Wu Kui was a little surprised.

Fang Yuan walked to the square table, waved his hand at the classmates behind him, and said loudly, « All back, I’m going to start acting. »

As soon as these words came out, they immediately attracted a lot of contempt.

Immediately after.

Fang Yuan found that his anger points popped up a series of +1s, among them there were one or two +10 points.

Just pretend to be forced.

It was so… surprising.

Fang Yuan put his elbow on the table and said, « Come on. Muscle brother is expensive. »

The phrase « muscle brother expensive » angered Wu Kui again and added another 10 points of anger.

Wu Kui had a dark face, and quickly reached out to pinch Fang Yuan’s palm, not giving Fang Yuan a chance to go back.

« Look at how I’kill’ you, drink! »

Wu Kuimeng tried to knock Fang Yuan’s hand down at once.

However, Fang Yuan’s hand remained motionless after he exerted force.

He frowned, tried again, and still couldn’t move.

A little unexpected expression appeared on Wu Kui’s face.

He had long known that Fang Yuan’s martial arts performance was the countdown in the second class, so he thought that Fang Yuan’s strength was at most 13 or 14 points, and he could « spike » with a little effort.

Unexpectedly, I couldn’t move.

Of course, Wu Kui is not worried, he still has his hole cards.

« I don’t think you can fail this time! »

Wu Kui said, using power enhancement, his power soared by 20% instantly, reaching 18 points.

« drink! »

He drank heavily and used all his strength to break Fang Yuan’s wrist.

However, his operation seemed fierce, but Fang Yuan’s hand was still stuck there, motionless.

« Impossible, my current strength has soared to 18 o’clock, how can you hold it! You must have cheated! » Wu Kui stared at Fang Yuan’s eyes with suspicion.

When the people around heard the 18-point strength value, they all showed surprised expressions.

« It’s reached 18 o’clock, which is too high, right? »

« The awakened person of star power level Lv.1 has an attribute limit of 20 points, and his 18 points are almost reaching the limit. »

« Is the upper limit of Lv.1 awakened only 20 points? »

« It’s written in the textbook of the basic theory of Budo, don’t you read it? »

« Can’t we break this upper limit? » asked some students who didn’t attend the class seriously.

« It’s not that you can’t break the upper limit at all, but after the awakened attribute of Lv.1 reaches 20 points, it has basically reached the limit of the body, and it is very difficult to continue to improve. »

« That can still be a breakthrough, » the student said casually.

« You think too much, not to mention breaking the limit, it is difficult to reach the limit. Do you know the average attribute of the awakened person with star power level Lv.1 in the national awakened person database? »

« how many? »

« The average attribute is only 14.3. There are still many middle-aged awakeners whose star power level is stuck at Lv.1. The data is increased, otherwise the average value will be lower. Even the limit is not reached, and I want to break the limit. , I really think too much. »