« Lv.1 Awakener, the average attribute is only 14.3? Isn’t Wu Kui’s 18 power points exaggerated? »

« It’s really exaggerated. »

« Why don’t you talk about Fang Yuan? He didn’t move his hand from start to finish. Is this even more exaggerated? »

« That’s not right. Fang Yuan’s martial arts class scores have always been the countdown. How could the power attribute be so high? »

When Xingli was tested last time, Fang Yuan detected an unknown characteristic, which was quite eye-catching.

Therefore, many students in Class 2 have seen Fang Yuan’s data.

A second class student said puzzledly: « The last time I performed the star power test, I saw Fang Yuan’s attribute data, and I remember that his strength was only 14. With 14 strength, how could he withstand 18 strength? »

« He won’t really cheat, will he? »

« How can you cheat by breaking your wrist? Could it be that Wu Kui will let him? »

Wu Kui also didn’t believe that Fang Yuan’s power was higher than him. He doubted: « Have you cheated? »

« How do you cheat by breaking your wrist? You teach me. » Fang Yuan smiled lightly.

« Of course you can cheat. »

At this time, William Lee took a few steps forward and continued: « For example, there is a kind of ability called’body rigidity’. After using it, the body is like cement, and it won’t move. What you detect is unknown. Characteristics, who knows if you have similar abilities. »

« Yeah. I know this kind of rigid body ability. A friend of mine has this ability. After using it, he cant hit it with a hammer. »

« Do you think so? »

Fang Yuan pulled at the corner of his mouth and used the « super mimicry » to replicate Wu Kui’s power enhancement ability, and then used the power enhancement (mimesis) to press his hand on the table with a « pop ».

Wu Kui’s eyes widened suddenly, his eyes were full of disbelief, and he didn’t understand how he could lose.

Fang Yuan glanced at William Li and asked, « In this case, what ability should I use to cheat? »

William Li was slapped on the spot, his face turned black.

Fang Yuan immediately received 20 anger points.

The surrounding classmates whispered: « What’s the matter with Fang Yuan? I took the wrong medicine? Why is it suddenly so fierce? »

« It’s not right. His previous martial arts class scores were clearly countdown. »

Everyone is puzzled.

Fang Yuan stretched out his hand and pulled the box of Coke over, hehe smiled and said, « Then I will laugh at this box of Fat House Happy Water. »

Then, from Wu Kui’s angry gaze, he gained another 20 points of anger.

This anger is earned, and it is too comfortable.

Fang Yuan took out a bottle of Coke from the box and threw it to the beef balls.

Then he knocked on the table and said, « Drinks are served. There is one can for each of the second class, everyone has a share. »

« Really? »

« Of course, the first class treats, when you drink, remember to thank others. »

Wu Kui had the urge to vomit blood and contributed 10 points of anger to Fang Yuan.

Class two students came up to get Coke.

The beef **** were happy this time. He pressed the box and said, « Don’t grab it, don’t grab it, one bottle per person, not many. »

Fang Yuan stared at the anger point on the attribute panel, and stopped when he saw his anger point rose to 305 points.

I feel that the students in the first class still have potential to tap.

So he knocked on the table with a coke can and said, « Hey! Who else in your class dares to break the wrist? Just ask you, who else? »

The words came out.

The first class was frying pan suddenly.

One by one yelled.

« What did you say? You dare to say it again! »

« Fang Yuan, don’t be too arrogant, you are the tail of the martial arts class crane! »

« Don’t let me meet you in the final exam, or you will look good. »

Fang Yuan saw a wave of anger coming to him, and his anger rose slightly.

Beef Balls said to the side, « When your class provoke our class just now, you were so arrogant, why are you now? »

The second class was ridiculed by the first class just now.

Now that the situation has reversed, how can we miss the opportunity for revenge?

So, the boys in Class 2 started the group mocking mode: « Where did your arrogance go just now? You just started talking, right? »

Where did the boys in Class 1 swallow this breath, they all looked at William Li and said, « Shao Li, the honor of Class I can only depend on you. You are the only A-level potential in our class. »

William Li looked indifferent, maintaining a gentleman’s manner, turned his head and glanced at Han Youwei.

Han Youwei has taken off the earphones, but did not participate in the quarrel between the two classes. She just stood in the crowd and watched her classmates make noise.

William Li’s mouth evoked a jealous smile, walked to Fang Yuan, and said: « I didn’t expect that one day I would compete with you myself. You should remember this day, because this is the closest you have been to me. Its the first time, and its the last time. Only by breaking the wrist, something that has no technical content, can we get closer. »

Fang Yuan concentrated and checked his attribute panel.

Name: William Li

Star power rating: Lv.2

Attribute: Strength? ? ? agile? ? ? Physical 17. Spirit? ? ?

Super features:? ? ?

Star trough characteristics:? ? ?

skill:? ? ?

Except for the star power level and physical attributes, all other data are question marks.

This is almost a BoSS property panel.

Although no other attribute data can be seen, some useful information can be inferred from his 17-point physique.

Among the four attributes of force sensitive physical essence, only physical attributes are displayed.

This shows that among the four attributes, the lowest is physical.

In other words, his strength, agility, and spirit all exceed 17 points.

More importantly, his star power level has reached Lv.2.

William Li is a man in the East China Sea No. 1 Middle School, and things about him have been circulating in the class.

Therefore, Fang Yuan knew that he only advanced to Lv.2 this summer.

In other words, it didn’t take long for him to advance to Lv.2.

Lv.1 The power limit of the awakened is 20 points.

And most of the awakened people cannot reach 20 strength at Lv.1.

In other words, William Lee’s current strength attribute, even if it reaches 20 points, will not exceed too much.

« Has the power exceeded 20 points? » Fang Yuan asked with a smile.

« Are you scared? » William Li curled up his mouth, showing a silly smile.

« I’m afraid you will lose. » Fang Yuan showed a harmless smile on his face, raised his arms, and put them on the table.

A slightly contemptuous smile appeared at the corner of Li William’s mouth. He took out a white glove from his suit pocket without any haste, shook it away and put it on his right hand, and then reached out to put his hand on the palm of Shang Yuan.

After the two were ready, they stared at each other’s eyes without rushing to exert force.

The students in both classes started to cheer.

« William Li, come on! William Li, come on! »

« William Lee, a good gentleman, wear gloves when you break your wrists. »

Most of them are cheering for William Lee.

After all, it is the rich man of the East China Sea, the only A-level potential stock in the East China Sea.

If it weren’t for school, we must remain reserved, maybe there will be girls who call her husband to cheer.

With William Lee’s talent and family background, in the eyes of some girls in Donghai No. 1 Middle School, they are simply ideal national husbands.