Fang Yuan and Li William began to exert force at the same time.

The forces exerted continued to climb, gradually approaching their respective limits.

Fang Yuan’s power reached the 18-point limit first, and his power increase began to slow down.

Li Weilian felt that Fang Yuan’s strength did not continue to increase, and a smile appeared at the corner of his mouth and said: « 18 points of strength are indeed quite good for you. But unfortunately, it is still far from me. »

William Li continued to add force, breaking through 18 points, 19 points, and approaching 20 points.

During this process, Fang Yuan has been observing his reaction and the changes in power.

Because no specific value can be seen through the iris data, he can only measure his strength personally.

As William Li’s power approached 20 points, Fang Yuan’s hand began to look like one side tilted.

William Li enjoyed this process very much, so he slowly pressed down and slowly enjoyed the pleasure of subduing his opponent.

Although the person in front of him is not in his eyes, he still hopes that Han Youwei can see, the clearer the better.

Fang Yuan’s hand tilted to the right a little bit. According to the intensity of the power confrontation, it was basically determined that his power reached its limit after approaching 20 points, just as previously expected.

The students of the two classes gathered around and watched the contest.

Some shouted cheering, some sighed.

When the students in Class 2 saw that Fang Yuan was about to lose, they were all dumbfounded.

The first class is getting more and more arrogant, yelling loudly: « Isnt your second class crazy just now? Why are you not crazy now? You dare to compare with our first class, and dont look at our first class A Who. »

Shen Lina and a few other girls in Class Two all covered their faces and muttered: « They all said don’t go out ashamed, and the grades in the martial arts class are down. How do you compare with the geniuses of class one? »

A few girls from Class 2 who surrounded Han Youwei said indignantly: « Don’t be arrogant in Class One. Our class A is a girl. What’s weird about it than strength? Will Goddess Wei lose! »

Li William listened to the compliments of the crowd, with a faint smile on his face, looking at Fang Yuan’s eyes, and said: « That’s it. This farce should be over, although winning you makes me feel no fun. »

He said that he raised his strength to the limit, reaching the 20-point limit, and pressed Fang Yuan’s palm to the tabletop.

« So is it fun? »

Fang Yuan smiled faintly, and guided Xingli to use « strength strengthening (mimicry.

His strength soared by 20% in an instant, from 18 to 21.6, immediately exceeding Li William’s 20 strength.

The situation reversed instantly.

In Fang Yuan’s harmless smiles of humans and animals, the arms of the two of them returned from the crooked state.

Li William’s eyes rounded, using the strength of the milk, he tried to press Fang Yuan’s hand down, but he found that he couldn’t do it.

He felt that Fang Yuan had taken the wrong medicine, his strength suddenly skyrocketed, and he couldn’t suppress it no matter what.

The students around were a little confused when they saw this scene.

Just now, he clearly saw that Fang Yuan’s hand was only three centimeters away from the tabletop, and suddenly he broke into his right.

None of them understood what was going on, and started talking in a low voice.

A class one student bumped Wu Kui with his elbow and asked, « Didn’t you just say that Li Shao’s strength reached 20? What’s the situation now? »

Wu Kui was also very puzzled, frowning and said, « That’s right. I wrestled with Shao Li in the morning, and he personally said that the strength was 20 points. »

« Has Fang Yuan’s power reached 20 o’clock? »

« It’s more than 20 o’clock, right? He looks very relaxed when he breaks his hands upright. It must be more than 20 o’clock. »

« Impossible. The power limit of Lv.1 Awakened is 20 points. It is difficult to reach 20 points. How can it exceed 20 points. »

At the beginning, Han Youwei also felt that Fang Yuan could not win.

After all, she had practiced against Fang Yuan the other day, and she knew the level of Fang Yuan’s attributes.

Therefore, when she saw that Fang Yuan was about to compete with William Li, she was a little worried, but she couldn’t stop her, so she could only sigh in her heart.

It’s just that things went beyond her expectation, and the two of them struggled very anxiously.

No matter how hard Li William tried, he couldn’t press Fang Yuan’s hand down, because the limit of strength was there. If it didn’t work, it didn’t work. No matter how hard he tried, it was useless.

After Fang Yuan broke his hand upright, he smiled and asked, « Is this interesting? »

William Li’s eyes narrowed slightly, and an anger surged in his eyes.

Rage points +50 points.

Fang Yuan smiled happily after seeing the increase in his anger.

50 points have been added at a time, this is the most since awakening.

« I don’t know what you are proud of. Do you think you have won this way? »

With a cold snort, William Li rolled the sleeve of his right hand higher, revealing a fire eagle pattern on his arm.

« During the summer vacation, I absorbed a star trough feature, but I haven’t had a chance to use it. I will let you see how big the gap is between you and me. »

As he spoke, he drew the star power and whispered the name of this star slot feature: « Fire Eagle Power. »


The fire eagle pattern on his arm immediately came alive and started to burn.

When the fire eagle pattern caught fire, his power began to soar, from 20 o’clock to 22 o’clock.

Fang Yuan felt his power increase, and made a judgment: « It seems that it has only increased by 10%. It’s impossible for this star slot characteristic to be weaker than power enhancement? »

Strength enhancement is the most common enhanced ability, and the lowest level of strength enhancement can increase strength by 20%.

Given William Lee’s family background, he should not absorb a star trough feature that is weaker than strength enhancement.

Among the students in the first class, there are a few who follow William Li as follow-ups, knowing the detailed information of the characteristics of Li William’s star trough.

Wu Kui showed a very proud expression, and said, « People like you don’t understand what the’Fire Eagle Power’ represents. Do you think the Fire Eagle power is used to enhance the power attribute? Ridiculous! »

« Tell you. This’Fire Eagle Power’ was found by Li Shao’s family with a lot of money. It is specially used to cooperate with Li Shao’s fire ability. The real function of the’Fire Eagle Power’ is to increase the flame temperature 20%, besides that, the 10% increase in strength, agility, and spirit is just incidental. » Another person went on to add.

« ‘Fire Eagle Power’ itself is a B-level ability. If used in conjunction with flames, it can be upgraded by one level and become A-level. So, now Shao Li is double A, do you know how powerful it is? »

Fang Yuan heard these two people’s analysis, and suddenly felt very reasonable.

Moreover, this « fire eagle power » feature is definitely an ultra-extreme feature for those who are awakened by the flame ability. A 20% increase in flame temperature is enough to cause a qualitative change.

After William Lee used « Fire Eagle Power », his power increased to 22 points.

Fang Yuan’s strength after strength enhancement (mimicry) is 21.6, which is still lower than Li William’s 22 points.

Therefore, William Li once again had the upper hand and pressed Fang Yuan’s hand down a little bit.

« The gap is the gap, it’s not something you can cross, so honestly admit defeat. » William Li didn’t plan to play slowly this time, and decided to end the contest immediately.

Seeing that the back of his hand was getting closer and closer to the tabletop, Fang Yuan said leisurely: « If this is the case, then I will walk to the dark one by one on the road of power. »

Fang Yuan reached out and clicked on the power of the attribute panel.

Then, 100 points of anger are turned into energy, blended into the body, and 1 point of strength is increased.

The base strength quickly increased to 19 points, and after strength enhancement (mimicry), it finally reached 22.8, surpassing William Lee again.

« drink! »

Fang Yuan let out a deep cry, and put Li William’s hand on the table with a « bang » to end the contest.