When the back of his hand touched the desktop, William Li’s eyes widened and his face was full of surprise.

After a while, his face gradually changed from shocked to gloomy.

William Li did not expect that he would try his best to lose in the end.

He stared at Fang Yuan, his face full of anger.

Fang Yuan kept a harmless smile, waiting for his anger to arrive.

Sure enough, after being stared at by William Lee’s « angry gaze » for three seconds, his anger point increased by 50 points.

There was deathly silence in the big classroom of the martial arts class, because no one thought that William Li would lose.

Everyone was surprised by this result, and they were all stunned.

William Li stood there, his face extremely ugly.

He had never thought that one day he would be defeated by a guy with the last score in the martial arts class.

Although it is not a formal competition, he cannot tolerate any form of defeat.

If it were actual combat, he could pinch the hateful guy in front of him to death a hundred times.

However, in the end, he lost in this simple contest of strength.

The more he lost to such a weak scum, the more angry he was.

He reached out to pull the white glove on his right hand, trying to tear it off and throw it away.

He had torn off his gloves and threw them into the trash can after he was going to win.

It’s just that the script is not going in the direction he expected.

Fang Yuan saw his move of taking off his gloves and asked with a smile, « Are you planning to take off the gloves and throw them in the trash? »

William Li’s mind was seen through, his face was a little gloomy, his eyes narrowed slightly, and he said nothing.

Fang Yuan continued: « If you won just now, take off your gloves and throw them in the trash can. It really humiliates people and looks very gentleman. It’s a pity that in the world of the awakened, weakness is Original sin. Now, if you take off your gloves and throw them into the trash can, you will become angry and unable to lose. »

« You! » Li William pointed at Fang Yuan, his eyes could almost burst into flames.

Fang Yuan saw that his anger point had increased by 50 points, and his smile became brighter.

With such a source of anger in front of him, how could he easily let it go?

Fang Yuan took out a paper towel, wiped his right hand carefully, and then threw the paper towel into the trash can.

This was originally the script that William Li thought, but Fang Yuan used it.

Li William’s lungs were almost exploding, his right hand fisted fiercely, and a ball of flames lit up, burning the white gloves to ashes, and said angrily: « Fang Yuan, I want to fight you! »

The anger point is +50 points again, the total reached 445 points, and just now it took 100 points for a little strength.

It was a bumper harvest.

Just when William Lee was about to run away.

A strong voice came from outside the large classroom: « Who is going to a duel? Come and try with me! »

Everyone looked for their reputation and saw the class teacher of Class 1 and Class 2 walking into the large classroom with an awakened person wearing special warfare camouflage.

It was the awakened man wearing special warfare camouflage who was speaking.

This man shaved a typical military round head, well-proportioned, with an angular face and sharp eyes.

This should be the new martial arts instructor hired by the school.

The first time Fang Yuan saw this person, he felt a cold and desperate breath.

The first feeling is that this person must have killed someone. Those eyes are like a fierce predator.

Seeing that the students in the two classes were very noisy, Guo Songtao yelled: « The class bell has already rang. What are you making? Line up for me! »

The students in the two classes moved quickly and lined up in two queues based on the class.

Fang Yuan turned around and prepared to walk back to the second class queue.

« stop! »

William Li suddenly stretched out the hand of flames and grabbed Fang Yuan.

However, as soon as he stretched out his hand, a palm caught his wrist.

The person who shot was indeed the new instructor of the martial arts class.

« Don’t do such dangerous actions in class. The first time is a warning. It is best not to have the next time, otherwise you will regret it. » The new instructor said coldly.

« What are you? Do you dare to take care of my business? » William Li snorted coldly, without giving any face.

The head teacher of the first class hurriedly said: « William Li, this is a new instructor in the martial arts class. Pay attention to your attitude. You don’t want your father to hear any bad comments, right? »

Only then did William Li calm down, shake off the hand of the new instructor, straightened his clothes, and walked back to the middle of the team.

The students in the first class could feel the anger on William Li, so they consciously kept a distance from him.

« Well, this instructor Wei is your new instructor. Starting this semester, your martial arts class will be taught by instructor Wei. »

After the head teachers of the two classes introduced the new martial arts instructors, they left.

The new instructor stood in front of the two queues, scanned all the students present with a falcon-like gaze, and then began to speak.

« My name is Wei Hailong. Before coming to the East China Sea No. 1 Middle School, I served in the Huaxia Naval Landing Combat Force. Starting today, I will be in charge of your martial arts class. I am a soldier and only know what is in the army, so from today, you His martial arts class is military training! »

Fang Yuan listened to the new instructor’s self-introduction, and found that the new instructor, like the old one, came out of the navy’s landing combat unit.

Of course, depending on the age of the new instructor, he should be in his early thirties.

Fang Zhenguo retired twenty years ago. Although he came out of the same army, he was not in the same period, so he certainly didn’t know him.

Wei Hailong shaved his round head and wore special warfare camouflage. His muscles were not particularly explosive, but he was very strong.

And by looking at his figure, once this person makes a move, it must be as fast as lightning.

« In the first class, I taught the basic exercise method. Before starting the class, we must first clarify the four attributes of the human body. Who will tell me how much do you know about the four attributes of the human body? » Wei Hailong soon Enter the role of instructor.

« The four attributes are strength, agility, physique, and spirit. » A student immediately answered.

« Yes, these four attributes represent a person’s physical fitness. These four attributes are the basis of combat effectiveness. If these four attributes are too low, no matter how strong your abilities are, it won’t work. »

Wei Hailong paced back and forth in front of the two classes, looking at Wu Kui, who has the biggest muscle, and commanded: « Report your four attributes. »

Wu Kui stood upright and replied confidently: « Strength 15, Agility 11, Body 12, Spirit 12. »

« What is your goal? » Wei Hailong asked again.

« I want to be the most perfect super soldier in the Star Force Era! » Wu Kui said out his goal loudly.

« You can’t become a super soldier, continue to follow the route of the power system awakener. » Wei Hailong poured cold water on him.

« Why? » Wu Kui was a little dissatisfied.

« The so-called super soldier, in the army, is the core of a combat squad. The super soldiers cultivated by the army have dual-power attributes. The single-strong attribute awakener cannot be the core, and the positioning can only be auxiliary attack or auxiliary. » Wei Hailong replied.

« Why can’t a single strong attribute awakened become the core? »

« Because single-strength awakeners have obvious weaknesses. If a combat squad has single-strength awakeners as its core, it will easily be destroyed when encountering difficult opponents. Super fighters with double-strength attributes belong to a combat team. cornerstone. »

Wei Hailong paused, and then said: « Let me give you an example. For example, if you are a power awakener like you, if you form a combat team with you as the core. As the main attacker, your strength is sufficient, but your speed is not good. When you encounter a powerful sniper-type enemy that moves very fast, you can’t catch up with your opponent, and you can’t escape. The result is that you are killed by the opponent alone.