Wu Kui listened to Wei Hailong’s explanation, but still refused.

He is only good at power cultivation, and his power has always been far beyond ordinary people.

« Why can’t the single-strength attribute be the core? My strength crushes the enemy’s core, isn’t it enough? » Wu Kui was still very confident and felt that as long as his strength crushed the enemy’s core, there would be no problem at all.

Wei Hailong shook his fingers and said, « You think too much. A true dual-strength super fighter has no single attribute weaker than a single-strength awakener. Because attribute cultivation has a marginal diminishing effect. »

« What is the diminishing marginal effect? » Some students did not understand.

« Are there none of you who passed the cultural course? » Wei Hailong heard someone ask such a simple question, so he didn’t bother to answer it.

Han Youwei looked at the classmates around her and saw no one answered, so she raised her hand to answer.

Just then.

Fang Yuan wanted to try whether he could earn points of anger on Han Youwei, so he rushed to answer: « The diminishing marginal effect means that if one input element is continuously increased by the same amount under other conditions, it will increase to a certain output value. Later, the increment of the product provided will decrease, and the marginal product of variable factors will decrease. »

This is the standard answer in the textbook.

Students who insist on taking the martial arts exams do not necessarily have good results in the martial arts class, but often because of the worse results in the cultural class.

Many students can not understand this written answer.

« Can you speak human words? » a student couldn’t help but vomit.

« To put it simply, the higher the attribute, the slower the improvement through exercise. What you said before that the power limit of the Lv.1 awakened is 20 points, that is not accurate. The exact statement is: when the power is close to 20 points Because of the diminishing margin, the amount of cultivation required to continue to improve is getting larger and larger, until it approaches infinity. »

After Fang Yuan explained, he looked at his surrounding classmates: « I said you guys don’t even understand diminishing margins. How did you get to the third year of high school? »

As soon as the words came out, they provoked the anger.

In both classes, more than one hundred students invariably cast an « angry stare » towards Fang Yuan, all wanting to burn a hole in Fang Yuan with their eyes.

Fang Yuan looked at the series of +1 anger points on the attribute panel, and he was really happy.

That’s it.

To become stronger, it is not enough to stare at one person and get angry, you have to stare at everyone.

The beef **** patted Fang Yuan’s shoulder and said, « Fang Yuan, if you ridicule like this, your popularity in the class will get worse and worse. »

Fang Yuan pointed his hand on his shoulder and said, « Remove your pig’s feet. »

The beef ball had a sharp face, and said angrily: « Your favorability with me has dropped to zero! »

Anger point +3 points.

Fang Yuan muttered in his heart: One serving of chicken wings can add 100 favorability scores. If the favorability score drops to zero, what’s to worry about?

Wei Hailong saw that someone had already explained the diminishing marginal effect clearly, and then he said: « Yes, because of the diminishing marginal effect, when one attribute approaches its limit, training the second attribute will increase combat effectiveness even more. Therefore, , A super soldier with dual attributes, refers to the two attributes approaching the limit, there is no single attribute being crushed. »

At this moment.

William Li asked confidently: « What if the three attributes, or even the four attributes, break the limit? »

Wei Hailong turned his head and glanced at William Li, and replied: « If it is four attributes, plus super power characteristics and tactical level, six full values, then it is the legendary hexagonal warrior. However, this is just a legend. , There is no such thing on the earth, so you should stop thinking about it. »

Wu Kui understood, and quickly asked, « Then what should I do? In addition to strength, which attribute should I exercise? »

« Your strength hasn’t reached the limit, so what do you want to do? » Wei Hailong replied very simply.

« No, if you only have a strong single attribute, you can’t become a super soldier. » Wu Kui still has the dream of becoming a super soldier.

« There are hundreds of millions of awakened people in the world, and there are many who can’t become a super soldier. You are not the only one. » Wei Hailong’s answer was not euphemistic at all.

Wu Kui’s expression suddenly collapsed: « Instructor, you are too shocking, are you a teacher like this? »

« If you are hit here, you will only lose face. If you get hit outside, you will be dead. » Wei Hailong said coldly.

« I am not a gardener who waters the flowers of the motherland. I am just a person who crawled out of the sea of blood on the battlefield. I will only teach you how to live under the claws of star beasts! »

Wei Hailong held up a piece of information, and then said: « According to the latest data from the Excalibur Bureau, the number of star beasts in Chinas inland and offshore areas has increased exponentially in the past two years. At this rate, it will continue to increase in the next two or three years. During the year, it is very likely that star beasts will hit the city. »

« Do you think I came here because your school really invited me? No, the country sent me here! Because our survival is facing huge challenges, and the next two to three years will be the most severe period. The country needs powerful super fighters. »

The new instructor elevated the content of his speech to the height of national honor, and immediately made the students in the two classes excited.

« Next, is the content of today’s class. Does anyone know the three most commonly used star power training models? » Wei Hailong asked again.

This question is more deeply asked, and it is not part of the content of high school textbooks.

There must be a lot of extracurricular reading before it is possible to know.

Han Youwei happened to see this part of the content in the library, and raised her hand again, wanting to answer.

Fang Yuan didn’t speak any truth, and rushed to answer: « eVA star force model, Davis model, Yang Yuping star force model. »

After answering, he glanced sideways at Han Youwei.

Mutter in my heart: Get angry…get angry…get angry.

Awakening this magical super power for so long, has never gotten a point of anger on Han Youwei.

Wei Hailong looked at Fang Yuan and said, « Not bad. A nerd came in in the martial arts class. »

Fang Yuan was hammered into a nerd for no reason, his face suddenly turned black.

Not only was Han Youwei not angry this time, she covered her mouth and laughed.

In high school textbooks, there is no mention of training models at all.

Therefore, most of the more than 100 students in the two classes are in a daze.

« What model? What do you mean? »

« Does it mean something like a car model? »

Wei Hailong pointed at Fang Yuan and said, « Come on, nerd, you continue to explain, what is a model? »

Fang Yuan rolled his eyes and said, « I’m not a nerd, I don’t know. You ask the female nerd over there to say that she goes to the library every day. »

While speaking, she pointed her finger at Han Youwei at the other end of the queue.

Of course, Fang Yuan was not ignorant, but simply didn’t want to say that this new instructor was not cute at all because he was inexplicably hammered into a nerd.

Han Youwei raised her hand to answer: « Model refers to a form of thinking that reproduces the structure, function, attribute, relationship, process and other essential characteristics of a research object under certain assumptions. »

« Can you speak human words? »

« In fact, it means studying models and data models, which is a set of programs to help the awakened in their cultivation. »

Han Youwei paused, and then explained: « The most widely used star power training model in the world is the eVA star power model. This kind of star power model guides the star power to form a specific cycle in the body when practicing. Circuit to achieve the purpose of accelerating the progress of cultivation. »

« Are there two other models? » Wei Hailong saw that there were students in the two classes who could answer these complex questions, so they simply let the two students continue to answer.