« The Davis model is a star power model proposed by the American scientist Albert Davis at the end of the last century. The improvement in the cultivation of the awakened person reached 21.61%, which is higher than the 19.80% of the eVA star power model. « 

Han Youwei recalled the data, made sure that the data was correct, and then continued: « However, according to some intelligence, the Davis model that is now widely used worldwide is not a complete model. The US military also has a more complete Daivis model. The Weiss model has a higher degree of improvement in the cultivation of the awakened. »

Most of the students in the two classes expressed their indignation when they heard this for the first time.

But there are a few who have heard of the Davis model before.

« I’ve heard about this. It seems that the United States wants to make the awakened people all over the world use the Davis model, and then uses the complete model to attract the powerful awakeners to join the United States. »

« Old Mei is too insidious, right? This is the Awakened who kidnapped the whole world. »

Wei Hailong didn’t expect the students in these two classes to dabble in such a wide range. He rarely smiled and said, « There is also the last model. »

Han Youwei is preparing to continue answering.

Fang Yuan said first: « Professor Yang Yuping is my idol, for me. The Yang Yuping model is the beginning of the 21st century. In order to curb the Davis models coercion of the global awakened, my country invested a lot of resources. Finally, Professor Yang Yuping The Star Force model proposed by the research team of « . The improvement of the training for the awakened reached 22.73%, surpassing the Davis model. »

The star power training model plays a vital role in the cultivation of the awakened.

Therefore, the research level of the star power training model also represents the scientific and technological strength of a country.

The students in both classes are excited when they hear that their country is so awesome.

However, just as everyone was uplifting, some people happened to sing the opposite.

William Li twitched his lips and sneered: « Is it surpassing the Davis model? How do I remember that Yang Yuping’s model is inferior to the Davis model in strength training. »

The students around were puzzled: « Isn’t it 22.73% to 21.61%? It’s over. »

William Li went on to say: « Yang Yuping’s star power model has only 20.57% improvement in strength training, which is far worse than the Davis model. »

« what happened? »

Most of the students in the two classes are dumbfounded. Before that, they didn’t know the expertise at all.

Han Youwei explained: « Because each type of training model has different effects in the cultivation of different attributes. Therefore, without subdividing, the data mentioned are all averages… »

« … The advantage of the Davis model is in strength. When practicing strength, it is better to use the Davis model. The Yang Yuping model is superior in the cultivation of the other three attributes. So Yang Yuping The model surpasses the Davis model and there is no problem. »

Another classmate asked: « Then when I practice strength, I use the Davis model, and when I practice other attributes, is it better to use the Yang Yuping model? »

« The effect of this is actually not good, because the star power training model is very complicated, and it takes a lot of energy to master a star power training model. Familiarity with the star power training model will also affect the speed of cultivation. Therefore, instead of being greedy and not chewing, it is better to focus on a star power training model. » Han Youwei answered patiently.

« If this is the case, then Professor Yang Yuping’s star power model is better. » The students in the two classes whispered.

William Li twitched his lips and sneered: « You can only use Yang Yuping models. After all, not everyone can afford the Davis high-end models. »

« Davis advanced model? What is it? » The surrounding students were puzzled again.

« You don’t know this? It is the advanced business sold by Davis Star Power Group, which is a customized advanced training model for private individuals. »

« Lao Mei, as always, has capital and has everything. »

Seeing that the topic of discussion is getting more and more biased, Wei Hailong coughed lightly, and said, « The free speaking time is over. If you want to speak next, please report first! »

After the students in the two classes calm down.

Wei Hailong continued: « From today, I will teach you the Yang Yuping Primary Star Force Model II used by the China Navy. »

« Why is the elementary star power model? » Some students asked.

Wei Hailong pointed his finger at the speaking student and ordered: « I didn’t make a report in the speech, go out, and 300 push-ups. »

« what? »

The student opened his mouth wide and his face was aggrieved.

« This is an order. I count three, and if I don’t execute it, the punishment will double! » Wei Hailong shouted.

The student ran out quickly and started doing push-ups on the ground.

Although the student was punished, Wei Hailong still answered his question.

« Yang Yuping’s primary star power model refers to the model used by the low-level awakeners. With your strength, you can’t use the high-level model. Those high-level models sold by the Xingli Group are purely money-burning. IQ tax! » Wei Hailong said nothing to Master Li.

Class 1 and Class 2 are the key classes, and those who can enter these two classes are not fools, and they will soon recall.

« That said, the training model used by the military is definitely the best and most practical. »

Someone did not report to speak.

Wei Hailong pointed at the student and ordered: « Get out of the queue, three hundred push-ups! »

The student hurriedly covered his mouth, did not speak any more, and quickly walked out of the queue and started doing push-ups.

Wei Hailong walked to the door of the classroom, opened a camouflage travel bag, took out a boxy engineering notebook from it, placed it on the podium, and opened it.

After the notebook was lit, he looked at the students in the two classes and said loudly, « Who is the representative of the martial arts class? Connect the projector to the notebook. »

The representatives of the martial arts class of the two classes hurried out, turned on the projector, and connected the notebook data interface to the projector.

After connecting to the laptop, Wei Hailong started a program.

The projector showed a complicated star power training model, which was Yang Yuping’s primary training model.

The most important part of the star power training model is the complex structure and circulation built by the star power in the body.

Its hard to tell by mouth alone, and can only be demonstrated through a computer program.

« This is the Star Force cultivation model. It explains each cultivation step in detail. Each step will be repeated ten times, and you can start following the cultivation. »

Wei Hailong pointed to the two who did push-ups and said, « You two remember how much you did. First follow the model to demonstrate and start practicing, and make up the rest of the push-ups after class. »

The two fined students stood up quickly, looked at the star power cycle model displayed on the projector, and began to guide the star power to follow the cycle model.