Han Youwei walked to the front of the class team holding the textbook.

The classmate next to her saw her coming and consciously stepped back.

Han Youwei hurriedly waved her hand and said, « I’m not going to jump in the line. I’ll stand here for a while. You test first, and I will be behind. »

Fang Yuan smiled back and said, « Actually, it doesn’t matter if you plug it in. They won’t mind anyway. »

The students around were all suffocating smiles.

Han Youwei’s ear roots turned red, and she forced to pretend that she didn’t understand, and waved her hand to say hello: « How did the summer vacation? »

« Not bad. » Fang Yuan replied casually.

« It’s about to decide the division of civil and military subjects for the college entrance examination, have you thought about it? » Han Youwei asked again.

« After the test, let’s take a look. If the awakening ability is not particularly outstanding, you should choose the liberal arts. » Fang Yuan has actually considered the division of civil and military subjects.

« That’s right, you have such good grades in cultural courses, and you will definitely be able to get into a prestigious school in the liberal arts exam. » Although Han Youwei said so, there was a hint of disappointment in her voice that was imperceptible.

The reason Fang Yuan considered choosing liberal arts was not because he didn’t want to take the martial arts path, but because the martial arts path required too many resources.

The liberal arts in the college entrance examination now refers to cultural subjects, referred to as liberal arts, but it actually includes liberal arts and science.

What Fang Yuan wanted to test was the science of cultural subjects, not because he liked it, but because of lack of money.

Currently, the most popular majors in universities are those related to Xingli Technology.

As long as you are admitted to the prestigious Xingli Science and Technology major, you can have a very considerable stable income.

On the first day of enrollment, large companies and groups will come to the school to sponsor tuition and living expenses.

If there is a good research project during the school, there will even be a scientific research fund sponsored by Xingli Technology.

Because now the world’s Star Power Technology companies are short of research talents, very, very short.

This is currently Fang Yuan can think of, can get money quickly, and does not affect his studies.

On the contrary, if you want to take a martial arts exam, you will need too many resources in the future, and it will be difficult to make money in a short time.

There is another reason why Fang Yuan didn’t take the martial arts exam, that is, his martial arts scores are very average.

The star power test in each semester also shows that the development potential of martial arts is medium and low.

If you take a martial arts exam, you will not be able to get into a prestigious school, and you will have a lot more confidence in science.

In all fairness.

If you do not consider external reasons and let Fang Yuan choose one of the civil and military divisions, he will definitely choose the military division.

Who doesn’t have a dream of the stars and the sea in his heart?

The problem is that reality does not allow it.

Fang Yuan had a very clear idea. To take science courses, you only need to enter the prestigious Xingli science and technology major, and enter the world’s top 500 companies after graduation. After earning money, you can still learn martial arts.

This is better than forcibly choosing martial arts, taking an ordinary university, consuming a lot of resources, dragging down the family, and nothing in the end.

At half past two, the afternoon class bell rang.

Jingle Bell

The head teacher Guo Songtao walked into the auditorium and waved to the team of the second class of the third year, and said, « The test has started, Han Youwei, you come first. »

Han Youwei quickly explained: « Teacher, I’m late and I’m at the back. »

« It’s okay, just come first and give our class a good start. » As the head teacher, Guo Songtao naturally wanted to give his class a good start.

And Han Youwei’s star power talent is notoriously good, and she is from the Xingwu family, so her star power level will not be low.

« Go, goddess, let us be so impressed with you. »

The boys in the class started booing.

At this moment, there was a loud noise from the next class.

« Wow! This super feature is too strong, right? »

« Awesome, my brother Di. »

The noise of the next class was heard in the second class.

A second class student asked strangely: « What’s the matter in the next class? It’s so noisy. »

A classmate just came back from watching the excitement and explained, « Do you still have to ask? It’s that the young master of a class of star martial giants tested super characteristics and shocked the audience. »

« Is it William Li? What superpower has he awakened? » another classmate asked.

« Elements, flames, star power level Lv.2, just now the brightness of the flames blinded all the guys in the group. I heard from the class teacher of the first class that William Li’s flame ability has reached A-level potential. »

« Is the A-level potential great? »

« Donghai No. 1 Middle School only produces one or two A grades every year, do you think it’s great? »

« That’s pretty awesome. »

The next class has already appeared A-level potential awakeners.

As the head teacher of the second class, Guo Songtao was naturally unwilling, and Chaohan Youwei waved and said: « Come on, we can’t lose to the first class in the second class, it’s up to you. »

Seeing the head teacher insisted, Han Youwei had to walk over and stand in front of the testing machine, standing with her back against the testing column.

Guo Songtao turned on the star force test instrument and said: « Put your hands on the test screen and try to release the star force. »

Han Youwei did it one by one, pressing her hands on the detection screen to release star power.

After a while, the test result was displayed on the computer next to the machine.

A group of students gathered around to watch, and the computer screen showed Han Youwei’s attributes.

Name: Han Youwei

Star power rating: Lv.2

Attributes: Strength 13, Agility 18, Physical 13, Spirit 17

Super power feature: Star Force Condensation

Star trough features: static control

Skills: Softness Lv.1, Whip Leg Lv.2, Throwing Fighting Lv.2, Hair Tip Steel Whip Lv.2

When Guo Songtao saw Han Youwei’s test results, he immediately became happy.

A boy asked quickly: « Teacher, what level of potential is Han Youwei? »

« A grade, and it’s A+, get dry, dry. » Guo Songtao raised his hand to indicate.

The students in Class 2 suddenly understood and cheered loudly, making a greater movement than the one in Class 1.

Several students in the first class came to inquire about the news.

After cheering, a boy pointed to the « star slot characteristics » on the character attribute panel and asked: « Teacher, what is this star slot characteristic? »

« This is an additional superpower feature, not something that comes with awakening. It is absorbed by the day after tomorrow, usually from the nucleus of a high-order star beast. » Guo Songtao explained.

« Is the star core of the high-level star beast expensive? » the boy asked again.

« It’s okay, a high-level star beast’s star core can almost repair half of the East China Sea One Middle School. » Guo Songtao gave an example.

The whole class suddenly opened their mouths, feeling in their hearts: Where is this super power, it is clearly the money power!

At this moment.

A boy in the class next door came over from the class next door, wearing a cautious dress.

This boy is extremely expensive in his clothes, looks angular and neat, and combs his head neatly and slantingly.

The students of Donghai No. 1 Middle School knew him because his name was William Li, the young master of the Li family, the star martial giant in Donghai City, and the only suitor of Han Youwei.

William Li walked to the second class team, stood in front of Han Youwei, and asked, « Is the test finished? »

« It’s tested. » Han Youwei replied.

« Let’s go. There are no classes this afternoon. Let’s go to the Ote restaurant for dinner. The beef ribs that arrived by air this morning are just right for the afternoon. » William Li proposed.

Han Youwei smiled slightly to express her gratitude, and refused: « No, I have something else. You can go first. »

William Li did not force it, because that would seem very ungentleman.

However, he did not leave, so he accompanied Han Youwei, standing aside watching the rest of the classmates test Xingli.

The Star Force test continues.

Students go to the test in the order they are lined up.

Except for Han Youwei who reached Lv.2, most of the remaining students are Lv.1.

Of course, not that most of the students in the school have Lv.1 star power levels.

Only the first and second classes have an average star power level of Lv.1, because the first and second classes are the key classes for the awakened.

There are 16 classes in the third grade of Donghai No. 1 Middle School. Except for the first and second classes, most of the students in the rest of the classes have a star power level of Lv. 0, and even star power cannot be detected.

For students who test the star power level of Lv.0 and have low potential, the school recommends that these students choose to take the arts and sciences.

After an hour of testing, it was Fang Yuan’s turn to test.

Some students had already tested before, so Fang Yuan walked to the test instrument in a familiar way, stood with his back against the test column, and pressed his hands on the test screen.

Looking sideways at the computer screen, waiting for the test results.