The star power training model consists of 5 parts in total, namely the strength group, the agility group, the physical group, the spirit group and the energy level group.

The star force model currently displayed on the projector is the force group model.

In Fang Yuan’s view, Yang Yuping’s primary star power model is not too complicated, and it can be written down after reading it twice.

I have learned about the Star Force training model before, so I learn it quickly.

After following the star power cycle displayed by the projector three times, I am basically skilled.

However, there is only one projector, and one person learns it and will not play the second set of star power models.

After Fang Yuan repeated the power group star power cycle twice, he began to focus on Wei Hailong.

Guide Xingli into his eyes and begin to observe his attributes.

Unsurprisingly, all the property panels I saw were question marks except for the name.

This is undoubtedly a BoSS template, and there is no useful information at all.

When Fang Yuan was observing, Wei Hailong seemed to have a reaction, and suddenly looked up.

The two looked at each other, and their eyes met for a moment.

Fang Yuan casually moved his gaze back to the projection screen, and followed the image to review the power group star power cycle.

The afternoon is three consecutive martial arts classes.

I practiced the Xingli training model throughout the afternoon.

Only between classes can rest for ten minutes.

During the break between classes.

Han Youwei was stuffed with a can of Coke by her classmate.

She walked to Fang Yuan, held up a Coke, and said, « Thank you. »

« A treat, don’t thank me. »

Fang Yuan looked at her curiously, and asked, « A daughter like you can also drink Coke? »

« Except for patients with stomach problems, you can’t drink Coke. There is nothing wrong with drinking it. Why can’t you drink it? » Han Youwei asked back.

« All right. I interrupted you several times during class just now to answer questions, why are you not angry? » Fang Yuan looked at her with interest.

« I don’t think this is so angry. Just now you said that your idol is Professor Yang Yuping, is it true? » Han Youwei changed the subject.

« That’s right. If I don’t take the martial arts exam, what I want to test most is Professor Yang’s undergraduate, master’s degree, and doctoral studies, and then enter his Star Force Lab.

Fang Yuan did work in this direction before, so he has read many papers by Yang Yuping.

However, these papers are too professional, and many of the contents cannot be understood.

« Your goal is not generally high. Yang Yuping’s undergraduate, master’s and doctoral studies are not recruited every year, and he interviews himself personally, which makes it difficult to pass. » Han Youwei smiled.

« That’s why I said it was the one I wanted to take the test most before, just think about it. » Fang Yuan spread his hands.

« I thought about it before, but now I don’t want to? » Han Youwei keenly captured the key information from the words.

« I seem to prefer the road of super fighters. »

Fang Yuan used to think that his martial arts class scores were too poor, and worried that the road of super fighters would not work, so he wanted to take the science and technology major of Xingli.

« If you take the martial arts exam, won’t you have any regrets? I will miss Professor Yang Yuping in the future. » Han Youwei was a little curious.

Fang Yuan grinned and said: « In the past two years, Professor Yang has been recruiting powerful force system awakeners, and wants to continue to improve the power group cycle of the star power model. Maybe I become a super soldier, and I have more research on Professor Yangs star power. help. »

« The super soldier with scientific research mind is indeed a rare species, come on! » Han Youwei shook her fist and made a cheering gesture.

Yang Yuping’s star power model is excellent in all aspects, but the only thing lacking is that in the power group model, the improvement is still not as good as the Davis model.

In the world of super fighters, strength is the most important attribute.

Although super fighters have attributes of more than double power, more than 70% of super fighters use power attributes as their tactical basis.

Historically, becoming legendary super fighters are all brave images of slashing the entire world with one sword.

Such as the Chinese God of War Red Dragon, the European knight God Kyle, and the American Thor Argus.

These are super gods of power.

Because the Davis model has advantages in strength training, even if it is not comparable to the Yang Yuping Star Force model in other aspects, it is still very popular in the world.

It’s time for class.

Han Youwei remembered something: « By the way, I booked the martial arts coaching course tonight, will you take the place tonight? »

« I have to go to dinner with Xiaozhu first. »

« It doesn’t matter, I also want to eat, you can stay with your sister for a while, don’t worry too much. »

Fang Yuan looked at her curiously and asked: « If I were to absent from work and let you go, would you be angry? »

« That way you will be deducted money, you should be more angry than me. » Han Youwei covered her mouth and smiled.

« I’m curious, what can I do to make you angry? »

Fang Yuan found a point of anger from every classmate in the class, but not from Han Youwei.

It feels like collecting stamps. It’s just the last « stamp », and it’s hard to get it.

After the martial arts class is over.

Fang Yuan went to the food street next to the school, packed two large portions of wontons and steamed dumplings, and took them to the hospital.

The vegetable rice in the hospital cafeteria is indeed not very delicious, Fang Xiaozhu complains every day.

Therefore, Fang Yuan packed her favorite wontons and steamed dumplings outside today.

When eating wontons, the two wild cats appeared on the windowsill on time.

Fang Xiaozhu separated several wontons and steamed dumplings and put them on the windowsill.

Although the two wild cats were eating, they were obviously not eating well.

However, because it is a wild cat, I can only dig through the trash can when I am hungry, so I still eat the wonton very cleanly.

Fang Xiaozhu saw that the two cats were not very happy when they were eating, and turned around and said, « Brother, they don’t like to eat wontons. »

« It’s good to have something to eat. »

Fang Yuan didn’t care very much. Since the wild cat could survive, it was not so delicate.

Fang Xiaozhu came back and pulled out a package of marinated dried fish from the bottom of his pillow, ready to take it apart to feed the cat.

« Where did you get it? » Fang Yuan asked casually.

« It was given by my new doctor sister. » Fang Xiaozhu said naturally the medical students who came to practice.

« She said she fed you the cat? »

« Yes indeed. »

« Then she must have never raised a cat. »

« why? »

« Because cats dont have sweat glands, they cant excrete salt through sweat glands. Eating too much salt will cause a huge burden on the kidneys. This kind of salted dried fish is so salty, you want to kill these two cats so that they dont come here in the future. Bother you, right? » Fang Yuan joked.

« That’s not it! » Fang Xiaozhu showed an angrily expression and threw on the bed to beat the pillow.

Fang Yuan unexpectedly never gained 1 point of anger from there.

After beating the pillow for a while, Fang Xiaozhu got up again and asked, « What do you want to feed? They don’t like to eat wontons. »

« I think they are quite satisfied. »

The two cats licked the wonton skins clean, and then raised their heads to meow at Fang Xiaozhu.

Fang Xiaozhu came up and grabbed Fang Yuan’s arm, and shook him: « Brother, think of a way, they really don’t like to eat wontons. »

« Okay, I’ll buy you two bags of cat food tomorrow. Is this all right? »

Fang Yuan made a lot of money by « selling himself » a few days ago, so he doesn’t have much money now.

However, because my sister may need to spend money at any time in the hospital, I dare not spend it lavishly, but it is fine to buy a few packets of cat food.