Fang Xiaozhu finally became happy when he heard that there was cat food tomorrow.

Go to the window sill and talk to the two wild cats.

Fang Yuan reminded: « There are many bacteria, so don’t touch it. This is a rule. If they fall ill, the cat food will be gone. »

« Got it. »

Fang Xiaozhu promised, and then whispered to the two cats: « There will be cat food tomorrow, and there is no today. You have to be obedient… »

The two wild cats meowed a few times, as if saying goodbye, then jumped off the window sill and left.

Fang Yuan remembered about the three-sided star core, so he used a power to check Fang Xiaozhu’s attributes, to see if her illness was related to the three-sided star core.

Name: Fang Xiaozhu

Star power rating: None

Attributes: Strength 3, Agility 5, Physical 3, Spirit 10

Super features: none

Skills: None

Very pure attributes of ordinary people, and a little higher spirit, other attributes are very suitable for her current age.

As for the 10 spiritual attributes, it is not particularly strange.

Sometimes, children’s spirits are indeed higher than adults.

From the attribute panel, there is no connection between Fang Xiaozhu and the three-sided star nucleus, nor is it a good thing or a bad thing.

If there is no connection, then the cause of this little girl’s dizziness still cannot be found.

After dinner, Fang Yuan took Fang Xiaozhu into his arms and pulled over the mobile table to supervise her homework.

Although hospitalization cannot go to school, self-study is still needed.

While Fang Xiaozhu was doing his homework, the TV in the ward was broadcasting the evening news from Donghai TV.

« This station news: At 6:20 on the 26th, an animal escape accident occurred in the East China Sea Wildlife Park. It is reported that gray wolves and golden monkeys were among the wild animals that fled. After a night of hunting, most of the animals have been recovered, but there are still some wild animals. Displaced, if any residents find the following wild animals in the city, please call Donghai Wildlife Park or the police… »

The news is also accompanied by pictures, which are pictures of some wild animals.

After seeing the news pictures, Fang Xiaozhu suddenly pointed a pencil at the TV and said, « It’s a bear! »

Fang Yuan was originally watching her do her homework. Hearing her shouting, he looked up at the TV and saw a picture of a giant panda.

Regarding the name « Xiong Ba », Fang Yuan gave it last year.

Of course, this is the name that the brother and sister know.

During last summer vacation, Fang Xiaozhu left the hospital once after his condition stabilized.

To celebrate, the whole family went to the Donghai Wildlife Park once and adopted a giant panda at the zoo.

Of course, the so-called « adoption » is actually just adoption, and the pandas still stay in the zoo.

To put it bluntly, it is to give the money to the zoo to feed the giant pandas.

At that time, the whole family’s idea was to do a good deed, to accumulate virtues for her sister, and to protect her from getting sick in the future.

At that time, Fang Xiaozhu said that he would rename the panda so that he would be his own baby.

Fang Yuan said casually at the time: « The bear dominates the world. »

It was originally a joke, but Fang Xiaozhu took it seriously, and later called the panda « Xion Ba ».

Fang Yuan sees giant pandas alike.

Black and white fur with dark circles under the eyes, each looks similar.

I don’t know if the one with the picture on the TV news is the one adopted by my own family.

Moreover, the giant panda on TV seems to be very big, half a person on the ground.

Fang Xiaozhu pointed to the TV and said, « Brother, our family ran away from home. »

« Don’t worry, the uncles and aunts at the zoo will find him back. » Fang Yuan comforted casually.

« Brother, do we want to find Xiongba? What if he has no food outside? » Fang Xiaozhu looked worried, as if his baby had run away.

« No, Xiong Ba is so cute, you can eat everywhere you go. »

Fang Yuan said that, but he was spitting out in his heart: If a panda, a natural cute creature, can be hungry in the city, it would be a hell.

What needs to worry about is the panda hurting people, because that guy is a bear, not a cat.

A slap in the face can slap a person in two.

At night.

Fang Yuan returned from the martial arts hall on his behalf, and stopped by to the hospital to see if his sister was asleep.

When I entered the ward, I saw my parents were there.

« Why are you all here? »

Li Shuhua muttered: « It’s not your dad yet. I always said that you can come alone. He is very follow-up. He has a plaster in his hand, very follow-up, and he looks nervous. Just so, you can send your dad back. . »

Because they didn’t want the mother to worry about the relationship, neither father and son told her about the overseas Awakening Organization.

Fang Yuan could probably guess why Dad followed, he should be worried that someone would follow him on the way.

After the family waited for Xiaozhu to fall asleep, Li Shuhua stayed in the hospital to accompany the bed.

Fang Yuan sent Fang Zhenguo home.

When the two returned home, Fang Yuan took out the key and prepared to open the door.

Fang Zhenguo suddenly stretched out his hand to stop him, and then quickly pulled out the Glock from his waist.

Fang Yuan saw his movement and knew that there was a situation, and immediately guided Xingli into his eyes and began to observe the surrounding environment.

Fang Zhenguo walked to the door and squatted down, put his hand on the threshold, and whispered: « Someone opened the door. »

Obviously Fang Zhenguo did a trick on the door when he went out. As long as the door was opened, he would find it.

The family was in the hospital just now, who would open the door at this time?

Obviously someone touched into the house.

Fang Yuan took out the key to open the door. After the door was opened, he glanced at the living room and found no abnormalities before turning on the lights in the living room.

Then the two exchanged glances and went in to check every room.

« No one. » Fang Yuan confirmed after checking the kitchen and bathroom.

Immediately afterwards, the two entered the master bedroom and stood in front of the hidden wall on the wall.

The safe is in the secret compartment.

Fang Zhenguo opened the shutter of the hidden compartment and said, « Don’t touch the safe, wait for me. »

As he spoke, he flipped out a flashlight from the drawer, and when it was turned on, it shot out a blue light.

He shone blue light on the safe, and immediately reflected some messy palm prints.

« The safe is too passive. »

Fang Yuan looked closer and said, « There seems to be no fingerprints. »

« It should be wearing gloves. The technique is very professional. If I hadn’t prepared in advance, I would never notice it. »

Fang Zhenguo turned off the flashlight as he spoke.

When the flashlight was turned off, the blue light disappeared, and the palm traces on the safe also disappeared.

It is obvious that the safe is coated with some kind of reagent that can reflect blue light.

Although the intruder wore gloves, as long as he touched the safe, he would inevitably wipe off the reagent.

Therefore, under the irradiation of blue light, messy palm traces will appear.

« Let’s open it, I guess there is nothing missing. » Fang Zhenguo turned and turned on the light in the room.

Fang Yuan pressed the password and opened the safe.

There were some cash in the safe, a watch, and some worthless jewelry.

As expected, there is nothing missing.

« It’s true that there is nothing less. The person who touched it is not a thief. From this point of view, it should be the person sent by the’God’s Spear’. » Fang Yuan thought and analyzed.

« Fortunately, we made preparations in advance. If they discover the star core, things will be difficult. » Fang Zhenguo slowly exhaled.

Seeing his nervousness, Fang Yuan said in a relaxed tone: « Old Fang, don’t worry too much. Since the people of the’God’s Spear’ sneaked in, it means that they don’t want to make too much movement. We shift the triangle. The Star Accounting was successful. They didn’t find the thing when they came in, but proved that the thing was not in our house. »

Although he said so, there was still a sense of urgency in my heart.

This foreign awakened organization is always a threat. If you want to protect your family, you must improve your strength as soon as possible.