the next day.

The school was all talking about missing animals in the East China Sea Wildlife Park.

« Have you heard? A few animals ran over at the East China Sea Wildlife Park. »

« What a few. The venues around the Monkey Park are almost gone. »

« So amazing? What’s the matter? »

« I heard that a golden monkey stole the keeper’s key and released all the animals in the surrounding venues in the middle of the night. »

« This is fine too? Is this monkey fine? »

« Any more exciting news? »

« I told you that my uncle works in the East China Sea Wildlife Park. I heard him say that the missing animals were abnormal. »

« Why is it abnormal? »

« Have you seen a gray wolf bigger than a tiger? »

« Bigger than a tiger? Isn’t that two or three times bigger than an ordinary gray wolf? »

« What two or three times, a full six times, I heard that the gray wolf has six hundred catties. »

« How is it possible? How could there be such a big wolf. »

« Why not, don’t you know that animals have mutated? Just like the awakened, animals are also awakened. »

« So the gray wolf that ran out was mutated? »

« It’s true. I have another news. I heard that the Super Management Bureau has been involved in this matter. »

« What over-control bureau? Is it over-control on the live broadcast platform? »

« Its silly to watch the live broadcast? Its the Super Awakened Administration, or Super Awakening Administration for short. The department is responsible for managing the nationwide Awakened cases. There is a team under the Super Awakening Administration that is responsible for cases related to mutant creatures. . »

When Fang Yuan walked into the classroom, he heard his classmates discussing yesterday’s news.

« I heard that one of the escaping animals is rolling. If I meet him, I will definitely take it home and raise it. » A girl showed a look of hope.

« Wake up, it’s a bear, not a cat. You don’t think that pandas love bamboo, so you really only eat vegetarian food? » The classmate next to him shocked.

Some students use their mobile phones to scan the news on the Internet. As soon as they have the latest news, they speak out loud.

« There is the latest news. The 600-jin mutant gray wolf was caught. »

« Really? I must go to the safari park this weekend to see this mutant wolf, a wolf bigger than a tiger. It’s so touching. »

The student who read the news added: « You can’t see it anymore. »

« why? »

« This mutant wolf did not return to the zoo, but was transported away in a cage. »

« Where did it go? »

« It didn’t say anything in the news, but you guessed it. It’s rare to catch a mutant beast, and of course it was sent to the laboratory for sectioning. »

« It’s a pity, I want to see a 600-jin wolf, should I be able to ride it? My Frostwolf mount… » a boy longed.

In the four classes in the morning, apart from the compulsory subjects for the first two Chinese lessons, the latter two are not compulsory subjects.

Fang Yuan urgently needs to improve his strength, so the next two classes are not available, and he is going to the library to find books related to the Xingli training model.

After learning the star power training model yesterday, I encountered some questions and needed to find answers.

When entering the library lobby.

Fang Yuan’s heart twitched.

Because there was a man standing in front of the bookcase in the library lobby, staring at the geometric sculptures above.

The focus is not on the geometric sculptures, but the things in the geometric sculptures.

The three-sided star nucleus is in the conical sculpture. Once discovered, God knows what will happen?

What made Fang Yuan even more nervous was that the person who was looking at geometric sculptures was unexpectedly Wei Hailong, a new martial arts instructor.

Fang Yuan thought quickly in his heart.

Did he find the three-sided star core in the conical sculpture?

What is his identity?

Is it possible to be a member of the Spear of God?

The most troublesome thing is that I can’t see his specific attribute data with iris data.

If you can see a little bit of data, you might be able to analyze useful information.

Fang Yuan quickly speculated on the opponent’s strength.

When he was in the martial arts class yesterday, he was wearing an army special warfare camouflage. According to the military rank shown on his shoulder, the star power level should not exceed Lv.3.

Depending on his physical fitness, the highest attribute should be agility.

Then the spirit should be the middle level of the Lv.3 awakened person.

The key attribute of iris data is spirit. The higher the spirit, the more attribute data can be seen.

If you improve your spiritual attributes, you might hope to see Wei Hailong’s specific data.

Fang Yuan looked around, and when he saw the library teacher in the borrowing area, his mind suddenly flashed.

This library teacher is in her fifties and she is very nice, and occasionally she will let go of the book late.

These are not critical.

The key is that Fang Yuan knows that the superpower of this library teacher is « advanced spiritual strengthening. »

Fang Yuan immediately walked over, handed over the book to be returned, and then took the opportunity to use the « super mimicry » to copy her « high-level mental enhancement ».

The column of star trough characteristics suddenly became: advanced mental enhancement (mimicry).

The ability of simple attributes is not particularly strong in itself.

However, if you awakened high-level attribute enhancement, it would be different.

Advanced spiritual enhancement, which can increase spiritual attributes by 40%.

After Fang Yuan copied this ability, he immediately used it, and his 15-point spirit immediately soared to 21-point.

Looking at Wei Hailong again, the attribute panel that emerged, finally showed data.

Name: Wei Hailong

Star power rating: Lv.3

Attribute: Strength? ? ? agile? ? ? physique? ? ? spirit? ? ?

Super features:? ? ?

Star trough characteristics:? ? ?

skill:? ? ?

This time, I finally saw Wei Hailong’s star power level.

As speculated, his star power level is indeed Lv.3.

Although I only saw the star power level, it is enough to show that improving the mental attributes is indeed useful.

When there was no advanced mental enhancement (mimicry) yesterday, even the star power level was a question mark.

If you continue to improve your spiritual attributes, can you see more information?

Fang Yuan pondered this question.

Although the ability of iris data has no attack power, it is definitely a magical skill if used well.

This ability is closely related to spirit, so using anger points to increase mental attributes is absolutely not a loss.

Moreover, the super fighters of the Star Force Era are all double-strong attributes.

His strength has reached 19 points, which is close to the current star power level limit, and he can start to improve the second attribute.

Besides, there is an urgent need to read Wei Hailong’s information clearly.

Fang Yuan glanced at an angry point, a total of 595 points.

Then, he reached out and clicked on his mental attributes.

The basic spirit increased to 16 points, and after the advanced mental enhancement (mimicry), it became 22.4.

Looking at Wei Hailong again, the question mark on the attribute panel did not decrease.

Fang Yuan was not in a hurry, and continued to increase his energy.

A stream of fiery energy gushes out of the body, poured into the brain, and the mental power continues to improve.

Finally, the 500 anger points are used up, the basic spirit is raised to 20, and the strengthened spirit reaches 28.

This time I finally saw Wei Hailong’s attribute information.

Name: Wei Hailong

Star power rating: Lv.3

Attributes: Strength 30, agility? ? ? Physical 30, Spirit 28

Super feature: Starlight Flash

skill:? ? ?

I saw the three attributes of strength, physique, and spirit, but failed to see the agility attribute.

This shows that his main attribute is agility. According to the Lv.3 Awakener’s main attribute level, it is speculated that his agility attribute should be above 35 points.

The conclusion is that this person is very strong, and the burst speed can reach 35 meters per second, which is more than three times that of ordinary people.

So far, the attribute data of this person is consistent with the identity of the soldier of the Awakened, and nothing wrong has been found.