Wei Hailong was still staring at those geometric sculptures.

Fang Yuan is not sure if he has discovered the star core in the cone, but whether he has discovered it or not, he can’t let him continue to look at it like this.

He must be taken away.

Fang Yuan walked over to say hello: « Instructor Wei. »

Wei Hailong turned his head and asked in the army’s unique hard voice: « What’s the matter? »

« I’m a little curious, what exactly does instructor Wei’s star power flash ability do? »

Fang Yuan asked this deliberately, selling a flaw.

Wei Hailong showed a hint of surprise on his face, and asked, « How do you know my power? »

He was very sure that when he introduced himself in the martial arts class yesterday, he did not disclose the power information.

In fact, every qualified soldier in the army will try to hide his own information to avoid being found by the enemy.

Fang Yuan pointed to his eyes and replied, « Iris data. »

Regarding the fact that one’s own power is iris data, there is a record in the school, so there is no need to hide it.

Speaking directly, on the contrary, he seems to be honest and trustworthy.

« That’s it. »

When Wei Hailong heard that it was iris data, he didn’t doubt anything, and instead replied, « Starlight flash, you can understand it as a flash bomb. »

« Then this ability is very good. It is very useful in the army. » Fang Yuan praised.

This compliment is actually true.

Wei Hailong’s ability is equivalent to an infinite flash bomb.

Not only that, since it is an ability, you can definitely make more detailed control, and it is definitely much better to use than flash bombs.

Moreover, I don’t know the power of this star power flash.

If the power is strong enough, maybe you can blind the enemy directly.

« Do you have anything else? » Wei Hailong’s voice was still as cold as iron.

Fang Yuans goal was to get him away from the geometric sculpture, so he said, « I have finished my compulsory course and want to practice the star power model. Are the instructors free now? »

« Then go to the big classroom. »

Wei Hailong did not refuse, and directly led Fang Yuan to the large classroom.

Since the Xingli training model is stored in the engineering notebook, and cannot be copied, so if you want to practice, you can only go to the large classroom and use that engineering notebook to play it.

The two chatted as they walked to the large classroom.

« I looked at your files last night. You got good grades in cultural classes, but the results of martial arts classes are the last. Why do you still insist on taking martial arts classes? » Wei Hailong reviewed the files of both classes of students last night.

« Because the stars and the sea are the first dream of every boy, isn’t it? » Fang Yuan smiled.

« Actually, the Imperial Military Academy has a liberal arts major, specializing in training military staff. Your iris data ability is also very suitable for being a staff. In the future, the position of a staff is indispensable on warships. It is not necessary to rush to the front to be a hero. » Wei Hailong Although he was a martial arts instructor, he still wanted to show Fang Yuan an easier way to succeed.

It’s just that Fang Yuan has hidden a major secret, and only he knows which way to go.

« Thank you instructor for reminding, I will consider it. »

While talking, the two came to the large classroom.

Wei Hailong opened the engineering notebook, entered the password, and started the Xingli training model program.

Fang Yuan stared at the projection screen, controlled the star power in his body, and reviewed the contents of yesterday’s memory according to the circular flow demonstrated by the training model.

After reviewing, Fang Yuan began to consider which attributes to exercise.

According to the diminishing marginal effect, the attribute with the lowest exercise value increases the fastest.

However, most awakened people do not do this.

Because most of the awakened people are desperately majoring in one attribute and want to raise the main attribute to the limit.

Fang Yuan is completely different.

Due to the magical ability of absorbing anger, the strength of 19 points and the spirit of 20 points have basically reached the limit of Lv.1.

At this time, it is completely possible to cultivate the third attribute.

Fang Yuan felt that if he continued like this, it was really possible to fully repair all four attributes.

Now the remaining two attributes, Agility 15, Physical 13.

Although the physique is the lowest, the effect of physique training is not obvious.

To increase physical fitness, you need to cooperate with your diet.

To put it simply, the fastest way to increase your fitness is to eat.

Just like beef balls, eating fiercely and eating a whole body of fat will naturally make you very tall.

Under the intersection, Fang Yuan felt that being agile was more important when facing strong enemies.

Therefore, Fang Yuan decided to practice agility first, so he asked: « Instructor, if I want to practice agility, what kind of exercise should I use? »

« Agility training is mainly to train nerve reaction speed and limit running speed. According to the star power model, build a star power cycle on your legs, and you can run. At your current level, you can almost improve your agility by running for a thousand kilometers. « Wei Hailong answered.

« A thousand kilometers? You have to run to death, right? Isn’t there a faster practice method? » Fang Yuan asked again.

« Have. »

« What is it? »

« Run with load. » Wei Hailong said as he removed a pair of ten kilograms from his feet and threw it in front of Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan sat on the ground, picked up the weight and began to tie his feet.

He **** and looked at Wei Hailong, tentatively: « Instructor, have you heard of God’s Spear? »

Wei Hailong suddenly turned his head and asked, « Why are you asking this? »

« Nothing, just curious. » Fang Yuan replied casually.

« That is a very dangerous organization of the Awakened from abroad. You better not get involved with this organization in any way. » Wei Hailong reminded.

Fang Yuan mentioned « God’s Spear » mainly because he wanted to test him.

However, judging from his reaction, it didn’t look like it was related. I don’t know if it was pretending.

After Fang Yuan tied the load, he stood up and jumped, and said, « I remember seeing in the book that attribute enhancement-type abilities have improved attribute cultivation, isn’t it true? »

« This is indeed true. Attribute-enhanced abilities have greatly improved cultivation. »

« Then if you use the attribute enhancement ability to make the attribute exceed the upper limit of the level, will it trigger a diminishing marginal effect? »

« No, there are accurate experimental data for this in the army. But it’s useless if you ask, and you don’t have attribute enhancement abilities. » Wei Hailong replied.

A smile appeared at the corner of Fang Yuan’s mouth, and instead of talking about this topic, he waved his hand and ran outside the classroom: « Then I’m going to the playground. »

Many students are already exercising on the playground.

Fang Yuan glanced over, looking for students with agility strengthening ability in the crowd.

Soon, he discovered the « agility enhancement » ability in a boy playing basketball.

However, this is only a primary agility enhancement, increasing agility by 20%.

Fang Yuan was not very satisfied, so he continued searching.

Soon I found a « intermediate agility enhancement », which increased agility by 30%.

Advanced attribute enhancement is indeed rare, and it would be nice to find an intermediate one.

Fang Yuan walked over, preparing to copy the boy’s « Intermediate Agility Strengthening ».