Just as Fang Yuan was about to replicate the « Intermediate Agile Strengthening », the school’s track and field team walked to the playground and began to warm up.

Fang Yuan glanced over from the track and field team, and unexpectedly discovered that there was an « Advanced Agility Reinforcement » in the track team.

After a little thought, I understood what was going on.

Advanced agility to strengthen this ability is naturally placed on track and field racing events in order to play the greatest role.

There are still competitive sports in the Star Force Era.

Of course, the appearance of the awakened completely changed the rules of competitive sports.

For example, track and field sports will be divided into different groups according to the star power level.

Just like the kilogram groupings of weightlifting and boxing.

Athletes of the same level are put together to compete.

In addition, during the official competition, the use of star power will be strictly controlled, and the competition is still on human limits and sports skills.

Even if star power is forbidden in the official competition, the attribute enhancement abilities are still very helpful to the athletes during training.

Therefore, Fang Yuan found several students with enhanced attributes in the school track team.

Among them, the boy with « advanced agility enhancement » seems to be a newcomer to the track and field team. His agility attribute is 15 points, which is considered to be a lower-middle level in the track team.

In the track and field team, the captain of the track team « Lei Minghao » has the highest agility attribute.

Fang Yuan remembers that he won several runner-ups in the Donghai Middle School Games last year.

Lei Minghao’s ability is also agile enhancement, but not advanced, but intermediate.

Attribute-enhancing abilities can increase the cultivation speed of the awakened.

Now that you have encountered the « advanced agile enhancement » ability, of course you have to borrow it to use it.

Fang Yuan walked over, patted the boy’s arm with the back of his hand, and said while copying the power, « Hey, can you give me a hand? »

A dozen track and field team members turned their heads together and asked in an unkind tone: « Who are you? »

« When you warm up, can you not block the runway? I just want to use the runway. » Fang Yuan explained.

This group of track and field team members stood on the track to warm up, blocking the track.

Lei Minghao glanced at Fang Yuan and said, « Don’t you know that the track in the morning belongs to our track team? »

Fang Yuan spread his hands and said, « A dozen of you, it’s impossible to fill up the runway. When doing warm-up exercises, you can give way first.

« Who is this person? Do you know? » Lei Minghao asked the other players with a joking expression.

On the track team there is a boy named Zhou Xiangming.

He knew Fang Yuan because of the reason for taking martial arts classes together.

« He’s in class two, and his name is Fang Yuan, and his martial arts class is the last one. »

More than a dozen members of the track and field team immediately laughed and said: « The results of the martial arts class are down. If you don’t go back to endorse and prepare for the liberal arts exam, what are you doing here? »

Fang Yuan was a little speechless, and said, « I just want to use the runway, can this also attract crowds of ridicule? »

« Go away quickly, don’t hinder our training. » A group of track and field team members began to rush.

When Fang Yuan saw these arrogant guys, it was as if he saw a lot of anger hit his face.

So, deliberately murmured with a volume that they could hear: « You can’t get a champion at a sports meeting, and the platoon is not small. Without the life of the champion, it is the disease of the champion. »

« What are you talking about! » The entire track team was blown up, and they all surrounded, as if they were about to fight.

When Fang Yuan saw a series of +3 and +5 pop up from his anger, he was immediately happy.

It was just a sentence, and it went up to 72 points of anger, plus the remaining 95 points, bringing the total to 167 points.

Zhou Xiangming, the boy in the group, leaned in Lei Minghaos ear and whispered: « Captain, this guy is the one who angered Li Shao last time, shall we teach him a lesson? »

Lei Minghao stretched out his hand to poke Fang Yuan’s chest and threatened: « Boy, I advise you to get acquainted and get out, or I will let you get stuck in one. »

Fang Yuan said, « I’ve seen someone occupying a basketball court or a tennis court. It’s the first time I’ve occupied a track. In this case, it’s better than a game. Whoever wins the field belongs to whom. »

It is a common thing to compete for the stadium in schools. The more civilized way is to come to a game and lose.

« Running? »

« Correct. »

« Hahaha…Are you stupid? You even compare track and field events with our track and field team! » A group of track and field players suddenly laughed.

« Bibi? Hurry up. » Fang Yuan urged.

« Captain, this guy is too crazy, compare him and teach him a lesson! » All the track and field players didn’t pay attention to Fang Yuan.

Lei Minghao was not interested in playing against Fang Yuan at all, and casually asked the players next to him: « Which one of you will compare with him? »

Zhou Xiangming, the boy in the class, immediately stood up and said, « Captain, let me compare with him. »

He wants to defeat Fang Yuan in the race, and then he can go to Li William to claim credit.

Lei Minghao glanced at him and whispered in his ear: « It’s not a formal game, there are no rules, just use the ability to kill him. »

Zhou Xiangming showed a knowing smile at the corner of his mouth, looked at Fang Yuan, and asked: « I’ll compare you with one thousand meters, do you dare to compare? »

« can. »

Fang Yuan started to do warm-up exercises, and at the same time guided the star force to flow in the body according to the star force training model, stimulating muscles and stimulating the human body’s potential.

After both of them were ready, Lei Minghao brought a small flag, raised it and shouted: « Get ready, start! »

Zhou Xiangming belongs to the track and field team. He has a solid foundation after professional training.

The start and acceleration are very fast.

The word « begin » was shouted.

He shot out like a cheetah.

Fang Yuan has no professional training and has no experience in running skills.

Therefore, at the moment of starting, he was pulled out of five positions.

Seeing this, the other dozen track and field players all booed: « That’s it? You dare to compare with our track and field team, what do you think? »

Fang Yuan didn’t worry, he tried his best to run, and at the same time guided Xingli into his eyes to observe the attribute data of this group of boys.

The opponent’s basic agility is 16 points, and the ability is the primary agility enhancement.

But he hasn’t used power yet.

Fang Yuan’s current agility is 15 points. Whether it is running skills or agility, both are at a disadvantage, but the gap is not too big and the distance has not been opened too much.

Lei Minghao shouted from the side of the runway: « Speed up, play him to death! »

Zhou Xiangming looked back at Fang Yuan and said provocatively: « Guess, how many laps will I overtake you later? »

As he spoke, he used the ability « Elementary Agility Enhancement », and his speed suddenly soared by 20%.

Fang Yuan adapted to the rhythm of running, and followed the use of « Advanced Agility Reinforcement (Mimicry, his speed soared by 40%, he caught up with him at a faster speed, and quickly pulled closer.

Zhou Xiangming originally thought he had left Fang Yuan far behind, just when he was proud.

Fang Yuan’s voice suddenly rang in his ears: « Hey, your speed doesn’t seem to be very fast. »

Zhou Xiangming looked back, his eyes widened, and he was shocked: « You…how did you catch up? »

« You are as slow as a snail, you can catch up with your feet. » Fang Yuan grinned and smiled very kindly at him.

When Zhou Xiangming saw this smile, his anger surged, and he ran forward with all his strength, trying to distance himself.

The more angry he is, the happier Fang Yuan

The anger point kept rising.

After catching up with him, Fang Yuan began to accelerate from the right to « overtake ».

Zhou Xiangming rushed with all his strength, but he still watched Fang Yuan run past him.

After Fang Yuan passed him, he slowed down again, retreated behind him, and then accelerated « overtaking » again, smiling at him: « I passed through your world, and then… the second time, the third time… « 

Zhou Xiangming watched Fang Yuan « pass » from his side again and again, once « passing » from the left, and then « passing » from the right, and the whole person was broken.