Before the one-kilometer race was finished, Zhou Xiangming was broken by the game and stopped in the middle of the run.

Fang Yuan ran back to the starting point, showing a kind smile, looking at the remaining track and field players.

In the process of playing Zhou Xiangming just now, he made another anger point.

The total number of anger points has reached 265 points.

The members of the track team are filled with outrage, like a group of beasts that want to eat people.

Fang Yuan looked at them as if looking at the moving anger points, and actively proposed: « Should we win two games in three games? »

Lei Minghao and the others were taken aback for a moment, but Fang Yuan would take the initiative to request to continue the comparison.

This group of guys worried that Fang Yuan would go back, and said quickly: « You said this. »

Fang Yuan nodded and said affirmatively: « Yes, I said it, how about it? »

« Captain, this kid is so arrogant, he must teach him a lesson. » A group of team members gathered around Lei Minghao and began to discuss.

Lei Minghao originally didn’t want to compare with Fang Yuan. After all, an athlete who won a sports medal and a competition that hadn’t practiced track and field were too cheap.

However, Fang Yuan has now won against Zhou Xiangming.

He had to stand up.

He walked in front of Fang Yuan and said proudly: « I won three medals at the Donghai Middle School Games last year. I really disdain to compare with you, but you are too crazy. If you want to compare, then I will follow you. ratio! »

Fang Yuan took a look at his attributes and found that his agility attributes had reached 19 points and had « intermediate agility enhancement ».

If he only races, this guy is very strong.

After Fang Yuan saw his attributes, instead of flinching, he was happier and said, « Let’s start. »

The surrounding track and field players yelled: « Fang Yuan, we will lose to our captain later, and we will detour when we see our track team in the future, otherwise we will see you play once! »

Fang Yuan shrugged, glanced at these track and field players, and asked, « What if you lose? »

« Aren’t you stupid? Our captain won a medal at the sports meeting, and you dare to say that you win our captain? » All the track team members showed sarcasm.

Lei Minghao walked to the starting line, got ready for the start, then turned his head to look at Fang Yuan, and said proudly: « I will let you run faster for three seconds, or you will catch up in a few steps, that would be boring. »

The track and field team raised the flag and shouted: « Get ready, start! »

Lei Minghao just said that he would let him for three seconds, so he didn’t start and stood there waiting.

To his surprise, Fang Yuan also stood still and did not start.

« Why don’t you run? » Lei Minghao asked with a cold look.

« If I start running first, it will be too much trouble for you to lose and repay the bill later. » Fang Yuan replied with his hands folded.

A hint of surprise flashed in Lei Minghao’s eyes and said, « You don’t really think you can beat me, do you? »

« Yeah. That’s what I think. »

Fang Yuan showed a confident smile, which made Lei Minghao very unhappy.

« Okay! Really play this time. » Lei Minghao glared at the team members who shouted the password, and said: « Call the password again! »

The track and field team member raised the flag again and shouted the command: « Get ready, start! »

This time, Lei Minghao started straight away, very fast.

The starting speed was faster and faster than that of the boys in the same group just now.

The moment Fang Yuan started, he was stretched ten positions.

When preparing just now, Fang Yuan had already seen Lei Minghao’s attribute data.

Agility is 19 points, and the ability is « Intermediate Agility Strengthening ».

The 19-point agility has approached the limit of Lv.1 Awakeners. At this level, he really has the strength to win medals in the sports meet.

In the face of such a strong opponent, Fang Yuan was not at all polite, and directly used « Advanced Agile Strengthening (Mimic after the start.

15 points agile strengthened to 21 points, surpassing Lei Minghao’s 19 points.

Even if there is a gap in running skills, the advantages of running skills are mainly reflected in the starting and acceleration, and the gap in the limit speed will not be too large.

After Fang Yuan used « Advanced Agility Enhancement (Mimicry, his agility of up to 21 points directly crushed Lei Minghao’s 19 points, quickly shortening the distance between the two sides.

Lei Minghao treated this contest as a race, and after the start, he ran forward with all his strength, ready to let Fang Yuan not even eat the dust.

However, it took less than half a lap.

A voice that made him tickled with hatred greeted him in his ear.

« Hi… »

Lei Minghao was shocked suddenly, turned his head abruptly, and saw Fang Yuan running on his right, and he ran very easily, obviously not exhausting all his strength.

He scolded: « You have used supernatural powers! »

Fang Yuan blinked his eyes and asked, « Didn’t you just let someone use the ability to kill me? How come I can’t use it? Are you a double-standard dog? »

« You! » Lei Minghao almost burst out fire in his eyes.

He did let Zhou Xiangming play with Fang Yuan with abilities just now, now it’s his turn to be teased.

Fang Yuan saw a surge of anger coming from Lei Minghao, his anger points were directly +20 points, and his total anger points reached 285 points.

Its almost 15 points to make 300 points.

Fang Yuan decided to slap on the track and field captain.

« It seems that there is a reason why you can only take the runner-up. The speed is indeed not good. I want to speed up, bye. » Fang Yuan waved at him, speeding past him.

Lei Minghao was furious, his eyes could almost burst into flames.

Rage point +30.

Total rage points: 315

Fang Yuan discovered that the increased anger points were not only related to the opponent’s anger, but also to the opponent’s strength.

The captain is different. He added 30 points at a time, which is simply too comfortable.

« If you want to beat me, you are not qualified! » Lei Minghao snorted coldly, using « Intermediate Agility Enhancement », his agility soared by 30%, reaching 24.7.

The speed also hurried up, quickly leaving Fang Yuan behind.

Fang Yuan’s basic agility was only 15 points, and after the « Advanced Agility Enhancement (Mimic, it was only 21 points, so Lei Minghao gradually left behind.

The track and field team on the side of the track cheered: « Come on, captain! Let this kid see the strength of our track team! »

Fang Yuan was not in a hurry, and raised his hand to hit the agility attribute three times.

The 300 points of anger turned into a magical energy, flowing into the body.

The agility began to soar, the basic agility directly soared to 18 points, after strengthening, it reached 25.2, the situation reversed again.

However, Fang Yuan’s speed still couldn’t catch up with Lei Minghao, because he had a weight of ten kilograms tied to his feet.

Lei Minghao looked back and saw Fang Yuan being thrown farther and farther, he immediately felt relieved, and proudly said: « What I said, you can’t compare to mine! »

Seeing that he couldn’t catch up with Lei Minghao, Fang Yuan stopped, bending over and squatting down.

« Why, surrendered? Next time I see our track and field team take a detour, otherwise you will be beautiful! » The track and field team began to yell unscrupulously.

Fang Yuan squatted down, released the weight on his feet, then started again, sprinting forward with all his strength, and rushing forward at a maximum speed of 25.2 agility.

The star power cycle on the feet is gradually approaching perfection.

« Face the wind! »

Fang Yuan shouted.

The whole person is like a sharp arrow, passing in front of the onlookers, and the strong wind blowing up the fallen leaves on the ground.

The onlookers saw this scene, their eyes widened, and they shouted in horror: « Captain, run! Run! »

Lei Minghao originally thought he had won, and he started to slow down. Suddenly he heard the shouts behind him, and when he looked back, he saw Fang Yuan catching up like a beast.

His eyes were round, and he ran forward with all his strength.

However, Fang Yuan’s limit speed was too terrifying. He started « overtaking » directly from his right side, and after only three breaths, he passed him and left him behind.

Lei Minghao suddenly felt exhausted. When he participated in a sports meeting before, he had never encountered such a terrifying opponent, and there was no hope of catching up.

He felt unable to run anymore, with his hands propped on his knees, stopped in the middle of the runway, gasping for breath, watching the figure running further and further, muttering to himself: « What kind of monster is this? »