Fang Yuan ran the star power cycle all morning, not knowing how many laps he ran, and finally lay down on the runway exhausted, gasping for breath.

After running, the agility value on the attribute panel is still 18.

However, Fang Yuan was born with a keen sense of speed and attribute calculations, and felt that today’s exercise has improved a lot.

If converted into a number, it should be able to increase agility by 0.5.

However, the value after the decimal point is not displayed on the property panel, so it cannot be seen.

If compared with the anger point enhancement attribute, hard work seems to have no effect, but it is not the case.

Fang Yuan could clearly feel that the anger point could indeed improve the attributes, but his body was not adapted to the elevated attributes at first.

It takes exercise to make the body generate muscle memory and adapt to more powerful attributes.

In addition, there was a more critical reason that prevented Fang Yuan from completely letting go of cultivation.

That is the star power level.

Rage points can increase the four attributes of force sensitive physical essence, but cannot increase the star power level.

If you want to upgrade your star power level, you need to practice star power.

Constructing a star power cycle in the body according to the star power model is actually practicing star power.

In one morning, Fang Yuan not only ran out of physical strength, but also ran out of star power because of the « Advanced Agility Strengthening ».

Under normal circumstances, both physical strength and star strength can only be recovered naturally by resting.

Of course, if you want to recover quickly, you can choose to take Star Power Medicine.

However, if you drink too much Xingli Potion, it will cause a certain burden on your body organs.

In addition, there is a relatively mild recovery method, which is to drink energy drinks. The recovery speed is not as fast as that of Star Power. The advantage is that there are no side effects.

However, energy drinks are generally not available in places, and the prices are high.

Anyway, Fang Yuan grew so old and hadn’t drunk it yet.

For some reason, Fang Yuan suddenly wanted to taste the energy drink.

After school, Fang Yuan came to the Xingli Mall near the school.

Xingli Mall, mainly sells goods related to the Awakened.

The main products are energy drinks, equipment to assist in training, and some Xingli technology products.

As for Xingli Medicine, it is a controlled commodity, and most people cannot buy it.

Fang Yuan walked into Xingli Mall and looked along the energy drink counter.

Dozens of energy drinks are displayed on the shelves, with high and low prices.

However, the cheapest energy drink costs 800 yuan per bottle.

As for the high price, it is more exaggerated.

There are seven or eight thousand bottles, and advertisements for this energy drink are often broadcast on TV. It is said that the effect is comparable to Xingli’s medicine.

However, anyone who has taken a high school chemistry class seriously knows that energy drinks cannot be compared to Xingli Pharmacy.

Fang Yuan watched an experimental video about energy drinks.

The team that made the video bought all the energy drinks available on the market and tried them, and then compared the effects of these energy drinks.

The conclusion is that the 800 yuan a bottle of dimethyl blue energy drink is the most cost-effective.

Fang Yuan bought a bottle of dimethyl blue energy drink, took a sip, the taste was very weak, it felt like a little white wine was mixed in the mineral water.

After drinking it, I did feel that the recovery speed of physical strength and star power had accelerated a bit.

The speed up is not very obvious, Fang Yuan’s somatosensory improvement is about ten percent.

Fang Yuan took the energy drink and drank it while walking on the street, returning to school to prepare for the afternoon martial arts class.

To save time, take a shortcut through the old town.

The buildings in the old city are relatively old, basically from the last century.

The people living here are also uneven, and there are some black people who have entered illegally to rent here, so the public security nearby is not very good.

Although the security in the old city is general, there is still a more attractive place in the old city, that is, Deshenglong Snack Street.

The snacks here are good and cheap, and I heard that some stores will sell skewers made from star beast innards.

Of course, the materials are not from a formal source, and without quarantine, the price will naturally be much cheaper than those in star restaurants.

As for whether you dare to eat, that is another matter.

In addition, there is a street basketball court in the old city, which is one of the few well-protected public facilities.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Fang Yuan smashed two beef skewers through the snack street and around the alley. When he approached the basketball court, he heard the bang of basketball.

After approaching, I heard another woman shouting: « What are you doing? »

After walking out of the alley, I saw three street hooligans blocking a girl.

Among the three street hooligans, the head is a man with earrings, the other is a man with a hood, and the last is a black man.

« Brother donkey, this girl is wearing a school uniform from No. 1 Middle School. She looks so pretty, wouldn’t she be a lieutenant colonel’s flower? » The hooded man had a basketball in his arm, his face wretched.

The headed man with earrings supported the wall with one hand, licked his lips and said, « Do you know why I am called Brother Donkey? »

« No… I don’t know. » The girl shook her head.

« Has Pan Lv Deng Xiaoxian ever heard of it? Donkey, just highlight a big one! » The man with earrings raised his hiphop gesture with his hands and made a crotch gesture: « I promise you will be satisfied, and I want to come again a hundred times when I am cool. ! »

Three men blocked one woman.

Fang Yuan walked by without anyone else, his pace was steady, and he took a sip of energy drink by the way.

The three street hooligans quietly watched Fang Yuan pass by.

The picture seems to be still, very strange.

Just then.

The girl slammed the earring man’s arm and rushed to hide behind Fang Yuan: « Fang Yuan, save me. »

This girl is surprisingly Shen Lina in the same class.

Three street hooligans immediately surrounded.

The headed stud man « Brother Donkey » showed a ferocious expression and asked, « Boy, what does it have to do with this girl? »

Fang Yuan glanced at Shen Lina and replied, « I’m not familiar with it. »

Shen Lina glared and cursed: « Fang Yuan, it’s a classmate anyway, you are too much! »

She was so angry.

Fang Yuan immediately became happy, because his anger point increased by 10 points.

« We seem to have never spoken in school. We are really not very familiar and there is nothing wrong with it. »

« You…you! » Shen Lina was so angry that her eyebrows were drooping.

The anger point increased by another 10 points.

Speaking carefully, Shen Lina is indeed very beautiful. Without Han Youwei, it would be very hopeful to compete for the class.

However, Fang Yuan’s impression of her is not very good.

Especially when the martial arts class and William Li were breaking their wrists that day, Shen Lina cheered on William Li not to be too high, and Fang Yuan thought she had already transferred to the first class.

And if you are angry and don’t make a bastard, of course you continue to « see death and not save. »

The male donkey with earrings was a little dazed, did not want to understand what Fang Yuan meant, and threatened: « Boy, get out of here if you know, or I won’t be able to get out of this street! »

Fang Yuan glanced at him and replied: « I won’t go away, would you show me? »

« Oh! It’s exciting, isn’t it? » Brother Li stared his eyes and opened his denim jacket to reveal the dogleg knife on his waist.