« Are you scared? I’m afraid I’ll leave soon? » The hooded man threatened.

« I’m afraid not, but I really want to leave, otherwise I’ll be late. » Fang Yuan continued walking forward as he said.

« Fang Yuan, you bastard! » Shen Lina shouted angrily.

Just now it was +10 anger points, this time it was +20 points directly.

Three street hooligans saw that Fang Yuan had really gone, and were about to laugh.

The black man suddenly said, « Boss, that kid is drinking an energy drink. I saw that kind of bottle when I went to the Star Power Mall yesterday. »

When the earring male donkey heard it was an energy drink, his eyes brightened.

The three men immediately caught up and surrounded Fang Yuan.

« Drinking energy drinks, it’s quite rich, borrow some to spend. » The male donkey with earrings rubbed his fingers and said.

« You rob? » Fang Yuan raised his head and took a sip of his drink.

The black man slapped the energy drink bottle out with a very arrogant slap, and shouted, « If you don’t want to die, take out your wallet. »

Fang Yuan kept his head up and drinking a drink, and the bottle in his hand suddenly flew.

I missed the last sip of the energy drink and spilled on the ground.

« My X! This bite is half a month’s breakfast money, are you sick? » Fang Yuan was a little mad, and finally bought a bottle of energy drink and was so ruined.

« Stop talking nonsense! Take out your wallet, otherwise you don’t want to go out from here today. » Brother Lice threatened ferociously.

« It’s okay for you to rob you of sex, you have to rob you of money, which is too much. » Fang Yuan was very upset.

« Let’s take it out, let’s not let go of the wealth, take it out, or make a hole in your stomach! » Brother Lice showed the dogleg knife again, threatening.

Fang Yuan pointed his finger at the entrance of the alley and said, « Your color is going to run away. »

The three street hooligans immediately turned their heads and saw that Shen Lina had run away.

Shen Lina took advantage of the opportunity of the three street forces to surround Fang Yuan, turned her head and ran without any muddles, very decisive.

When she heard Fang Yuan remind the three street hooligans, they staggered and almost fell to the ground.

« Grab her! » The donkey yelled.

The hooded man immediately rushed out, jumped, kicked on the wall on the side of the road, a standard parkour somersault on the wall, caught up with Shen Lina in three or two, and caught her back.

Shen Lina almost ran away and was caught by the hooded man. She was really mad. She shouted at Fang Yuan hysterically, « Fang Yuan, are you sick?! »

This time the anger point is directly +30 points.

Fang Yuan said wryly, « Hey, hey, it’s not that I want to rob you of your color, so why yell at me? You yell at them. »

« Fang Yuan, you bastard! » Shen Lina realized that she couldn’t run away, and tears started to flow out.

« Stop the **** nonsense! Take out your wallet and don’t force me to do it. When I do it myself, I can’t guarantee that you will be missing any parts. » Brother Li threatened.

« No, I can’t give you the wallet. The money for tonight’s meal is still in it, and it’s for two people. » Fang Yuan refused directly.

« Boss, this stupid is sicker than his brain, don’t talk nonsense with him, hold him, just take it. » The black man suggested.

Brother Lise drew out the dogleg knife, waved his hand to let the two men surround Fang Yuan, ready to do it.

Fang Yuan glanced at his attribute panel, and saw that his physical strength and star strength had only recovered to 50%, and he said uncomfortably: « I just want to restore some physical strength. In the afternoon, I have a martial arts class. You have to force me to waste physical strength. »

Fang Yuan said, suddenly raising his hand, 190 kilograms of explosive force was thrown out at 19 points, and he slapped Brother Donkey on the face.

With a « pop », he knocked him to the ground.

« Oh! » Brother Lice screamed when he fell on the ground and covered his face, « poofing » a row of teeth mixed with blood.

« My teeth! »

Brother the donkey spit out blood and roared: « Black donkey, kill him for me! »

He was so angry that Fang Yuan immediately gained 20 anger points.

The black man had a bad temper, so he swiped his fist towards the back of Fang Yuan’s head.

Without turning back, Fang Yuan flew a kick, hitting his left cheek and swept him over.

The black man twisted to the ground, also spit out a row of teeth, struggling to get up, cursing vaguely: « fuck! chink! **** chink! »

Every time he scolded, Fang Yuan’s anger point rose by 10 points.

However, Fang Yuan was upset when he heard the nigger’s cursing, and he kicked his forehead again: « Cold, go on! »

The black man’s eyes were full of anger and fierce light, and he pointed at Fang Yuan, still wanting to curse.

Fang Yuan gave him another kick.

This time it was finally quiet.

There was a man with a hood. Seeing something was wrong, he turned and ran.

The hooded man can parkour, and used the classic action of getting on the wall. He stomped on the wall with his palm, and jumped on the wall with his palm.

This time, instead of running along the wall, he jumped directly over the other side of the wall and leaped over the roof of the old city.

« Yes. Lv.3 parkour skills. »

Seeing that he was about to run, Fang Yuan directly used « Advanced Agility Reinforcement (Mimicry to jump up, jumped and climbed up the wall.

Then, he reached out his hand to break a brick from the dilapidated wall and chased it up. A brick patted the hooded man from the roof.

On the edge of the basketball court.

Fang Yuan dragged all three guys back and slowly repaired them.

« Are you very angry? » Fang Yuan stepped on the back of Brother Donkey’s hand and asked fiercely.

« Brother… eldest brother, I was wrong, I dare not be angry, I definitely dare not be angry. » Knowing that he had kicked the iron plate this time, the Lv brother quickly begged for mercy.

« How can you not be angry? You must be angry, not only angry, but furious! » Fang Yuan immediately became unhappy when he saw that he didn’t dare to be angry, and stepped on his hand harder, making his bones rattle.

Brother Lu was almost crying, and begged for mercy: « Brother, I know I was wrong. I will never seek revenge from you, I promise. »

« Guarantee! I want you to be angry, hurry up! Not angry, right? »

Fang Yuan grabbed the basketball and hit his forehead with a dunk.

Brother Lice cried directly and begged: « Brother, I know I was wrong. From now on, I will hide away from your horse when I see your horse. I will never take a peek. »

Fang Yuan looked at his anger, and he really didn’t rise.

50 points of anger came from this cargo.

Seeing that Fang Yuan’s anger was not rising, he had to let him go, turned to the man with the hood next to him, and used the same method of cleaning up the donkey again.

« Anger, hurry up! Can’t you be a little arrogant and mad like you did just now? »

The man with the hood was photographed by a brick from the roof, and now he is still dumbfounded, crying without tears: « Brother, are you really sick? »

« The school only had a physical examination last month. There should be none. »

Fang Yuan replied, and then immediately returned to the topic, with a basketball buttoned on his forehead: « Come and show me an angry expression, hurry up! »

After tidying up the hooded man.

Fang Yuan glanced angrily, very dissatisfied: « It’s only 40 o’clock, you are not even as good as this donkey egg. »

Finally, Fang Yuan turned his gaze to the last nigger.

The **** was even more confused, and started crying for mercy on the ground.

Fang Yuan used a basketball to get a dozen dunks on his forehead, and it was not finished until the point of anger stopped rising.

An extracurricular exercise consumes a lot of energy.

A total of 215 points of anger were earned, but it was not a loss.

After the incident, a loud class bell came from Donghai No. 1 Middle School, two blocks away.

« The three of you guys are just so angry, and it makes Lao Tzu be late, which is really annoying. » Fang Yuan hurried to the direction of the school after he finished.

Shen Lina stood on the side blankly, watching Fang Yuan’s entire assault process.

She was a little confused, not sure who was the gangster.