the next day.

When Fang Yuan arrived at school, the classmates were still talking about the lost wild animals in the zoo.

It is said that there are still a few animals that have not been found.

Several of them are still very dangerous.

At present, local TV stations will broadcast a piece of news every once in a while to remind citizens to call the police immediately when they see these dangerous animals.

Fang Yuan sat in his seat and took out the « Introduction to Xingyuan Power Industry » that was borrowed from the library and read it slowly.

In the past, there was a saying on the Internet that as long as the « Xingyuan Power Industry Introduction » is thoroughly studied, you can create star power weapons.

Of course, this is just a joke.

However, you can see from the side how solid the content of this book is.

Suddenly, the beef ball turned his head, held his big schoolbag, and leaned in front of Fang Yuan. The **** mysteriously said: « Fang Yuan, I will show you something. »

« Didn’t our favorability drop to zero? » Fang Yuan said casually.

« That’s all two days ago, and the affection level will naturally recover. I tell you, this thing of mine will definitely shock your chin. » The beef ball has an expression of « I will only show it to you » .

« Isn’t it another anti-human snack? »

Fang Yuan looked at him suspiciously.

This product sometimes brings some special anti-human snacks. Stinky tofu and roasted durian are considered normal categories.

The beef **** waved his hand and said, « If I eat the snacks, why should I show them to you? »

As he said, he unzipped his schoolbag, reached in, took an object out, and put it on the table. .

« Dangdangdang…Look at what this is! »

His voice was so loud that he immediately attracted the classmates to come and watch.

Immediately, a female classmate screamed: « Niu Dazhi, are you sick? Why did you bring a mouse to school? »

Fang Yuan looked up and found that it was really a hamster.

However, the size of this hamster is not right.

As big as a basketball, it is estimated to weigh ten catties.

Generally, the weight of a hamster is about 50 grams, and those with more than 100 grams are big hamsters.

The beef ball is more than ten kilograms visually, and the weight is one hundred times that of ordinary hamsters. This body shape is obviously wrong.

The hamster was still holding a corn cob and gnawing, creaking.

« Hey, awesome, isn’t it? » Beef Ball was very proud to see the shocked expressions of the girls around.

« If you don’t throw this thing out, I will tell the teacher. » A girl warned.

« Wu Tingting, you know how to make a small report. If you dare to tell the teacher, I will report you with a cheat sheet for the final exam of last semester! » The beef ball did not show any weakness, and tore up with her.

When the classmates around are making noise.

Fang Yuan guided Xingli into his eyes and glanced at the hamster.

Species: Hamster

Star power rating: Lv.1

Attributes: Strength 3, Agility 12, Physical 6, Spirit 3

Super features: fast digestion

« This hamster has the power you dream of. » Fang Yuan smiled.

« What? » The beef **** didn’t understand.

« I said, you hamster has the ability you dream of. » Fang Yuan repeated.

« What power? »

« Quick digestion. »

« You mean my hamster has powers? » Beef Ball opened his eyes wide.

« Yes, it has mutated. » Fang Yuan replied.

When the surrounding students heard that the hamster had mutated, they suddenly became interested.

Just now I said that I would give the hamster to the teacher, so I didn’t say anything.

They all gathered around and looked at the hamster curiously, as if they had seen some rare baby.

For most people, mutant creatures are often seen in the news, but rarely in real life.

« This is a mutant creature? Fang Yuan, are you nonsense? » A boy doubted it.

The beef ball stretched out his hand and patted him and said, « Fang Yuan’s ability is iris data. What he said must be true. You don’t understand, my hamster is awesome. »

« No, how awesome is it to digest this ability quickly? » The boy was a little bit dissatisfied.

« Anyway, it’s awesome. » The beef ball doesn’t know how awesome this ability is, but it doesn’t matter.

« Where did you buy this mutant hamster? »

« What did you buy? I raised it myself, and I used leftover potato chip residue to feed the larger ones. » The beef **** corrected.

« When did he become this big? »

« It seems that since the summer vacation, I have grown up in two months. » The beef ball recalled, not sure.

« Why are there so many news about mutant creatures recently? Some mutant creatures ran out in the zoo, but I didn’t expect to see them in school. »

After a classmate told this, other classmates felt it too.

« I have also discovered that there have been more and more news related to mutant organisms recently. I have also seen discussions on forums, and there are also videos of human mutant organisms on Weibo. »

« Eh… Qiao Zeyu, don’t your family have relatives working in the Supervisory Bureau? Is there any inside information? »

The classmates around looked at a fair boy.

« Yes. Qiao Zeyu, if you have any internal news, let us know about it. »

Qiao Zeyu looked up at his classmates and said, « I do know some things. It’s okay to tell you. However, I only say what I can say. After I finish speaking, don’t ask me about other things. »

« Say quickly, don’t ink. »

« Actually, it’s not that there are more mutated creature news on the Internet, but that there are more mutated creature news in Donghai City. » Qiao Zeyu corrected the topic that everyone had just discussed.

« What do you mean? »

« It is estimated that you are visiting the posting bars and forums in Donghai City, so you have the illusion that there are many mutant creatures news on the Internet. In fact, it’s just that there are more mutant creatures in Donghai City. »

« What the **** is going on? Why are there more mutant creatures in Donghai City? »

Qiao Zeyu: « If you have read extracurricular readings related to Star Beasts, you should be able to guess the reason. There is also a bit of related content in the history textbook, but it is a brief introduction, and no one may notice. »

« What the **** is it? Say it quickly. » The surrounding classmates were utterly uncomfortable because of his appetite.

Fang Yuan recalled the books he had read, turned his head to look over, and asked, « You mean the space rift? »

« You really guessed it, it’s a space rift. » Qiao Zeyu smiled.

« What happened to the space rift? What does this have to do with the space rift? » the surrounding students asked quickly.

Seeing that the reason had been guessed by Fang Yuan, Qiao Zeyu did not continue to appetite, and explained: « According to the previous records about the appearance of space rifts, there will be relatively strong fluctuations in star power before the space rifts appear. The scientific research community believes that in space Before the crack appears, dark matter will penetrate from the other side of the space crack, causing strong fluctuations in star power… »

« … The appearance of star power fluctuations will increase the possibility of biological awakening and mutation. »