The surrounding classmates finally understood, they suddenly widened their eyes and said, « You mean, there is a space crack in Donghai City? »

« Yes, according to what we see now, there may indeed be a space rift in Donghai City. »

« Isn’t it going to be finished? I heard my dad say that ten years ago, there was a space crack around a third-tier city, and groups of star beasts rushed out, and then the city was gone. » A girl panicked.

« My **** finally understands what’s going on. Several big family young masters in my circle of friends have all transferred to the imperial capital. It turned out that Donghai is going to die. » A boy scratched his hair with a panic expression.

« Then we are not dead? I heard that the space fissure is very terrible, as long as there is a few thousand kilometers around it will become a dead zone. » Another student said with a pale face.

Qiao Zeyu soothed: « Dont be nervous, Donghai Citys defense force is very strong. As long as the spatial fissure does not appear in the center of the city, the threat will not be too great. Moreover, Yang Yupings laboratory team has already started the spatial fissure five years ago. Blockade study. I heard that a feasibility plan has been put out some time ago. Although it is still in the laboratory stage, Donghai City has decided to adopt this plan. If it succeeds, there is hope to prevent space cracks from appearing. »

« Why is there no news on such a big thing online? »

« Because all content on the Internet about the space rift in Donghai City has been clicked off. In order to avoid panic in Donghai City, any post about the space rift in Donghai City will disappear within three seconds at most. The poster will also be involved. Department, please have tea. »

After Qiao Zeyu finished speaking, he added: « I shouldn’t have told you about these things. However, this matter is no longer a secret in the upper echelons, but everyone just kept silent. Now that you know, I also remind you. Just one word of you, dont rumors about this on the Internet, otherwise when you are invited to have tea by the relevant department, dont blame me for not reminding you.

Fang Yuan heard about this for the first time, and quickly analyzed the information he had just heard.

First of all, there are strong stellar power fluctuations around Donghai City, which indicates that there will be spatial rifts around Donghai City.

Because of the appearance of star power fluctuations, many animals have mutated.

According to what the beef ball said before, his hamster began to mutate during the summer vacation.

In other words, the fluctuation of the star power appeared at least two or three months ago.

In the morning class, Fang Yuan didn’t listen carefully, and kept thinking about space rifts and star power fluctuations.

After class, go directly to the library to find books about space rifts and mutant creatures.

When looking for a book on the bookshelf, Han Youwei happened to find the same book.

In fact, Fang Yuan found Han Youwei when he entered the library.

This girl often goes to the library. It’s not surprising to see her here.

The book Fang Yuan fancyed was « The Eyes Opened by the Devil: The Evolution of Space Fissures. »

This book is about the entire process of space rift from appearance to extinction. The book describes space rift as the eyes opened by the devil, bringing about destruction and disaster.

« Do you want this? » Han Youwei retracted her hand and asked with a smile.

« Yes, I want to watch it first. » Fang Yuan didn’t mean to be modest.

« Then you read it first. » Han Youwei gave the book to Fang Yuan, but instead of looking for other books, she stood and watched.

Fang Yuan took down the book, opened it and browsed briefly to see if the content in the book was what he wanted.

Han Youwei stood aside and asked with interest, « have started to study space rifts? »

Fang Yuan glanced at her and asked; « You already knew about the upcoming spatial rift in Donghai City, right? »

Given Han Youwei’s family background, it is impossible not to know this secret that is not considered a secret in the upper echelon.

Han Youwei did not deny it, shrugged and said: « It’s actually not that terrible, at least my family didn’t let me transfer to another city. Instead, it’s you. Every time you encounter difficult things, the first reaction is to come to the library to check materials. Even you are so nervous. If this news goes out, it will definitely cause panic in the city. »

Fang Yuan held up the book and asked, « Have you read this book? »

« Not yet, but during the summer vacation, I knew about it. The school didn’t start, so I couldn’t enter the library. I have another book about space fissures at home. I read a little during the summer vacation. » Han Youwei explained .

Fang Yuan knew that when she said « watched a little », she meant « watched it again. »

« Can you give me a brief introduction to the process of the emergence of space rifts? »

« To put it simply, about 30 years ago, the Xingli Laboratory produced an instrument that can monitor the fluctuations of the stars. In the next 30 years, it began to monitor the fluctuations of the stars before the space cracks appeared. » Han Youwei recounted what she had read while recalling.

Fang Yuan occasionally asked: « How long in advance can you predict the space gap? »

« This is uncertain. It has something to do with the size of the space gap. If the space gap is large, the star force that penetrates will be stronger and the range will be larger. The stronger the star force fluctuation, the earlier the monitoring time. » Han Youwei replied Tao.

« such as? »

« It is recorded in the book that the space fissure on the bottom of the Nanba Strait is the largest known space fissure. my country has monitored the stellar force fluctuations three years in advance. Because it is on the ocean, it is very difficult to monitor, so it can be inferred that the stellar force fluctuations will appear The time may be earlier. » Han Youwei added some of her own opinions when she told her.

Fang Yuan raised his brow when he heard this, and said, « So, maybe Donghai City had a star power fluctuation long ago? »

« This is natural. I knew it during the summer vacation. It is estimated that the laboratory has already detected the fluctuation of the star power. » Han Youwei replied.

« Then do you think it is possible that there was a fluctuation in star power a year or two ago? » Fang Yuan had a guess in his heart.

« I don’t know this, but it is possible. » Han Youwei was not sure, so she also thought about it.

Seeing that she couldn’t determine the time when the star power fluctuations appeared, Fang Yuan raised the « Devil’s Open Eyes: The Evolution of Space Fissures » in his hand, and said: « Then I will take this book back and read it first. »

« Well, when you return the book, tell me, I want to see it too. » Han Youwei replied.

Fang Yuan took out his student ID to register, and asked casually, « Are you still going to the martial arts gym tonight? »

Han Youwei said helplessly: « You seem to be very popular. I wanted to go, but I called to the martial arts gym. The manager of the martial arts gym said that someone has already reserved your course. »

« That’s it. Then another day. »

Fang Yuan waved with her and turned around to register for the loan.