After about ten seconds, the test result pops up on the computer screen.

Name: Fang Yuan

Star power rating: Lv.1

Attributes: Strength 14, Agility 15, Physical 13, Spirit 15

Super features: unknown features A20392

Skills: Army Fighting Skills Lv.2, Sliding Step Lv.1

Seeing the words « unknown characteristics », Fang Yuan couldn’t help but frowned.

The string of numbers at the back should be a serial number.

Fang Yuan waited for a while, seeing that the results on the computer screen were not corrected, so he pointed his finger at the computer screen: « Teacher, this is… »

Guo Songtao raised his head and glanced, but also a little surprised: « It turned out to be an unknown characteristic. »

« Teacher, how come there are unknown characteristics? » The student next to him was also curious.

« This is normal. Although it has been rare in the past few years, it will still happen once or twice every few years. Fang Yuan, don’t worry. »

Guo Songtao first comforted Fang Yuan with a few words, and then explained: « The test instrument is connected to the national database of awakened persons. After detecting the index of super power characteristics, it will search the database and give the corresponding results. The meaning of displaying unknown characteristics is There is no information on this ability in the database. »

« What should I do now? » Fang Yuan asked.

« Don’t worry, I will take you to do a more detailed test later to test your awakening ability. After collecting the data, report it to the National Awakened Database. After analysis and confirmation, it may be recorded in the database. Inside. » Guo Songtao explained.

« Maybe… will record? » Fang Yuan grasped these key words.

« Not every super characteristic can be tested. In the Awakened database released last year, there are more than 3,000 unknown characteristics that have not been confirmed. » Guo Songtao explained.

« Why does this happen? Is there no one in charge of this work? »

Not only Fang Yuan was surprised, but other students were also curious.

« It’s not that no one is in charge of this work, but there are some unknown characteristics that really can’t be tested. The characteristics that the awakened are awakened are all sorts of strange, all kinds of characteristics are available. »

When Guo Songtao said this, he paused, digging out a newspaper in the drawer, handing it to Fang Yuan, and then said: « This is yesterday’s newspaper. Look at the headline of the warrior section. »

Fang Yuan turned to the front page headline of the Wuzhe section and saw a big headline: « Unknown feature A13565 was finally cracked, causing the price of platinum to double overnight ».

The students next to you gathered around to look, but the students in the back couldn’t see it, so let the students in front read it out.

« The unknown feature of A13565, which has puzzled the world for ten years, has finally been cracked today. The reason for the cracking is actually because of the suicide of the awakened one. »

« Today, an awakened person from Donghai City suffered a major blow due to his career. He swallowed a five-gram platinum ring into his abdomen. Not only did he not die, but the platinum ring he swallowed also disappeared. After testing, the hospital found platinum. The ring has been digested by this awakened person, and a protective layer of platinum has been formed on the palm. »

« Who would have thought that the special ability of A13565 was to digest platinum. The owner of the characteristics of A13565 would not have thought of swallowing platinum for experiments. As a result, the secret of A13565 was hidden for ten years before being discovered. »

« At this point, the secret of A13565 has finally been revealed. The National Awakened Database has named A13565 as the’Platinum Digester’. After the news was announced, overnight, more than 1,000’Platinum Digesters’ across the country rushed to buy platinum, resulting in platinum. The price has soared tenfold. »

After Fang Yuan read this report, he sighed in his heart that this matter was too bizarre.

Below the headlines on the front page, there are some small reports about events related to « Platinum Digesters ».

For example, the awakened person with the characteristics of « platinum digester », in addition to swallowing platinum, also tried to swallow other metals, but all went to the hospital without exception.

The end result is that the conclusion of the National Awakened Persons Database is very rigorous, named « Platinum Digester », which can only digest platinum, not other metals.

After seeing Fang Yuan’s test results, William Li approached Han Youwei and said in a low voice, « This boy is the one you usually practice in the martial arts class, right? Starpower seems to be very talented. »

Han Youwei did not answer him, but continued to stare at the computer screen.

The students next to him crowded around curiously to discuss.

William Lee continued on this topic: « Unknown characteristics appear, usually the situation is not very good. »

The short-inch boy next to him leaned forward and asked, « Shao Li, why is it bad to have unknown characteristics? »

« Just call me William. »

William Li showed a gentleman’s smile, and said: « Even the National Awakened Database has no confirmed super power characteristics, which means that the power of this ability is very small, or even useless. »

« How do you say? » The surrounding students did not understand, so they continued to ask.

William Li raised his hand to release a flame, and then explained: « For example, my flame, as long as it is ignited, you can immediately understand it. This is the ability of the elemental system. Such a simple ability that can be understood at a glance is very simple. It can be easily entered into the database. Only the ability like the’Platinum Digester’ that is difficult to function will remain unknown for a long time… »

« …Actually, the’Platinum Digester’ is considered good. At least eat more platinum to form a protective layer on the body surface. In the Awakened Database, most of the unknown characteristics are attributes that are of no value. For example, I remember that one of the most funny features is’light hypersensitivity’. This feature is not only useless, but has a negative effect. After awakening, you have to wrap your whole body, and your skin will have an allergic reaction when exposed to light. »

« This is too bad, right? »

The surrounding classmates looked at each other, but they didn’t expect that the super power awakened by the awakened could be so awkward.

« It’s really a bit miserable. It can be said that 99% of the unknown features in the Awakened Database are of no development value. »

William Li turned his head to look at Han Youwei, showing a little sympathy, and said, « So, our classmate Fang’s star power talent is really not very good. »

« His grades in cultural classes are better. » Han Youwei couldn’t help but speak to Fang Yuan.

« Then he should take liberal arts for the college entrance examination. That’s not bad. If he can be admitted to the top ten universities in China, even if his major is worse, I can ask the family company to sponsor his tuition. » William Li said very gentlemanly.

« You should talk to him about this and tell me what to do? And what he is going to take is a major related to Xingli Technology. If you are admitted, you may not have won other Xingli Technology Groups if you want to sponsor. » Han Youwei He could hear another meaning in his words, so he was a little unhappy.