After school in the afternoon.

Fang Yuan went to the hospital to accompany Xiaozhu to dinner as usual, and then went to the martial arts hall to take his place.

When he was in the library, Fang Yuan knew from Han Youwei that he had been reserved for his evening sparring class.

When I arrived at the martial arts gym, the person who reserved the class had not yet arrived.

There was nothing to do anyway, Fang Yuan found a treadmill, adjusted the speed to the maximum, then built a star power cycle on both feet and started running.

As a result, after running all night, the martial arts member who had reserved the class did not show up.

Fang Yuan got off the treadmill, went into the manager’s office, and asked strangely: « Manager Liu, the person who made an appointment for me didn’t come all night. Is this a mistake? »

Manager Liu opened the workbook, looked at it, and replied, « That’s right. I made an appointment today, and I paid in advance for the class time. »

It’s okay if you have money, and Fang Yuan doesn’t care if the person comes out or not.

However, the strange thing is that for the next three days, someone made an appointment for the class, but the person who made the appointment did not show up.

Fang Yuan felt that this was a bit abnormal, and ran to ask Manager Liu.

« I don’t know what’s going on, but you have been booked for the sparring classes for the next week. » Manager Liu also felt strange.

« Are the appointments made by the same person? » Fang Yuan asked.

« Yes, the same person made an appointment. » Manager Liu replied.

Fang Yuan took a look at his workbook and found that it was an unknown name.

However, Fang Yuan already had some guesses in his heart.

« Did you give money? »

« Yes, paid in full. »

Fang Yuan said to Manager Liu: « In the future, the price of my class hours will increase tenfold. »

« This…is it too exaggerated? » Manager Liu didn’t know if he should agree.

The price of martial arts coaches is indeed high and low, and the price of coaches who are strong and popular are naturally higher.

However, Fang Yuan came to replace the shift, and the shift was less than a month, and the price increased ten times, which is a bit exaggerated.

« Just as I said, increase the price ten times, and see if that person has an appointment. » Fang Yuan insisted on this decision.

Manager Liu thought that the price could go up or down.

You can go up first, and then go down.

Manager Liu also wanted to know what happened to the member who reserved the class. He made reservations for a week, but the person never showed up from beginning to end.

« Okay. Then let’s go up and see. »

As a result, after the price increase, the person who booked the class still booked all the class hours and paid ten times the price, which was unambiguous.

Moreover, this person still did not appear from beginning to end.

Fang Yuan has become the most expensive « gold coach » in Lei Ting Wu Hall, and the class appointments are full, and there is no free class time.

However, Fang Yuan was very idle.

Every day to the martial arts gym is running, sandbags, iron…

Fang Yuan just wanted to say…Continue, don’t stop!

I earn a small amount of money, and I practice star power in the martial arts every day. Where can I find such a good thing?

If there is anything uncomfortable, that is, the salary of the martial arts gym is paid to Fang Zhenguo’s card.

Practice in the martial arts hall every night.

It lasted for more than a week. With the dual blessings of « Star Force Training Model » and « Advanced Agility Strengthening (Mimicry, Fang Yuan successfully trained his agility to 19 points.

The anger points also accumulated to 320 points.

Fang Yuan originally wanted to earn more anger, and on several occasions deliberately detoured to the basketball court in the old city.

As a result, the three counseling bags never came out to rob again, making Fang Yuan disappointed.

Because the martial arts members who reserved the class did not appear from beginning to end.

Fang Yuan sometimes went to the martial arts hall to report to him.

Tell Manager Liu, if the member who reserved the class shows up, call him again.

Fang Yuan was very satisfied with the whole thing.

The martial arts club is also very satisfied. The ten times the price of the gold coach is full of appointments every day.

Who is not satisfied with such a good business?

The only person who is not satisfied is Han Youwei.

After Fang Yuan read the book « The Devil’s Open Eyes: The Evolution of Spatial Fissures », he did not go to the library to return it, but directly lent it to Han Youwei.

« You are now a gold medal coach. I think I can’t make an appointment for a class. » Han Youwei held the book, some playful Nunu mouth, a small complaint in her tone.

« That’s no way. I’m a professional martial arts coach. Since someone has made an appointment, I can’t pick up other guests. » Fang Yuan grinned.

« Okay. I’ll let the driver go to the martial arts gym next week. I don’t believe that the appointment is less than one class hour. » Han Youwei was a little unconvinced.

After school in the afternoon.

Fang Yuan went to the snack bar next to the school to pack wontons and steamed dumplings, and bought two packs of cat food at the supermarket before going to the hospital.

I bought cat food only last week and ate it in just one week.

Fang Yuan was a bit speechless. After he decided to go to the hospital, he would educate Fang Xiaozhu not to feed so much cat food, if it made the two cats dead…

Huh… so you don’t have to feed it in the future.

This method seems to be very good.

However, after another thought, one of the two cats was always an orange cat.

This is very scary, maybe a pig will be fed.

When entering the hospital ward.

The intern girl from the medical school was talking to Fang Xiaozhu, talking and laughing.

Fang Yuan put the packaged wontons and steamed dumplings on the table, and asked, « Doctor Zhou, do you have wontons? »

The intern girl in this medical school is called Zhou Weiya, and Xiaozhu takes good care of her.

Therefore, Fang Yuan would be more enthusiastic when he saw her.

Zhou Weiya waved her hand and said, « No, if the director knows that I rob the patient’s food, it will be terrible. I’ll leave first, you have to eat. »

« Goodbye, sister Zhou. »

Fang Xiaozhu waved his hand sweetly, then turned his head and asked, « Where is the cat food? »

Fang Yuan put the two bags of cat food on the bedside table and said, « If you buy it, you have to tell it every day. I don’t want to forget it. »

Fang Xiaozhu was not busy eating wontons, but started to tear down the cat food.

Fang Yuan grabbed the cat food, and said solemnly: « Eat first. »

Fang Xiaozhu made his mouth free, pulled the mobile table over, and started eating wontons.

The two wild cats appeared on the windowsill very punctually.

Fang Yuan held down his sister and told her to continue eating. He opened the cat food and poured it on the window sill.

The two cats lowered their heads and sniffed, did not eat, looked up and meowed at Fang Xiaozhu.

Fang Yuan was immediately upset: « What do you mean? Do you dislike the cat food I bought, or think I’ll feed it and make you dissatisfied? »

The two cats continued to bark and refused to eat.

« Fang Xiaozhu, you see that you are used to these two goods, and you don’t have the consciousness of being a wild cat at all. » Fang Yuan was very upset.

« You give me more. They can eat a lot. »

Fang Xiaozhu slid off the bed and ran over to grab a handful of cat food from the bag and put it on the window sill.

The two cats meowed intimately, lowered their heads and started to eat cat food, too well-behaved.

Fang Yuan rolled his eyes and saw that the two cats were very upset. He reached out his hand and poked the orange cat, which actually exploded its hair.