« Feed your cat food, and pick people, right? What you are used to… Used to… »

Fang Yuan stretched out his hand to poke the orange cat. He didn’t use much effort, just trying to tease the cat.

Unexpectedly, the orange cat would blow up its fur when touched.

Meow! ! !

The orange cat snarled his throat, too fierce.

« Hey! I’m buying you cat food, but I dare to gnaw my teeth. It’s the opposite. »

Fang Yuan remembered the cat-sucking videos he had watched before. The owner was very fierce when he touched them. He was not allowed to touch them. He put the kitchen knife next to him, and he immediately became honest.

Meow! ! !

The orange cat barked louder and stretched out his paws to scratch people.

« You still dare to stretch your claws, are you going to heaven? »

Fang Yuan pulled the cat food back and confiscated all of it.

The two cats started meowing angrily, in a posture of fighting against the predator for 300 rounds.

Originally, Fang Yuan just wanted to teach the two wild cats, lest they were too wild, it would be bad if they scratched Fang Xiaozhu’s claws.

Unexpectedly, when the two cats exploded their hair and fangs, they became angry.

The anger point starts to increase by +1 and +3.

« Hey, I can absorb anger points from animals. »

Fang Yuan suddenly showed a smirk, handed over the plate containing cat food, took it back, handed it over, and took it back again.

The two cats were yelled and screamed, exploding a series of angry points.

After going back and forth more than a dozen times, the two cats learned to be clever and began to pretend to be pitiful, and meowed at Fang Xiaozhu.

« Brother, don’t bully them. » Fang Xiaozhu immediately came up to grab the cat food.

Fang Yuan hid the cat food behind him and started to tease the girl.

Several times back and forth, this girl also annoyed.

The point of anger rose again.

Fang Xiaozhu bounced around for a while, then suddenly stopped, gasping for breath.

Fang Yuan was shocked as soon as he saw this, he hurriedly took her back to the bed and sat down, and said, « Take a deep breath, take a deep breath, don’t worry, I was playing around with you, do you feel better? »

Fang Xiaozhu took a few breaths before he stabilized, and said with a grin: « I’m fine, I lied to you. »

« Lie down first. » Fang Yuan straightened the pillow and asked her to lie down.

Fang Xiaozhu’s illness may faint at any time, or even go into shock.

Every shock is very dangerous. When I was not hospitalized, once I was sent to the hospital, the doctor said that some people would be gone later.

Therefore, Fang Yuan was immediately shocked when he saw her breathless look just now.

Fang Yuan reached out and touched her forehead, took another pulse, and was relieved to make sure that there was nothing wrong.

Fang Xiaozhu wanted to get up from the bed.

Fang Yuan held her back and said, « Lie down, the blood will easily flow to the top of your head when you lie down, so that the brain will not be hypoxic. »

« Xiaoju and Xiaohui have not eaten yet. » Fang Xiaozhu muttered.

« I’ll feed. »

Fang Yuan put the plate of cat food on the window sill again, and said, « If you like to eat or not, it will be gone if you don’t eat it. »

Fang Xiaozhu lay on the bed, gestured to the two cats, lowered his voice and said, « Quickly eat… »

The two cats began to bow their heads to gnaw on the cat food, squeaking.

Fang Yuan took a plastic bowl, poured a bowl of water, and put it on the windowsill.

« Are you going to work? » Fang Xiaozhu asked suddenly.

« not going. »

Fang Yuan saw that this girl was out of breath just now, so he decided not to go to the martial arts gym.

Anyway, the member who booked the class never showed up, and when he went there, he played sandbags on the phone.

« What should I do if my dad is deducted? » Fang Xiaozhu was a little worried.

« No, he has at least tripled his salary this month. When he is paid, let him take us to a big meal. » Fang Yuan smiled.

The martial arts coaches have a class commission. This month all class hours at ten times the price are sold, and the salary will definitely double.

« How could it rise so much? »

« Because your brother is so good, he is already the gold medal coach of the martial arts gym. » Fang Yuan gave a thumbs up and blew his head.

After the two cats finished eating the cat food, they called meows.

Fang Xiaozhu waved at them before they jumped off the windowsill and slipped away along the courtyard wall.

Fang Yuan remembered something, picked up his schoolbag, took out a phone watch, and put it on Fang Xiaozhu’s wrist.

« What is this? » Fang Xiaozhu asked strangely.

« This is a phone watch. I have saved my parents and my mobile phone numbers in it. If you have anything to do, call me. »

Calling is only one of the functions, in fact, Fang Yuan fancy the watch’s positioning function, as well as the heart rate function.

It is very convenient to install a software on the mobile phone to know the location of the watch at any time.

The main reason to buy this watch is just in case.

After all, the threat of « God’s Spear » still exists.

Fang Yuan urged: « This watch is waterproof, so you don’t need to take it off for a bath. »

« I’ve seen this one worn by my classmates. It’s thousands of dollars. Brother, you made a fortune? » Fang Xiaozhu liked this watch very much and kept going around at that point.

« It’s okay, the money for two cans of drinks. » Fang Yuan smiled.

Fang Yuan has been so extravagant to buy an energy drink for 800 yuan, so buying a watch is nothing.

« Isn’t it? Two cans of drinks are less than ten yuan. Brother, have you been cheated? » Fang Xiaozhu frowned, feeling that the watch in his hand looked wrong.

Fang Yuan almost spouted a mouthful of wonton soup: « What, I’m talking about energy drinks. »

At this moment.

After the TV series was interrupted, the commercials began to be broadcasted, which happened to be the kind of energy drink that only cost 7,999.

On TV, a golden dragon overturned the clouds, and finally flew into the energy drink bottle.

The special effects of this advertisement can’t be more.

This kind of energy drink is called Golden Dragon, a very domineering brand name.

Fang Xiaozhu pointed at the TV and said, « That kind of energy drink? »

« Almost. » Fang Yuan responded casually.

« Brother, didn’t you say that this energy drink was charged with IQ tax last time? You owe IQ? » Fang Xiaozhu looked at Fang Yuan with a strange expression on his face.


The soup that didn’t come out just now came out this time.

Isn’t it just to practice hard and reward myself with a bottle of energy drink when I am tired, and I was stunned by this girl.

« It’s the kind of 800 yuan a bottle, the most cost-effective. » Fang Yuan corrected.

« That’s a zero difference, it’s too much. »

Fang Xiaozhu started to click on her watch again, and how pleasing to the eye.

Because two bottles of energy drinks cost 1,600 yuan, such an expensive watch is definitely not a fake.

Fang Yuan found that the bickering couldn’t beat this girl, and immediately changed his tactics, squeezed her face, violently suppressed her.

Fight for a while.

The intern Zhou Weiya walked in and asked in a low voice, « Can we have a chat? »

Fang Yuan got up and went out with her to the doctor’s office.

It is now 7:30 in the evening, except for the doctor on night duty, all the other doctors are off work.

« I have looked at your sister’s medical record, and I haven’t found the cause yet, right? » Zhou Weiya called up the medical record from the computer and asked while reading it.

« Yes, I haven’t found the cause yet, and I often fainted and even went into shock. These medical records should be written. » Fang Yuan replied.

« Then have you ever thought that your sister’s illness may be caused by foreign objects. » Zhou Weiya said thoughtfully.

Fang Yuan thought, and asked uncertainly: « What kind of foreign object is Doctor Zhou referring to? »

Zhou Weiya crossed her fingers, turned her two thumbs in circles, and said, « For example, I took drugs that I didn’t know, or touched some weird things. You know, there are many weird things in the Star Force Age that are difficult to explain. « 

Fang Yuan immediately thought of the three-sided star core, which was indeed a weird thing.

In fact, Fang Yuan had doubts about this before.

However, this suspicion can only be known by oneself and cannot be told to others.

Moreover, Zhou Weiya was just an intern at the medical school, and Fang Yuan didn’t think she could help much.

Fang Yuan pretentiously replied: « It shouldn’t be there. Our family tutor is still very strict, and my sister dare not even take the candy from the neighbor. »

The conversation with Zhou Weiya did not yield much.