on Saturday.

Donghai No. 1 Middle School still has classes, and I just want to drain every minute of the students.

After school in the afternoon.

Fang Yuan went to the library as usual.

Many times, I go to the library not to borrow books, but to see the conical sculpture.

If something inside is discovered, it’s better to be aware of it in advance and be prepared.

When I entered the library, I met Han Youwei.

Han Youwei waved her hand and said, « I have already returned the copy of « The Devil’s Open Eyes ».

When borrowing books in the school library, you must bring your student ID to borrow.

When returning the book, you dont need to return it in person, as long as the book arrives.

The books in the library have labels on them.

Sometimes, if you accidentally lose a book, the person who finds it can return it to the library.

« Have you finished reading so soon? » Fang Yuan casually chatted, and glanced at the geometric sculpture inadvertently.

« Just flipped through it. »

Han Youwei brushed the broken hair behind her ears and asked, « Is there something wrong with your martial arts website? You have been booked for the next month’s class. I can’t make an appointment if I want to make an appointment. »

« Do you really need a training partner? » Fang Yuan asked casually when she saw that she had mentioned it twice.

« No, it’s just that after learning the star power training model, the spiritual attributes have improved a bit. I want to test whether the enhancement of spiritual attributes can improve the effect of static control. » Han Youwei replied.

« That’s it. Then you go to the martial arts gym tomorrow afternoon. » Fang Yuan thought for a while and replied.

« Are you going to take over tomorrow? » Han Youwei asked doubtfully.

« No, even if I work hard, I have to catch my breath on weekends. » Fang Yuan replied.

« How does that class count? »

« Why? When the gods are enjoying themselves, can’t classmates compete on weekends? » Fang Yuan ran against him with a stern face.

Han Youwei pursed her lips and said, « Well then. See you at the martial arts gym tomorrow afternoon, I’ll leave first. »

The two waved goodbye.

Sunday afternoon.

Thunder Martial Arts Hall.

At 2:30, Fang Yuan walked into the martial arts gym leisurely, and then saw Han Youwei already playing sandbags on stage.

« When did you come? » Fang Yuan asked while putting on his armor.

« I’m here after lunch, » Han Youwei replied.

Fang Yuan looked up and thought for a while, and said silently, « Then you have been waiting for two hours? »

« In less than two hours, my family has a lot of eating habits and eats slowly. » Han Youwei stopped hitting the sandbags and asked the martial arts staff to help carry the sandbags down.

« I came according to the school time. Since you have arrived so early, you can actually call me. » Fang Yuan put on his armor and walked onto the martial arts stage.

« It’s okay, I practice boxing at home. And I’m no longer a **** if I don’t count the class today. » Han Youwei looked down on the bottom of her status.

« How do you want to test? Do you want to call me? » Fang Yuan winked at her.

« Yes, call you! » Han Youwei groaned, ready to start.

After Fang Yuan was ready, he hooked her.

Han Youwei took a step forward and swept back and forth with her legs.

Fang Yuan slid gently and easily avoided.

Han Youwei was slightly surprised when she saw Fang Yuan’s dodge action.

With this kick just now, she only used 60% of her strength.

Because she was worried that Fang Yuan would be hurt with all her strength.

Her worry is not unreasonable, because during her summer vacation, her star power level has been upgraded to Lv.2.

For the awakened of Lv. 1, 20 strength is the limit that is difficult to reach.

But for the awakened of Lv. 2, it can easily break through 20 points of strength.

Because in the database of awakened, the average attribute of Lv.2 awakened is 22.7.

At the end of the summer vacation, Han Youwei’s star power level broke through to Lv.2, so her attributes increased very quickly during this period, her agility and spirit had exceeded 20 points, her strength had reached 19 points, and she was still rapidly increasing.

With her current physical quality, even if she doesn’t use powers, she can drop Lv.1 Awakened Ko with just one kick.

Therefore, when she got out of her legs, she only used 60% of her strength, worrying about kicking Fang Yuan.

However, Fang Yuan’s evasion movement was faster than she expected, and it was much faster.

Han Youwei did not ask aloud, but attacked again, using more strength.

Then Fang Yuan was able to take it easily, so she increased her strength again.

Until she used all her strength, Fang Yuan was still able to take it steadily.

« You won’t be in Lv.2, are you? » Han Youwei asked curiously.

« No, it’s still Lv. 1. » Fang Yuan shook his head and replied.

« But, your strength is at least 19 o’clock, right? Otherwise, I shouldn’t be able to take my side spin kick. » Han Youwei does not have an ability like iris data, so she can only rely on guessing.

« Yes indeed. »

« Isn’t that the limit of Lv.1? »

« Yes indeed. »

« No, your agility should not be low. » Han Youwei still felt wrong.

Her own agility has reached 22 points, but she used a full side spin kick just now, but Fang Yuan slipped by.

« It’s okay. Agile did not practice until 19 o’clock a few days ago. » Fang Yuan answered.

Han Youwei opened her eyes wide, blinked a few times, and said, « It’s 19 o’clock in both strength and agility, then you are a double-strength attribute. »

She was surprised.

Although her own agility has reached 22 points, it is higher than Fang Yuan’s 19 points.

But there is no such comparison between the two.

Her star power level has broken through to Lv.2, and the average attribute of Lv.2 Awakeners is 22.7.

Therefore, it is not surprising that her agility can reach 22 points.

Fang Yuan is different.

Fang Yuan’s star power level is Lv.1, and his attribute limit is 20 points.

Moreover, the limit attribute is very difficult to reach, being able to reach 19 is already very high.

On the other hand, Fang Yuan reached 19 points in both strength and agility. This is the prerequisite for becoming a super soldier, with two strong attributes.

« It’s okay, it’s a bit close to the limit. »

Fang Yuan grinned, but he was saying in his heart: If I tell you that my mental attributes are already 20, would you drop your jaw?

Han Youwei said with some surprise: « No wonder you changed your mind to take the martial arts exam. It turns out that your talent is so good. »

« It’s okay, it’s all on your help. »

Fang Yuan’s sentence is the truth. Although she didn’t get any anger from Han Youwei, she got a lot from William Li because of her relationship.

« Let’s test your static control. I think it will be calculated directly. » Fang Yuan stretched out his hand.

« Okay. » Han Youwei also reached out.

Fang Yuan squeezed her palm, feeling soft, it was the first time he held her hand, and he didn’t expect it to be in this situation.

Immediately afterwards, Fang Yuan found that his anger began to soar.

As violent as a volcanic eruption.

Is this girl’s anger so strange? Don’t you just pull a little hand, can you be so angry?

Then I looked back and saw William Lee again.

This guy is really lingering.

Fang Yuan was almost moved by him when he was so far away and even ran to anger.