Han Youwei used « static control », and an electric current was poured into Fang Yuan’s arm.

Fang Yuan shook all over, jokingly said: « You have gotten to me. »

This sounded a bit ambiguous, it sounded like it was electrocuted by the eyes.

Han Youwei chuckled, and quickly covered her mouth, like a handful of Qilixiang quietly blooming.

Fang Yuan’s anger point began to eruptively increase again, and he jumped a few +30.

Count it carefully.

But just pulling a small hand and letting go of the discharge, it actually rose 240 points of anger.

The total number of anger points reached 470.

« How is it? Is the effect of static control improved? » Han Youwei quickly pulled her hand back, pinched her earlobe, and calmed down.

Fang Yuan gestured Li William’s direction with his eyes, and said, « Your flower protector is here again. »

Han Youwei was a little helpless, and explained: « My family and his family are family friends, and the two elders eat together in the restaurant on weekends. After eating, he will come with me, and I can’t help it. If he troubles you, tell me Martial arts training is my normal life, no one can interfere. »

« Let’s talk about the topic. The static control just now takes 0.3 seconds to take effect, and the paralysis time is 1.6 seconds. » Fang Yuan quickly calculated the action time of the static control just now.

« Ah? Why is the paralysis time so short? »

When Han Youwei heard this answer, her brows frowned.

Because of breaking through the star power level, her mental attributes increased very quickly, reaching 22 points, which was 5 points higher than the previous test of static control.

The associated attribute of static control is spirit. In theory, the higher the spiritual attribute, the longer the effect.

In the last test, the static control action time was 2.1 seconds.

This time the mental attributes have improved, but the action time has become 1.6 seconds.

So Han Youwei didn’t understand, and couldn’t figure out what was going on.

Fang Yuan sat down, took a pen and paper, and analyzed while writing: « Lets reverse the formula. Lets assume that your spirit is X, the spirit of the target is Y, and the action time is t. After two tests, you can get Two sets of values. However, other factors cannot be ruled out for the time being. If it is also related to the star power level and personal physical fitness, the formula must be more complicated. »

« What about the conclusion? » Han Youwei also sat down and asked while watching him write.

« Based on the current data, the formula is probably t=the mental difference of both parties/target tolerance coefficient. This tolerance coefficient is more complicated, because the data sample is relatively small, it can only be estimated temporarily. At present, my tolerance value is about 1. To 2. » Fang Yuan explained.

Han Youwei frowned and looked at the simplified formula, and muttered with some confusion: « Your tolerance value is between 1 and 2, and t is 1.6 seconds. Isn’t the mental difference just… »

This calculation is very simple. Han Youwei’s cultural class score is also one of the best in the whole year, so she immediately calculated her answer, her eyes widened: « The spirit difference is between 1.6 and 3.2, your spirit… »

She immediately calculated that Fang Yuan’s mental value reached 19 points, or even 20 points.

During the pair training just now, she discovered that Fang Yuan’s strength and agility had reached 19 points, which constituted a double-strong attribute requirement.

The dual-power attribute is an important condition for becoming a super soldier.

This has already surprised Han Youwei, and now she has discovered that Fang Yuan’s mental attributes have reached the limit of Lv.1.

It is not a double-strong attribute, but a three-strong attribute.

« Hush… it’s just an attribute of Lv.1, it’s actually useless. There is no Lv.1 super soldier in the world, this attribute is useless. » Fang Yuan said casually.

This is indeed the case.

When the awakened person is at the star power level Lv.1, he can fully practice the dual attributes, which does not mean that after the star power level is upgraded, he can maintain the double strong attribute structure.

The super fighter refers to the high-level awakened.

A low-level awakened person, even if his attributes are full, meets a high-level awakened person, he will be slapped to death.

The higher the level of the awakened, the more difficult it is to maintain the dual-strength attribute structure.

Of course, being able to cultivate a double-strong attribute structure or even a triple-strong attribute structure in Lv.1 at least shows that the talent is good and it is possible to become a super soldier in the future.

When the two derive the static control formula.

William Li turned and walked into the manager’s office of the martial arts gym, and slapped Manager Liu’s desk with a « bang ».

« I obviously booked all of Fang Yuan’s class hours. Why does he practice against other members? You are a fraud. Believe it or not, I will complain to you and let you close the door! »

Manager Liu said, « Sir, is there any misunderstanding? Our coach Fang Yuan has booked all class hours and has not instructed other students during these class hours. I can guarantee this. »

William Li pointed his finger at the martial arts platform outside the window and asked, « What is this? »

Manager Liu said, « Sir, in addition to work, our coach in the martial arts gym also has a personal life. Could it be that when the coach is on vacation, can we also prohibit him from coming to the martial arts gym? Doesn’t that make sense? »

« Humph! »

William Li had to admit that what Manager Liu said was reasonable and reasonable. He didn’t ask any more questions, snorted coldly, and turned around.

He walked directly onto the martial arts platform and came to Han Youwei, and said very gentlemanly: « Youwei, I ordered a full set of Davis Awakener data analysis equipment, which just arrived two days ago. The most comprehensive Awakener collection is in the equipment. database. »

Having said that, he glanced at Fang Yuan, and then said: « I tried it yesterday. Davis’ data analysis equipment has pre-stored static control data. You Wei, go to my house. I will help you make the data. Analyze and ensure accuracy. »

« No, I have basically figured out the effect of this ability. » Han Youwei tactfully refused.

« Youwei, this kind of place is not suitable for you. The ground of this martial arts platform is the most inferior rubber. Long-term training on this inferior rubber is very bad for ankles. » William Li persuaded.

Han Youwei frowned, a little displeased: « Could it be that on the battlefield, can you choose the ground? »

William Lee: « As we are, there is no need to go to the dangerous battlefield to fight hard. »

Han Youwei was a little annoyed and scolded, « Then what are you doing in martial arts? »

« I practice martial arts, naturally to make myself stronger and stand in a higher position… » Li William’s tone revealed a sorrowful tone.

« Standing at a higher position, watching the weak and weak on the battlefield desperately? Then our philosophy is different. For me, if one day danger comes and I need to fight, I will not hesitate Stand up. » Han Youwei refused to wait for him to finish.