William Li was very angry, but suppressed forcibly, still maintaining a gentleman appearance on the surface.

Han Youwei didn’t want to argue with him about these meaningless topics, turned around and said to Fang Yuan: « Fang Yuan, I’m sorry, or I will stop here today. I will go back first. »

« Okay, that’s it for today. » Fang Yuan nodded and agreed.

Han Youwei didn’t change her clothes, she wore a martial arts uniform and left the martial arts gym.

William Li’s face is very ugly.

Today, the two families ate in the restaurant. After the meal, he invited Han Youwei to his house to try out the Davis Awakener data analysis equipment.

The result was rejected.

After Han Youwei refused him, she came to the martial arts gym.

And he came to the martial arts hall to wait for Fang Yuan.

This is equivalent to a weekend date.

William Li stared coldly at Fang Yuan’s back, then walked out of the martial arts gym with a cold snort.

At this moment.

A young man with a wolf head tattooed on his arm followed out.

On the street outside the martial arts hall.

William Li turned his head suddenly, reached out his hand to pinch the wolf-head young man’s neck, pushed him against the wall, and asked in a cold voice: « Follow me? »

« No. »

The wolf head youth did not panic, and said calmly: « You hate the substitute coach in the martial arts just now, right? »

William Li narrowed his eyes, let go, and asked, « What do you want to say? »

The Langtou youth moved his neck and introduced himself first: « My name is Qinglang, and I am quite famous in the old town. »

While talking, he looked at William Li’s clothes and said, « Looking at what you are wearing, your family background is pretty good? How much does this outfit cost? »

« Customized, don’t know the price. » William Li replied coldly.

« Will you spend money to solve your troubles? » Qing Lang turned to the topic.

« Do you want to help me with things? » William Li became interested.

« I’m not telling you, the surrogate boy in the martial arts hall just hit some of my men some time ago. That’s why I came to the martial arts hall to stroll around. If you are willing to spend some money, I will help you. I’m done. How about getting what you need? » Qing Lang said.

« Then do you know what I want? » William Lee asked.

« Of course, I will teach him a profound lesson, let him stay away from the girl just now. » Qing Lang said.

« He is an awakened person, are you capable of dealing with him? » William Li asked in a cold voice.

Green Wolf was not in a hurry, and slowly raised his right hand.

As he lifted it up, his right hand began to change, with animal hair and sharp claws growing on it.

In a few seconds, his right hand turned into a wolf claw.

« Transformation ability? » William Li immediately recognized this ability.

« Yes, the origin of my name, Claw of the Blue Wolf. Star Power Level Lv.2, if you are not the boss, you will never touch me. » Green Wolf smiled.

« Very good, how much do you plan to ask for? » William Lee asked.

Green Wolf stretched out **** and said, « Two hundred thousand. »

« The appetite is not small. »

« Things are done beautifully, naturally worth a beautiful price. » Qing Lang was very confident.

« I want him to become disabled! »

« You are satisfied. But, let me ask one more question, can I kill you? Dead people are better at handling the beginning and the end. »

« up to you. »

William Li said, took out the checkbook, tore off one, and threw it over: « Fill it out yourself. »

After speaking, he sat in the black car on the side of the street.

Green Wolf held up the check and asked, « Are you not afraid that I would fill in a few more zeros? »

William Li twitched the corner of his mouth, revealing an extremely arrogant sneer, and said, « You can try it. »

Then, the car drove away.

In the Thunder Martial Arts Hall.

Fang Yuan took off his armor and was about to change clothes when he went home.

Wang Hongjun walked down from the second floor and pointed to the sandbag next to him and said: « Fang Yuan, you sprint for three meters, punch the sandbag with all your strength. »

« Uncle Wang, what are you going to do? »

Fang Yuan didn’t understand why he had to hit the sandbag by himself, but he still took three steps back according to his request, and then suddenly exerted his force, a forward punch on the sandbag.


At 19 points of strength, he hit 190 kilograms of force, and the chains on the sandbags tremble violently.

« Yes, the speed and strength are very good. » Wang Hongjun nodded very satisfied.

« What’s the matter? » Fang Yuan asked strangely.

« During this period, I think your strength and speed are good during your training. Are you majoring in strength and speed? » Wang Hongjun came from the Awakened unit and has very good eyesight, so you can tell Fang Yuan’s approximation by visual inspection. strength.

« Right. » Fang Yuan replied.

Wang Hongjun took Fang Yuan’s shoulders and sat on the steps together.

« That’s it. Uncle Wang’s family has a set of star power martial arts. It is a boxing technique. The explosive power is good. I think you have good speed and strength. You should be able to learn it. So I want to ask you, do you want to learn? »

Star power martial arts are martial arts combined with star power.

Because it must be combined with the star power, only the awakened can practice the star power martial arts, and ordinary people cannot learn it.

Generally speaking, Xingli martial arts cannot be learned casually.

The more powerful the star power martial arts, the more complicated it is to perform.

Few Star Force martial arts are sold on the market.

In fact, the foundation of the major martial arts halls in the city is the star power martial arts.

Although there are ordinary people who come to the martial arts gym to exercise, what the martial arts gym really does is the business of the awakened.

If a martial arts center does not have one or two star power martial arts as the treasure of the town center, it cannot be opened in the East China Sea.

When the awakened come to the martial arts center, what they really want to learn is the martial arts of the martial arts center.

Of course, since these star power martial arts are the treasures of the town hall, they are not just an awakened person who can learn it when they come to the martial arts hall.

Among the treasures of the town hall of the Thunder Martial Arts Hall, there is a martial art of star power called boxing.

These treasures of the town hall are all used for publicity.

Therefore, Fang Yuan knew that this star-stroke martial arts of Thunder Martial Arts Hall was called « Thunder Fist ».

Fang Yuan asked uncertainly: « Uncle Wang, don’t you want to teach me the’Thunder Boxing’? »

« Yes. Don’t want to learn? » Wang Hongjun asked with a smile.

« That’s not true, but’Thunder Fist’ is the treasure of the Thunder Martial Arts Hall. Some people wake up and smash hundreds of thousands in the martial arts hall without learning everything. Are you really going to teach me? » Fang Yuan still felt a little surprised.

In fact, if the awakened come to the martial arts hall, they want to learn the martial arts of star power.

First of all, you must become a senior student in the martial arts gym to learn the basics of star power martial arts slowly, and then you can learn the « Thunder Fist » little by little.

At the beginning, all I learned was the basic version of « Thunder Boxing », and then there were intermediate and advanced levels.

After all, the martial arts school relies on this to make money, and it does cost a lot of money to learn the full « Thunder Boxing ».

Now Wang Hongjun proposes to teach, obviously not teaching the castrated version of « primary thunder boxing. »

After all, Wang Hongjun and Fang Zhenguo are old comrades-in-arms, and either do not teach. Since they want to teach, they cannot be castrated.

Therefore, Fang Yuan felt a little embarrassed.

« Uncle Wang, the martial arts club relies on this to make money, really teach me? »

Wang Hongjun patted Fang Yuan on the shoulder and said with a smile: « I am five years older than your dad. After I was discharged from the army, I opened this martial arts gym. Now I am rushing to sixty. I only support this martial arts gym. How long can it last? »

Wang Hongjun lighted a cigarette, smoked a couple of mouthfuls, then extinguished, and then said: « I am just a girl. A few years ago, I got married and had children. My grandson was in kindergarten. If you want to open the martial arts hall, someone must be able to support this’wu’. Words. If no one can afford it, the martial arts hall is not far from closing. »

« So, I thought, if you can learn’Thunder Fist’, the martial arts gym will be handed over to you in the future. Your dad and I are comrades-in-arms, so I can rest assured if you leave it to you.